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CARL A. THIMM, F. R. G. S., 

late Captain and London Rifles, (P. S.), 

Hon. Librarian Inventors' Institute, London, 

Librarian International Health Exhibition, London, 1884, 

Member of the Library Association of the United Kingdom, 

Author of •» Organ Bibliography%, 



\All Rights Reserved.] 






Dedication to His Royal Highness 

The Duke of Connaught v 

Preface vii — xi 

To Collectors of books on Special Subjects xii 

The German Emperor on Fencing and 

Duelling , • • • xiii 

Bibliography of the Art of Fence, Duel- 
ling, &c I — 186 

Index 187 — 250 

Appendix (Duelling in 1890) 253 — 261 





K. G., K. T., K. P., G. C. S. I., G. C. M. G., G. C. I. E., 
K. C. B., 




HERE has been of late a gi-eat 
want felt by students and col- 
lectors of works on Fencing^ 
Sword'Play ^ Bay onet- Exercise and 
Puelling of a reliable and complete 
bibliography^ with a classified index of 
all works on these subjects published^ or 
in manuscript^ in all European languages 
and in all countries. 

Many writers on Fence and Sword-Play , 
both ancient and modern., such as Carranza, 
Marcelli, Pallavicini, f, a. Kahn, 

viii Preface. 

DO RFF, ViGEANT, Paris E, Castle^ and 
HUTTON have given records of works 
which came under their observation^ but 
none of these are complete neither 
are they accurate^ and, although use- 
ful to the bibliographer^ are of little 
value to students or collectors of the pre- 
sent day. 

The fullest record of recent years is 
to be found in the Fencing volume of 
the -nBadmington Library <i to which I de- 
voted much time and labour whilst asf 
sisting in its compilation j but that also is 
very incomplete and ill adapted for ready 
reference y being merely a chronologically 

^ ^Schools and Masters of Fences by 
Egerton Castle. (London: Bell 8f Son) Contains a 
carefully compiled list of works on y>Fencevi from 
the Middle Ages to the commencement of the Eight- 
nnth Century, 

Preface, ix 

arranged list under the headings of various 
languages^ omitting reference to works on 
Duellings an all-important subject in 
relation to Fence. 

In the presefit work I have endeavoured 
to enumerate all books and manuscripts on 
this subject, so as to make it as complete as 
possible and I have also accepted the de- 
finition that the subject of Fence includes 
all works relating to the art of fenc- 
ing with all weapons held in the 
hand. As far as possible I have collated 
the books which have passed through my 
hands and have verified the titles of all 
modern works. 

My thanks are due to His Royal 
Highness The Duke of Connaught for 
graciously according 7ne the honor of in- 
scribing this volume to him: and to Cap- 
tain Alfred Hutton for placing at my 
disposal his ufiiqtie and valuable collections 

X Preface. 

of books relating to these subjects y he 
himself being a distinguished and com- 
plete master of the Art of Fence and one 
of the most reliable authorities in this 
country on Sword-Play^ and Bayonet- 
Fencing'^, I am further indebted to Mr. 
EVERARD Home Coleman, F. R. A, S., 
F. R, G, 5., F. R. Hist. 5., Mr. J. 
CUTHBERT Welch, F. C. 5., and the 
Rev. W. C. Boulter y M. A., for notes on 

Since going to press Cav. JACOPO GEL- 
LfS yiBibliografia Generate delta 
Schermaii has appeared^ an ambitious 

1 Cold Steel: a practical treatise on the 
sabrej based on the old English backsword 
play of the \%th Century^ combined with the 
method of the modern Italian school by Al^ 

fred Hut ton (London-. W, Clowes 8f Son). 

2 Fixed Bayonets, A complete system 
of Fence for the British Magazine Rifle by 
A. Hutton. (London: W. Clowes 8^ Son). 

Preface. xi 

work but imperfectly carried out and 
whilst offering him my praises for his 
study and research^ I cannot refrain from 
mentioning that numerous errors depre- 
ciate the value of his book , which whilst 
showing the incompleteness of other biblio- 
graphies is totally unpractical for ready 
reference y a fault, which I have endea- 
voured to avoid in the present volume, 

I trust the classified Index will 
be found useful and that this work will 
prove of value not only to English and 
Foreign Naval and Military Officers but 
also to students^ collectors ^ Librarians and 

Knowing from past experience how im- 
possible it is for a first Edition^ to be com- 
plete ., I claim the indulgence of all who 
consult this bibliography and earnestly ap- 
peal to them to send me notice of any 

xii Preface. 

omissions^ errors or corrections so that they 
may be noted for future Editions, 

Carl Albert OChinnm. 

September 14, 1890. 
24, Brook Street, New Bond Street, 
London, W. 




Messrs. Franz Thimm & Co., Foreign 
Booksellers, 24, Brook Street, London, W., 
being in direct communication with the prin- 
cipal publishers and booksellers in all parts 
of the world, offer their services to Collect- 
ors of books on Fencing, Duelling, or 
other special subjects, as they have great 
facilities for obtaining rare and old works — 
both English and Foreign — at greatly re- 
duced prices. Catalogues of new and second- 
hand books forwarded on stating subjects 


»The Daily Telegraph*. April 8, 1890. 

Duelling. — Our Berlin correspondent writes : 
» According to the Gertnania, Kaiser Wilhehn is 
about to introduce new and more stringent regu- 
lations with regard to the practice of duelling 
amongst officers in the German Army. It is said 
that for the fature no duel shall be permitted to 
take place unless sanctioned by a Court of Honour, 
which will be presided over by two regimental colo- 
nels , and that the grounds for such a duel shall 
only be : i . If a blow shall have been inflicted by 
the offending party, for which he shall not have 
offered an ample verbal apology; 2. If a lady — a 
relation or the fiancee of the offended party, being 
an officer — shall have been insulted. No duel 
shall be permitted in fature to take place as the 
result of a quarrel in a club meeting, mess-room, 
or cafe, or any similar place of resort; or if the 
opponent shall have already fought in three duels; 
or if one of the parties shall be married and the 
father of a family. These regulations are regarded 
as the commencement of a reform in the present 
mode of settling quarrels in this country, even 
amongst students at the Universities «. 

Bibliography of the Art of Fenoe, 
Duelling, &c. 

P^OTE. Authors' names, words or letters printed in iialic 

capitals refer to the name, word or letter under which the 

full title of the reference will be found.] 

A. R. — i?. W. — 1887. 

AbaNDERUNGEN zur Instruktion fiir den Betrieb 
der Gymnastik und des Bajonetfechtens bei der In- 
fanterie vom 19. October i860. Gr. 8°. 1865. Berlin : 
V. Decker. [14 woodcuts in the text.] 

Abbat (L'). — The Art of Fencing, or the Use of 
the Small Sword. Translated from the French of the 
late celebrated Monsieur L'Abbat (Labat), Master of 
that Art at the Academy of Toulouse , by Andrew 
Mahon, Professor of the small-sword. 12®. 1734. 
Dublin : Printed by James Hoey. 
[12 copperplates, out of the text.] 

(— ). — The Art of Fencing, &c. Translated 

from the French by Andrew Mahon. 2nd edition. 
12^ 1735. London: Richard Wellington. 

AbboNDATI (Niccolo). — Istituzione di arte gin- 
nastica per le truppe di fanteria di S. M. Siciliana, 
compilata snlle teorie de' pi^ accurati scrittori antichi 
e modeml 2 vols. 8®. 1846. Napoli. 

(— ). — VELLA (G,), — 1857. 

THIMM, BibUogntphy of the Azt of Fence, &e. I 

2 \Abrichtgs.-Reglemeni — Agrippa^ 

AbRICHTUNGS-ReGLEMENT f. d. k. k. Infan- 
terie. Mit 21 Tafeln (nach Geiger & KoUarz) darstel- 
lend d. Bajonettfechten. 8®. 1851. W^jtm: Sommer. 

f. d. k. k. Pionniere. Mit 17 Tafeln iiber 

d. Bajonnettfechten. 8°. 1853. Wien : Staatsdruckerei. 

Account (An) of the damnable prizes in Old Nick's 
Lottery for men of honour only, where every man 
there ventures is sure to get the Lord knows what, — 
for ever ! In a gradation of familiar thoughts arising 
from the not passing of the Duelling-bill brought in 
last session of Parliaments. 8®. 17 12. London. 

A. C. O. [*Un afficionado']. — Libro de armas y 
doctrina para el resguardo de los aficionados de 
dicha ciencia con contras y explicaciones de toda la 
arte que se encierra en la espada, hecho por un affi- 
cionado. [1750 — 6o(?).] Mss. 

[No date or place, bound 8» form, with engraved tide- 
pages and 12 copperplates by A. Sant Croos. In the 
possession of Captain A. Hutton]. 

Advice to seconds. General Rules and Instruc- 
tions for all seconds. By a late Captain in the army. 
8°. 1793. Whitehaven: printed by John Ware. 

AgoCCHIE (M. Giovanni dall') [Bolognese]. — Del 
Arte di scrimia libri tre. Ne' quali brevemente si 
tratta dello Schermire, della Giostra, dell' ordinar 
battaglie. Opera necessaria a Capitani , Soldati et a 
qual si vogliaGentil'huomo. 4**. 1572. Venetia: Ap- 
presso G. Tamborino. 

Agrippa (Camillo) [Milanese], — Trattato di 
Scientia d'arme, conundialogo difilosofia. 4®. 1553. 
Roma: Per Antonio Blado, stampadore apostolico. 
[Portrait of the author, 55 copperplates in the text.] 

\Agrippa — Alembert.] 3 

Agrippa (Camillo) [Milanese]. — Trattato di Sci- 
enza d'arme et un dialogo in detta materia. 4®. 1568. 
Venetia: Appresso A. Pinargenti. 

[Portrait of the author and 49 copperplates in the text.] 

( — ). — Trattato di Scienza d'Arme . . . &c. 

Third edition. 4®. 1604. Venetia, 

AguessEAU (H. F. d') Lettres in^dites. 2 vols. 
8®. 1823. Paris, [vol. i p. 211. Duelling]. 

Akerman (John Yonge) [F. S. A.]. — Notes on 
the origin and history of the bayonet. 4®. 1 86 1. 
London: printed by J. B. Nichols and Sons. 

[i plate. Reprinted from The Arckteologia^ Vol. XXXVIII. ] 

AlambeRT (Alfred d'). — Physiologie du duel. 
Nouvelle Edition. 8**. 1867. Paris: Amyot. 

Albanesi (Carl). — Theorie der Fechtkunst, 

nebst e, Anleit. zum Hiebfechten und zum prakt. Un- 

terrichte. Gr.8**. 1862. fTitVw: Pichler's Wwe.u.Sohn. 

[3 folio plates photographed, containing 12 sketches]. 

Albergati (Fabio). — Trattato del modo di ri- 
durre a pace I'inimicitie private. 4®. 1583. Roma 
[woodcut title], 

[Another edition appeared in 1587. Bergamo.] 

AlbiN (Saint-). — 5^/A^-Albin. 

Album of copperplates representing various atti- 
tudes in fencing. Oblong 4°. Date about 1750. 

AlciatUS (A.). — Desingularicertaminelib. Ejusd. 
consilium in materia duelli exceptum ex libro V. re- 
sponsor. 8°. 1543. Lugduni \ 'JKO, GixmtSi. 

( — .). — Duello de lo eccellentissimo. Fatto 

de latino italiano. Tre consigli apresso de la materia 
medesima. 8®. 1545. Venetia. 

Alembert (D'j. — angelo (D.). — 1787. 

4 [Alessandri — Alfieri^ 

Alessandri (Torquato E. d'). — II cavaliere 
compito : dialogo nel quale si discorre d'ogni scienza 
e del modo d'imparare a schermir con spada bianca, 
e difendersi senz' armi. 8®. 1609. Viterbo, 

{ . — ). — Precetti sulla Scherma. 

8®. 1610. Roma. 

AlesSANDRO (Giuseppe d'). — Pietra paragone 
de' Cavalieri di D. Giuseppe d'Alessandro Dnca di 
Pescolanciano , divisa in cinque libri. 8**(?). 1 71 1. 

( ). — Opera di 1723. Napoli, 

Alferi (Antonio) [da Aquila]. — Pentateuco po- 
litico, owero cinque d'isnganni : spada, tamburo, pif- 
fero, scudo, tromba: al duca di Guisa per I'invasione 
del regno di Napoli Tanno 1654. 4®. 1655. Aquila. 
[Published under the anagrammatic pseudonym Arer 
nif Atonoli.] 

Alfieri (Antonio). — Quesiti del cavaliero in- 
strutto neir arte dello schermo, con le riposte del suo 
maestro. 8®. i644(?). Padova. 

(Francesco Ferdinando] [Maestro d'arme dell* 

illustrissima accademia Delia in Padova]. — La Ban- 
diera. Obi. 4®. 1628. Padova-. Presso S. Sardi. 

[Numerous copperplates.] 

( ). — La Scherma. Dove con nuove 

Ragioni e con Figure, si mostra la perfezione di quest' 
arte, e in che modo secondo I'arme e il sito, possa il 
Cavaliere restar al suo nemico 
1640. Padova: Per Seb. Sardi. 

[Portrait of author and 37 copperplates.] 

( ). — La picca e la bandiera. 2 parts. 

4®. 1 641. Padova, 

[Alfieri — All the Year Round,] 5 

AlfierI (Francesco Ferdinando) [Maestro d'arme 
deir ill"* accademia Delia in Padova]. — L'arte di 
ben maneggiare la spada. 4®. 1643. Padova: Se- 
bastiano Sardi. 

( ). — La Scherma . . . &c. 2nd edition. 

4°. 1645. Ancona, 

( ). — L'arte di ben maneggiare la spada. 

4°. 1653. Padova. [Copperplates.] 

( ). — Lo Spadone. Dove si mostra per 

via di fignra il maneggio e I'uso di esse. 4®. 1653. 
Padova: S. Sardi. [Numerous copperplates.] 

( ). — Arte di ben maneggiare la Spada 

, . . &c. 2nd edition. Obi. 4®. 1683. Padova, 

All England Series. — DUNN (H. A. C). 1889. 
All the Year Round. 8^ London, 

S. I. Vol. XX. pp. 469—500. Duel Fighting. 

S. I. Vol. Vn. p. 214. Duel between Lords 
Townshend and Bellamont. 

S. I. Vol. vn. p. 212. Duelling in Ireland. 

S. I. Vol. XVm. p. 329. Duelling^ Major Onebys 

S. I. Vol. DC. p. 189. Duels in Prance. 

S. 2. Vol. vn. p. 230. Duel in Leicester Square. 

S. 2. Vol. X. p. 185. Duel The Duke of York 
and Colonel Lennox. 

S. 2. Vol. XXVn. p. 8. Some Curious Duels, 

S. 2. Vol. XXXI. p. 139. Duel The Baron and 
Mr. Elliot. 

S. 2. Vol. XXXVm. p. 298. Duel with Broad- 

6 [A// the Year Round — Ange^ 

All the Year Round [continued], 

S. 2. Vol. XXXVm. p. 133. Duelling, Ancient 

and Modem, 
S. 2. VoL XXXVm. p. 546. Duel. Sheridan & 

S. 3. Vol. n. p. 322. Duel, The Duke of York 

and Colonel Lennox, 
S. 3. Vol. n. p. 323. Duel, Earl of Cardigan 

and Capt, Tuckett, 
S. 3. Vol. n. p. 377. Some Curious Duelling, 
S. 3. Vol. n. p. 322. Duels on Wimbledon Com- 
[N. S. Vol. 97. pp. 8—12. The Comedy of the duel.] 
AltonI [Francesco di Lorenzo). — Monomachia 
owero arte di scherma, cui segue un trattato del 
Giuoco della spada sola. I550{?). Firenze. [Mss.] 

Andeutungen fur den Angrifif nnd die Verthei- 
digung mit dem Bajonnet, in bestimmten taktischen 
Verhfiltnissen. Ein Supplement der bestehenden Vor- 
schriften zur Einiibung des Bajonnet-Fechtens. 8®. 
1837. Darmstadt. 

Andr£ (Emile). — Coulisses et salles d'armes. 8°. 
1882. Paris. 

M. — Jacob (Jules). — 1887. 

Andrew (A.). — Duelling in the i8th Century. 
{Colbum's New Monthly Magazine. (London) Vol. 103. 
p. 465.1 
Ange (J. D. L') [Fechtmeister]. — Deutliche und 
Griindliche Erklfirung der Adelichen und Ritterlichen 
freyen Fechtkunst. Obi. 8°. 1664. Heidelberg, 

[Portrait of Daniel L' Ange , by Metzger, and 6x cop- 

[Ange — Angela. '\ 

Ange (J. D. L'). — Erklfirung d. Fechtkunst, Lec- 
tionen aufT d. Stoss und deren Gebranchs Wirknng. 
4° 1708. Dusseldorf: hrsg. durch Ch. L'Ange. 
[With portrait and 61 copperplates.] 

AngeLINI (Achille) [Tenente Generale]. — Osser- 
vazioni sul maneggio della sciabola secondo il metodo 
Radaelli. 1877. Fireme, 

{ ). — Codice Cavalleresco italiano. 8®. 

1883. Firenze: G. Barbara. 

( ). — ditto. — Seconda edizione. Con 

schiarimenti ed aggiunte. 8®. 1886. Firenze: G. Bar- 

( ) . — ditto. — Terza edizione. Con nuove 

aggiunte e schiarimenti. 8®. 1888. Roma: E. Vercel- 

( ). — Ultima parola sulla risorta ques- 

tione Angelini-Masiello , intomo alia scherma della 
sciabola del deftinto Maestro Radaelli. 8**. 1888. 
Roma : C. Voghera. 

( ). — GBLLl (J.). — 1888. 

Angelo. — L'Ecole des Armes , avec Texplica- 
tion g^n^rale des principales attitudes et positions 
concemant I'Escrime. Oblong folio. 1763. Londres : 
R. & J. Dodsley. 

[Dediee a Leurs Altesses Royales les Princes Guil- 
laume-Henry et Henry-Frcd6ric. Forty-seven cop- 
perplates, out of the text.] 

. — L'Ecole des Armes , &c. Oblong folio. 

1765. London: S. Hooper. 

[A second edition of M. Angelo's work containing 
same plates, but with two columns of text, in French 
and English.] 

8 [Angela.] 

AngELO. — L'Ecole des Armes, &c. 2nd edition. 
Oblong folio. 1765. Londres, 

{This edition contains the same plates as the first (vide 
1763), but has two columns of text in French and 
English. It was printed by S. Hooper in London.] 
. — L'Ecole des Armes, &c. 3rd edition. Ob- 
long folio. 1767, Londres. 

AngeLO (Domenico). — The School of Fencing, 
with a general explanation of the principal attitudes 
and positions peculiar to the Art. Translated by Row- 
landson. Oblong 4*^. 1787. London. 

[This work was translated into French and reprodu- 
ced, together with the plates, under the head *Es- 
crime\ by Diderot and D'Alembert in their 'Encyclo- 

(— ). — Escrime [i787(?)] [Diderot et D'Alem- 

bert's Encyclopldie]. 

[This is a reproduction and translation of Angelo's work 
published in London in 1787.] 

{ — ). — The school of fencing, &c. Trans- 
lated by Rowlandson. 2nd edition. 8°. 1799. London. 

AngELO. — A treatise on the utility and advan- 
tages of fencing, giving the opinions of the most 
eminent Authors and Medical Practitioners on the im- 
portant advantages derived from a knowledge of the 
Art as a means of self defence , and a promoter .of 
health, illustrated by forty -seven engravings. To 
which is added a dissertation on the use of the broad 
sword (with six descriptive plates). Memoirs of the 
late Mr. Angelo and a biographical sketch of Cheva- 
lier St. George, with his portrait. Folio. 181 7. London : 
Published by Mr. Angelo , Bolton Row , and at his 
fencing academy. Old Bond Street. 

[Angelo — Anlettung.] 

[Containing the same plates as the ^EcoU dea Amies' 
of the author's father, a portrait of St. George, en- 
graved by W. Ward from a picture of Bronn , and 
six plates engraved and designed by Rowlandson, 
under the care of Angelo himself, in 1798-9.] 
Angelo. — Bayonet Exercise. 8°. 1829. London. 

[The ^rst authorised Edition appeared in 1857.] 
Angelo (Henry) [Superintendent of Sword Exer- 
cise to the Army]. — Instructions for the sword exer- 
cise selected from His Majesty's rules and reg^ations, 
and expressly adapted for the yeomanry. 8^ 1835. 
London: Clowes & Sons. 

( ). — Instructions for Cavalry Sword 

Exercise. 12**. 1840. London. 

( ). — ROWLANDSON (T.). — 1 798— 9. 

Angelo (Reminiscences of Henry). — With me- 
moirs of his late father & friends, with numerous ori- 
ginal anecdotes, &c. 8**. 1828. 

Angelo (St.) (a pupil of — sic). — The Art of 
fencing , wherein the rules and instructions with all 
the new thrusts and guards which have lately been 
introduced into the Fencing Schools are in this work, 
that every one should be competent to meet his anta- 
gonist For of late years our neighbours on the con- 
tinent have been our superiors in that of all others, 
the most useful, necessary, and gentlemanly Science. 
Sm. 8°. 1830. London: T. Hughes. 
[One folding plate.] 

Angerstein (E.). — LENZ (G. F.). — 1881. 
AnLEITUNG zum Betrieb der Gymnastik und der 
FechtkunstinderArmee. 8°. 1861. -^^r/w : R. Decker. 
[Zweite Abtheilung, pp. 85—120, ,;BaIONETFECHTEN". 
66 figures in the text.] 

lo [Anleitung — Anti.] 

AnleitunG zumGebrauch desBajonets, oder kur- 
zer Unterricht des Wesentlichsten dieser Fechtart, fiir 
Unteroffiziere und Soldaten: Dem Schweizerischen 
Fussvolk gewidmet von einem Offizier des eidgenos- 
sischen Generalstabs. 8°. 1825. Basel. 

zum Floretfechten fur die K. Sachs. Infan- 

terie. 8®. 1843. Dresden u. Leipzig: Arnold. 

zum Gewehrfechten. 8°. 1882. Dresden: 

Meinhold u. Sohne. 

zum Hieb- und Stossfechten mit dem Sabel . 

8**. 1865. Bern, 

AnsaLONE (Antonio). — II cavaliere descritto in 
tre libri : nel primo si rag^ona delle preminenze che 
hanno ottenuto i cavalieri ; nel secondo dei giuochi 
che tanto a cavallo , quanto a piedi esercitar si pos- 
sono ; nel terzo come si debba comparire negli spet- 
tacoli e nelle maschere, ecc. 1629. Messina : presso 
Pietro Brea. 

( ). : — n tomeo a piede, discorso , nel 

quale si ragiona con quanta magnificenza si sia com- 
battuto nella sbarra da' signori cavalieri della Stella 
neir anno 1636. 1637. Messina: presso Pietro Brea. 

Answer (An) to the letter of Theophilus Swift, 
Esqr., on the subject of the Royal duel. 8°. 1794. 
London: Stalker. 

AntidueLLO, or a treatise in which is discussed 
the Lawfulness and Unlawfulness of Single Combats 
together with the forms of several Duels performed 
in this Kingdom on sundry occasions. Sm. 4°. 1632. 

Anti-Pugilism, or the science of defence exem- 
plified in short and easy lessons , for the practice of 

[Anwendung — Arzeniu] 1 1 

the Broad Sword and Single Stick. Whereby gent- 
lemen may become proficients in the use of these 
weapons, without the help of a Master, and be enabled 
to chastise the insolence and temerity, so frequently 
met with, from those fashionable gentlemen, the 
Johnsonians , Big Bennians , and Mendozians of the 
present Day ; a work perhaps , better calculated to 
extirpate this reigning and brutal folly than a whole 
volume of sermons. By a I^hland officer. Illustrated 
with copperplates. 8®. 1790. London: Printed for 
J. Atkin. [4 copperplates, drawn by Cruickshank.] 

Anwendung (Die) des Bajonets gegen Infanterie 
und Kavallerie in d. konigl. D^nischen Armee (aus d. 
Danischen ubertragen von dem Kapitan v. Jensen). 
12®. 1829. Braunschweig: Vieweg. 

Aranda Y Morentin (Antonio Arrieta). — Re- 
sumen de la verdadera destreza para saber los cami- 
nos verdaderos de la batalla. 8**. 1688. Pamplona, 

Arbeau (Thoinot). — Orch^sographie , m^tode 
et t^orie en forme de discours et tablature pour ap- 
prendre "k dancer, battre le tambour, jouer du fifre et 
arigot ; tirer des armes et escrimer, avec autres hon- 
nestes exercices fort convenables 2l la jeunesse. . . . 
Jean Tabourot. Lengres par Jehan dez Preyz. 4®. 
1596. Lengres, [Woodcuts.] 

ArENIF AtONOLI. — ALFERI (A.). 1655. 

Argy (Charles Henri Louis d'). — Escrime du fasil, 

appliqu^ aux tirailleurs. 18®. 1842. Zjv^« ; Dumoulin. 
[71 engravings and 3 plates.] 
ArienTI (Giovanni Sabbatino Degli). — II tomeo 
fatto in Bologna il IV Ottobre MCCCLXX. 1888. 
Parma: L. Battel. 

1 2 [Arista — Azemar.] 

Arista (Maria Salvatore). — Del progresso della 
scherma in Italia. Considerazioni suU' impianto della 
nuovascuolaMagristrale perllEsercito, fondata inRoma 
nel 1884. 8®. 1884. Bologna: Societal Tipografica. 

[S,),^ DON GIOVANNI. 1888. 

Art of Duelling (The) by a Traveller. 12®. 1836. 
[dedicated to O'Connor.] 

of Fencing. Corrected and revised by the 

anthor of the 'Broadsword exercise'. 8°. 1831. Lon- 
don: T. Hughes. 

ASHMOLE (Elias). — The ancient method of 
usage of duels before the King. [«. d,] 
[In BrowfCs Miscel, Aniica. 1702.] 

Atoj^OLI (Arenif). — ALFERI (A.). — 1655. 

AttendOLLO (Daruis). — II duello. 8°. 1560. Ve- 

( — ). — II duello con la guinta d'unDiscorso 

del medesimo da ridurre ogni querela alia pace. 8**. 
1565. Venezia. 

( — ), — Discorso intomo all' honor e , et la 

modo di indurre le querele per ogni sorte d'ingiuria 
alia pace. 8®. 1565. Venezia, 

AUDIGUIER (Vital d'). — Le vray et ancien 
usage des duels. 8**. 161 7. Paris: Pierre Billaine. 

Ayala (Don Atanasio de). — El bisono instruido 
en la disciplina militar. 8^. 1616. Madrid. 

AzfiMAR (Baron D') [Colonel]. — Combats 2i la ba- 
ionnette. Throne adoptee en 1859 par I'arm^e d'ltalie 
command^e par I'Empereur Napoleon m. 16®. 1859. 

( ) . — Theorie der Kampfe mit dem 

[B^"^ — Bajonet-FecfUlehre, ] 1 3 

Bajonett, angenommen im J. 1859 von der italien. 
Armee unter Napoleon HI. aus (des verf.) System 
der neueren KriegfUhrg. In's Deutsche iibertragen 
von Lieut. Rich. Stein. Gr. 8**. i860. Brcslaw 

B** (Dr.). — Anleitung das Contraschlagen in 
kurzer Zeit griindlich zu erlemen , nebst einem An- 
hange iiber die steile Auslage und das SUbelschlagen. 
8°. 1852. Bonn: Henry A. Cohen. [With figures.] 

B (von). — Anleitung fiir Officiere und Unter offi- 
ciere beim Ertheilen d. Unterrichts im Tumen und 
Bajonettiren. 16®. 1881. Hannover: Helwing. 

( — ) . — Anleitung fUr Officiere und Unter- 

officiere beim Ertheilen d. Unterrichts im Tumen und 
Bajonettiren. 2te nach den allerhochsten und neue- 
sten Vorschriften bearb. Aufl. 16®. 1885. Hannover: 

(— )• — [Univ. Fechtmeister]. — Die Fecht- 

kunst mit dem krummen Sabel. Praktische Anleitung 
zum Militarfechten (Hieb und Stich) und zum deut- 
schen kommentmSssigen StudentenFechten. Gr. 8°. 
1884. Strassburg i, E,: R. Schulz & Comp. 

[aa plates from photographs.] 
Bacon (Francis). [Viscount of St. Albans.] — 
Charge concerning duels with the decree of the Star 
Chamber thereupon. 4®. folio. 16 14. London. 

Badminton Library. — pollock^, a.) 1890. 

BaiONNETTE (la) fran^aise et le Fusil ^ aiguille. 
8°. 1867. Paris: Libr. du Petijt Journal. 

BaJONET-FeCHTLEHRE fur die Grossherzogliche 
badensche Infanterie. 8°. 1823. Mannheim. 

1 4 \Bajonettfechten — Balassa.] 

BaJONETTFECHTEN fiir die kgl. Wiirtbg. Infan- 
terie. 1824. Stuttgart, [i plate and 44 figures.} 

(Das). Leicht fassliche Darstellnng, dasselbe 

in kurzer Zeit griindlich zu erlemen, nebst kurzer 
Auseinandersetzg., wie solches ohne hohe Kosten in 
der Schweiz einzufuhren. 8**. 1852. Chur: Hitz. 
[i folding plate containing 6 figures.] 
Bajonett-FeCHT-SchuLE in 21 Darstell. mit 
Erlaut. 4®. 1826. Hermannstadt : Thierry. 
[The text is lithographed.] 
Bajonetir-Reglement fur die Grossherz. Hes- 
sische Infanterie. Lex.-8**. 1836. Darmstadt: Leske. 
[S5 plates containing 70 figures.] 
BajONETTIR-VoRSCHRIFT f. d. Infanterie. 16*^. 
1889. Berlin: Mittler u. Sohn. 

Balan [Konigl. Preuss. Konsistorialrath]. Duell 
nnd Ehre. Zur praktischen Losnng der Duellfrage 
unter besonderer Berucksichtigung der Verhaltnisse 
im deutschen Offizierstande. 8^*. 1890. Berlin : Wal- 
ther u. Apolant. 

[The German pamphlet just published Honour and 
Duels has caused a sensation, particularly in army 
circles (Dalziel reports). The name of Herr Balan, 
lieutenant of the fourth guard Landwehr regiment, 
is attached to the pamphlet as its author, but it is 
nevertheless believed to have been inspired by the 
Crown, some going so far as to attribute its authorship 
to the Emperor himself. It deals with the present 
mistaken idea concerning the demands of honour in 
relation to duelling, and rejects duelling as an ab- 
surd and unnecessary method of settling differences. 

Pall Mall Gazette, London, April 12th 1890.] 
Balassa (C. K. K.) [Major], — Fechtmethode. 
Eine rationelle, vereinfachte und schnell fassliche 

[Ba/assa — Bartolini\ 1 5 

Fechtubung des Siibels gegen den SSbel, und dieses 
gegen das Bajonet und die Picke , zum Hauen , Ste- 
chen nnd Pariren. Eigens fiir die Cavallerie, nach den 
aus der Feld- u. Friedens-Praxis geschopften Gmnd- 
satzen in 25 Tabellen , nebst einem kleinen Anhang 
'Ueber das Knnstfechten'. Mit 19 Abbild. Qn. gr. 4^. 
1844. Pest. [26 lithographed plates.] 

( — . — . — .)• — I^is militarische Fechtkunst 

vor dem Feinde. Eine Darstellg. der im Kriege vor- 
kommendenFechtarten d.Bajonets gegen das Bajonet, 

d. Sabels gegen den Sabel , und der Lanze gegen die 
Lanze, m. Beseitigg. aller beim Kunstfechten vorkom- 
menden, vor dem Feinde aber nicht fiiglich anwend- 
baren Stiche , Hiebe und Paraden zum Gebrauche f. 
Infanterie u. Kavallerie, m. 26 (lith.) Abbildgn. nebst 

e. Anb. iiber das Kunstfechten m. dem Sabel. Qu. 
gr. 4**. i860. Pest: Geibel. 

[One lithograph containing z6 figures.] 

BalcK (V.). — Tabeller i sabelfaktning. Tvar 8°. 
1876. Stockholm: Loostrom & Komp. 

Bariffe (Capt. Wm.). — Military discipline. With 
the musket and pike. Exercise of the foot. Small 4**. 
1643. [Engraved portrait & plans.] 

BaRROLL (G. W.). — Some observations on Fenc- 
ing. [^Illustrated Naval and Military Magazine,' Nov. 
and Dec. 1888. 8°. London^ [With photolithographs.] 

{— . —.). — The Sabre. [Illustrated Naval 

and Mititary Magazine,' Feb., April, May. 1889. 8**. 
London?^ [With photolitographs.] 

Bartolini (Bartolommeo) . — Teorie sulla scia- 

1 6 [Bas — Bay(met-Fechtlehre?[ 

bola per una scuola di contro-punta. 8®. 1856. Fer- 
rara: Bresciani. 

Bas (Francois). — Nouvelles et utiles observations 
pour bien tirer des armes. 8^ 1749. Basle, 

[Dedicated to the Colonels of the Basle troops and 
MM. J. Bourcard and Abel de Wettstein.] 

B [aSAGNe] . — Dissertation Historique surles Duels 
et les ordres de Chevalerie. 12**. 1720. Amsterdam. 

Basagne (M.) . — Dissertation historique sur les 
duels et les ordres de Chevalerie , avec un discours 
preliminaire ou Ton entreprend de montrer, que le 
duel fond6 sur les maximes du point d'honneur, est 
une vengeance barbare, injuste et fletrissante, par 
Pierre Roques. 8°. 1740. Basle, 

(— .)• — ROQUES, — 1747. 

BaSNIERRES (Chevalier de). — De la beaut6 de 
Tescrime de I'^p^e, dedi6 au mar6chal de Villars. 8°. 
1732. Paris: chez Thiboust. 

Bast (B. de). — Manuel d'escrime. 8**. 1836. 
Bruxelles: H. Dumont. 

[Portrait of author and 7 folding plates in outline.] 

BatiER [or Battier]. — La th6orie pratique de 
Tescrime , pour la pointe seule , avec des remarques 
pour I'assaut. 12**. 1770. Paris. 

. [or Battier]. — La th^orie pratique de I'es- 

crime pour la pointe seule , avec des remarques in- 
structives pour I'assaut et les moyens d'y parvenir par 
gradation. Dedi6 ^ S. A. S. le due de Bourbon. 8°. 
1772. Paris, [One engraving.] 

Bayonet-Fechtlehre (Erste Abhandlung der). 
8^. 1823; Karlsruhe: Muller. 

[Bazancourt — Bellim,] 17 

BazanCOURT (le baron C6sar de). — Les Secrets 
der6p6e. 8**. 1862. Paris: Amyot. 

Beaumont (Edouard de). — L'^p^e et les fem- 
mes. 8®. 1882. Paris: Librairie des Bibliophiles. 
P^ith 5 drawings by Meissonier.] 

BEAUPRfi (Jean Jamin de) [Maltre en fait d'armes 
de Son Altesse S. Electorale de Baviere, k la celebre 
University dlngolstadt]. — M^thode tres facile pour 
former la noblesse dans Tart de I'^p^e, faite pour 
I'utilit^ de tons les amateurs de ce bel art. On trou- 
vera en ce livre , ranges en ordre , tous les mouve- 
mentsg6n6ralement bienexpliqu6s qui sontnecessaires 
\ bien apprendre et k. enseigner k faire des armes, en 
allemand et en fran^ais , avec 25 planches qui repr^- 
sentent toutes les principales actions , It la demiere 
perfection. Ce jeu est choisi de lltalien , de I'Alle- 
mand , de I'Espagnol et du Fran^ais , et compost de 
mani^e, par sa grande pratique, qu'on pent Tappeller 
le centre des armes. Dedi6 k Son Altesse Electorale 
de Baviire. 4°. 1721. Ingolstadt, 
[35 copperplates, out of the text.] 

BeauVOIR (E. Roger de). — Duels et duellistes. 
12®. 1864. Paris: L6vy fr^res. 

(— . ), — GRISIER (A.). — 1863. 

Behr (Fr. L.). — Fluchtige Bemerkungen ilber 
die verschiedene Art zu fechten einiger Universit&ten, 
von einem fleissigen Beobachter. 8®. 1792. Halle: 

Belgravia Magazine. — Haweis (H. R.). 

Bellini (Vincenzo). — Manuale del duello. 8®. 
1 88 1. Napoli: De Angelis e Figlio. 

THIHH, BibUography of the Art of Fence, &e. 2 

1 8 [Belltnt — Bemer.] 

Bellini (Vincenzo). — La sciabola. Trattato di 
scherma. 8°. 1882. NapoH: De Angelis. 

( ). — Trattato di spada e sciabola. (in the 


BeNARD. — Eleven plates on Fencing, contain- 
ing 48 Positions. 4**. [«. d,\ 

Bennett (John). — Discourse against the fatal 
effects of duelling. 4®. 1783. Manchester, 

Beraudiere (Messire Marc de la). — Le Combat 
de seul \ seul en camp clos. 1608. 4^. Paris: chez 
Abel TAngelier. 

[Traite de duel renfermant des details sur les pratiques 
du combat singulier.] 

BergAUER (Josef) [Lieut, iter Klasse des k. k. 38. 
Linien-Infanterie-Regt]. — Methodischer Leitfaden 
fur das Sabelfechten. 12^. 1864. 

[Selbstverlag des Verfassers. x plate.J 

BeriCHT Uber den Fechtbetrieb von Ende 1877 
bis Anfang 1881 im markischen Tumgau im Vm. 
Kreise (Rheinland und Westfalen) der deutschen Tur- 
nerschaft. Hierbei ein Anhang. Die Hiebfechtlehre. 
Kl. 8^ 1881. Iserlohn, 

BerlingERO (Gessi). — La spada di honore. 
Libro primo delle osservazioni cavaleresche. 4°. 1671 . 
Bologna. [Portrait and copperplates.] 

Bernard! (Ant.). — Episc. Casertani disputatio- 
nes, in quibus monomachia (quam singulare certamen 
Latini , recentiores duellum vocant) astruitur et ever- 
titur. folio. 1562. Basileae, 

BeRNER. 1828. [Ueber Bajonettfechten in der »ZeIT- 

[Berrtman — Besnard.] 19 

BerrimaN (W. M.). — Militiaman's Manual and 
sword play. 12°. 1859. New York. 

( — . — .)• — Militiaman's Manual and sword- 
play without a master. 2nd edition. 12®. 1861. New 
York: D. van Nostrand. 

( — . — .). — Militiaman's Manual and sword 

play. 3rd edition. 12®. 1863. New York, 

( — . — .). — Militiaman's Manual and sword 

play. 4tli edition. 12**. 1864. New York : Van No- 

Bertelli (Paolo). — Trattato di Scherma ossia 
modo di maneggriare la spada e la sciabla. 8^. 1800. 
Bologna: U. Ramponi. Is plates.] 

BertoliNI (Bartolomeo). — Trattato di sciabola, 
con 10 tavole. 8**. 1842. Trieste. 

Bertrand [Maitre d'armes].. — L'escrime appli- 
qu^e ^ I'art militjure. 8**. 1801. Paris, 

[ ]. — LEGOUVi (E.). — 1876. 

BesenZANICA (Ernesto). — Come il sistema Ra- 
daelli fn esautorato. Considerazioni intomo la rela- 
zione della Commissione giudicante dei trattati di 
Scherma, presentati al Ministero della guerra, dietro 
concorso indetto il 21 settembre 1882. 1886. Milano : 

Besnard (Charles) [Breton]. — Le maistre d'ar- 
mes liberal, traittant de la th^orie de I'art et exercice 
de I'esp^e seule, on fleuret, et de tout ce qui s'y pent 
faire et pratiquer de plus subtil , avec les principales 
figures et postures en taille douce ; contenant en outre 
plusienrs moralitez sur ce sujet. Dedi^ ^ Nosseig^eurs 


20 [Bettenfeld — BlackwelL] 

des Estats de la province et dnch6 de Bretagne. 4^. 
1653. RenneSy chez Jnlien Herbert. 
[4 copperplates, out of the text.] 
Bettenfeld (Michel). — L'art de rescrime. 12**. 
1885. Pa^s: Charpentier. 

BiBESCO (G.), — Recueil. Politique — Religion — 
Duel. 8^ i%%%, Paris, 

(Prince). — VAUXifizxon de). — 1882. 

BlOGRAPHlE Universelle. 52 Vols. 8°. 181 1—28. 

[Vol. V. pp. 403, 403, Vol. XXin. p. 4". Vol. XLIV. 
pp. 187, 4011 Vol. XLVm. p. 522, Vol. XLIX p. 130. 

» Duelling «.] 
BiRAGO (F.). — II secondo libro dei consigli ca- 
vallereschi. 8^ 1633. Milano, IPortrait.] 
Birch. Historical Negotiations. 

Ip. 467. » Duelling «]. 
BlaCKWELL (Henry). — The English Fencing 
Master, or the Compleat Tutor of the Small-Sword. 
Wherein the truest Method, after a Mathematical 
Rule, is plainly laid down. Shewing also how neces- 
sary it is for all Gentlemen to learn this Noble Art. 
In a Dialogue between master and scholar. Adom'd 
with several curious postures. 4*^. 1702 and 1705. 

[5 woodcuts in the text. 34 copperplates , out of the 
text, folded. Dedicated to C. Tyron , Esq., of Bul- 
lick, Northants.] 
B[lackwell] (H[enry]). — The Gentleman's Tu- 
tor for the Small Sword ; or the Compleat English 
Fencing Master. Containing the truest and plainest 
rules for learning that noble Art ; shewing how ne- 

[Blengtni — Bluth.] 2 1 

cessary it is for all gentlemen to understand the same, 
in thirteen various lessons between Master and Scho- 
lar. Adom'd with several curious postures. Small 4*^. 
1730. London, [6 woodcuts.] 

Blengini (Ccsare Alberto). — Trattato teorico- 
pratico di spada e sciabola , e varie parate di quest' 
ultimo contro la baionetta e la lancia. Operetta illus- 
trata da 30 figure incise, con rittratto dell' autore. 8**. 
1864. Bologna: Fava e Garagnani. 

{ ). — [In 1879 * Russian translation 

was published in St. Petersburg.] 

(Cristoforo di Mondovi). — Teoria della 

scherma. 1850. 

Blot (Jacques Antoine). — L'Ecole de I'escrime ; 
petit manuel pratique ^ I'usage de I'arm^e. 32°. 1862. 
Paris: Marpon. 

( ). — L'Ecole de rejcrime. ; petit ma- 
nuel pratique ^ I'usage de I'arm^e. Suivi du Code du 
duel. Nouvelle Edition. 12^ 1875. -^^w; Tarride. 

( ). — L'6cole de I'escrime. Petit ma- 
nuel pratique ^ I'usage de I'arm^e , suivi du code du 
duel. 32°. 1888. Paris : Marpon et Flammarion. 

Bluett (J. C). — Duelling and the laws of hon- 
our examined upon principles of conunon sense and 
revealed truth. 8®. 1835. London: R. B. Seeley. 
[snd Edition 1836.] 
Bluth (Prem. Lieut.). — Praktische Anleitung 
zum Unterricht im Hiebfechten. Nach der bei der ko- 
nigl. Central-Tumanstalt eingefuhrten Lehrmethode 
bearbeitet. 8®. 1878. Berlin: Schroeder. 
[18 woodcuts in the text.] 

(Hauptm.). — Praktische Anleitung zum Un- 

2 2 [Bocer7is — Botccto,] 

terricht im Hiebfechten. Nach der bei der konigl. 
Mititfir-Tumanstalt eingefuhrten Lehrmethode bearb. 
2te verb. Aufl. 8°. 1883. Berlin: Mittler u. Sohn. 
[18 woodcuts in the text.] 

BOCERUS (Henry). -- Tract, de Bello et Duello. 
4°. 1 59 1. Tubingae, 

BOCER (Henr.). — De bello et duello tractatus 
denuo recogn. et auctus. Ace. oratio de privflegiis 
doctor, ab Job. Halbritteroin actu doctoreo 30julii 
1604 dicta. 1607. TubingiU, [With portrait of author.] 

Bod IN (Charles) [sieur du Freteil.]. — Discours 
contre les duels. 8®. 161 8. Pans: Toussainct du Bray. 

BOEHEIM (Wendelin) [Gustos der Waffensammlung 
des Osterreichischen Kaiserhauses.]. — Waffenkunde. 
Handbuch des Waffenwesens in seiner Historischen 
Entwickelung vom Beginn des Mittelalters bis zum 
Ende des 18. Jahrhunderts. 8*^ 1890. Leipzig: E. A. 

[Mit Abbildungen nach Zeichnungen von Anton Kaiser.] 

* * * [BofiSSlfeRE (La)]. — Observations sur le 
traits de I'art des armes , pour servir de defense \ la 
verity des principes enseign6s par les Maitres d'annes 
de Paris par M. * * * mattre d'annes des academies 
du Roi, au nom de sa compagnie. 8°. 1766. Paris, 

BofiSSlfeRE (M. La). — Traits de I'art des armes 
a I'usage des professeurs et des amateurs. 4^. 18 18. 

(La). — CHAPMAN [G,), — 1861. 

(-— ). —ROBAGUA (A.). — 1877. 

BoiCCIO (G.) [Edited by Antonio Quintino]. — 
Gioelo di sapienza, nel quide si contengono mirabili 

\Bolgdr — Bdttcher^ 23 

secret! e necessarii avertimenti per difendersi dagli 
huomini e da molti animali . . . &c. Nnovamente dato 
in luce da me Antonio Quintino , ad instanza d'ogni 
spirito gentile. 12®. 161 3. Stampata in Milano et ri- 
stampata in Genova per Pandolfo Malatesta. 

[Portrait of the author and 15 woodcuts in the text.] 

BolgAr (Frz. von) [Oberlieut.]. — - Die Regeln d. 
Duells. 8". 1880. Budapest, 

(— . — ). — Die Regeln d. Duells. 2te verm. 

Aufl. 8®. 1884. ^iin : Seidel u. Sohn. 

Bonaparte (Prince Pierre-Napoleon). — Le ma- 
niement de I'^p^e r^duit h sa plus simple expression 
utile. 2e Edition. 12**. 1869. Paris: Imprimerie Aubry. 

BoNDl' (di Mazo) [da Venetia]. — La spada 
maestra. Libro dove si trattano i vantaggi della nobi- 
lissima professione della scherma, si del caminare, 
girare e ritirarsi, come del ferire sicuramente e difen- 
dersi. Obi. 4**. 1696. Venetia : Domenico Lovisa. 
[80 copperplates.] 

BONIE (T.). — Etude sur le combat ^ pied de la 
cavalerie. 8**. [1870.] Faris, 

BoNONIEN (C. von). — Neu Kunstlich Fechtbuch. 
161 1. Leipzig, 

BORGERSEN (A.). — Vejledning i Kompagniets af 
Faegtningslaeren. 8°. 1887. Nyborg: Schenemann. 

BoSQUETT (Abraham) . — The young man of hon- 
our's vade-mecum : being a salutary treatise on Duel- 
ling : together with the annals of chivalry, the ordeal - 
trial, and judicial combat, from the earliest times. 12®. 
18 17. London: Chappie. 

BOTTCHER (A. M.). — Die reine, deutsche Stoss- 

24 [Bottcher — Brea,] 

fechtschule nach E. W. B. Eiselen ausfuhrlich bear- 
beitet. Gr. 8<*. 1849. Gorlitz: Heinze & Co. 
[25 figures.] 

Bottcher (a. M.) — Die reine, deutsche Stoss- 
fechtschule nach Eiselen. 2teAufl. 8^ 1855. Gorlitz: 

(— . — .)• — EISELEN (E. W. B.). — 1882. 

BoUFFfiMONT (H. de Jarry de). — Manuel de 
G)rmnastique ^lectique pour tous les Sges. 
I® Gymnastique p^dagogique. 
2° Gymnastique sup6rieure. 
3** Gymnastique de chambre. 
4** Lutte frangaise, art du patin, canne, boxe fran- 
9aise, jet de pierres, natation, javelot. 8°. 
1871. 8^ Paris, 
[With portrait, 14 plates & 535 figures out of the text.] 
BoULLlER. — MaisonMilitaire desRois de France. 

[pp. 87, 88. » Duelling «.]. 
Boxers and Fencers. 

[Article in »New YoRK HERALD«,(New York. U. S.A.) 
Decembers. 1886.] 

BOYSSET (Recher). — Sur les duels. 8**. 1610. 

BrANTING (G). -— STRdMBERG (N). — 1857. 

Brantome. — Anecdotes touchant les duels. 1722. 

Discours sttr les duels. Avecune preface par H. 

dePene. I2^ 1888. /'am ; Libraire des Bibliophiles. 

Brea (Don Manuel Antonio de). — Principios 
universales y reglas generales de la verdadera destreza 
del espadin, segun la doctrina mixta de francesa, ita- 
liana y espanola. 4°. 1805. Madrid: Imp. Real. 
[18 plates.] 

[Breen — British.] 25 

Breen (A. van). — Le maniement d'armes de 
Nassau avecq Rondelles , Piques , Espies et Targes ; 
representez par Figures. Folio. 1618. La Haye. 

Bremond (Alexandre Picard). — Trattato sulla 
scherma, aggiunta la notizia de* professori nonche de' 
dilettanti che si distinguono in quest' arte medesima 
nelle principali citt^ d'Europa, trad, dalla franc, nella 
lingua toscana. 8^ 1775. Milano. 
[Portrait of Saint-Georges.] 

( ). — Traits en raccourci sur I'art des 

armes. 8®. 1782. 7«n« : impr. dlgnace Soffietti. 

( ). — Trattato sulla scherma : traduzione 

dalla francese nella lingua toscana. 8®. 1782. Milano : 

BresCIANI (Marin) [maestro d'armi Ferrarese]. — 
Li trastulli guerrieri. 8°. 1668. Brescia, [With figures.} 

1890. Berlin: Rosenbaum & Hart. 

BriccIO (Giovanni). — Avisi necessarii per difen- 
dersi dall* Inimico. 8**. 1 613. Vicenza, 

British (The) Code of Duel. 8**. 1824. London: 
Knight & Lacey. 

(— ) ditto. 12^ 1824. London: Smith & 


( — ) ditto, a Reference to the Laws of Honor, 

and the Character of a Gentleman , also an Ap- 
pendix in which is strictly Examined the Case be- 
tween the Tenth Hussars and Mr, Battier, to which 
are now added Mr. Erie's and others. Post 8**. 

British Museum. The names of yor Pushes as 

26 [British — Buchan!\ 

they are to be learned gradually. [MS. British Mu- 
setim, Additional, No. 5540. Folios 122-123.] 
[Date, middle of the 17th century.] 

British Museum. Additional. No. 23223. A treat- 
ise on fencing in Italian. 47 folios. (MS.) 
[Date, end of 17th century.] 

British Sportsmen. London (periodical) — CAMP- 
BELL (Lady Colin). — 1890. 

Brommel (C. a.). — Abhandlung von den Fecht- 
tanzen der erst en Christen. 8®. 1804. Jena. 

Brown's Miscellanea Antica. 1702. 

[The ancient method and usage of Duels before the 
King. Out of an old MS. of Elias Ashmole, Esqr.] 
BruCHIUS (Johannes -Georgius) [Scherm- ofte 
Vecht-Meester der wyd-vermaerde Academie]. — 
Grondige Beschryvinge van de Edele ende Ridder- 
lycke Scherm- ofte Wapen-Konste , &c. Oblong 4®. 
167 1. Ley den, 

[Portrait of the author by van Somer, and 143 copper- 
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[Frontispiece and medaillon portrait of the Dauphin.] 

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[Buckle — Caccia,] 2 7 

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[Plates No. 37, 38, 39/ and 56 interest the fencer.] 

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28 [Cajol — Capoferro.] 

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air huomo overo modo per superare la forza coll' uso 
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[Portraits^ woodcuts in the text.] 

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[Capoferro — Carnazza,] 29 

Gran simulacro dell' arte e dell' uso della scherma. 
Dedicato al serenissimo Sig. don Federigo Feltrio 
della Rovere, principe dello stato d'Urbino. Obi. 4°. 
1 610. Siena: Apresso Saluestro Marchetti e Camillo 

[Portraits of the Duke d'Urbino and of Capoferro. 

13 copperplates, out of the text. (A second edition 

appeared in 1652 with 44 plates.)] 

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[» Duelling*]. 

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[» International Magazine « (New York) vol. 3 
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1640. Sevilla, 

Carnazza (Calcedonio). — Alcune idee su la 

( ), — Figure dell* opera di scherma. 8®. 

[Autograph Manuscript, contains x8o drawings.] 

( ), — Cenno storico su varii di scherma 

riconosciuti in Europa. 8^ 1828. Ca/on/a: F. Longo. 

( \ — Critica sopra talune proposizioni 

30 \Carna22a.] 

che con altre moltissime grossolaneamente erronee 
campeggiano in alcuni opuscoli di scherma. 8°, 1840. 
Catania: M. Riggio. 

CarnazZA (Calcedonio) [professore nel CoUegio di 
Cutelli.]. — Fisiognomia schiamachiaca , ossia conos- 
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( ). — Cenno filosofico sn i prindpii di 

scherma. 8®. 1840. Catania: Pietro Giuntini. 

( ). — ditto. 1841. 

( ], — Poesie sn la scherma. 16®. 

[Autograph Mss. in Italian. 33 pages.] 

( ). — Preparazione alio studio pratico 

autodidattico della scherma. Assolo di spada ; segu- 
ono idee analitiche e sintetiche. 8°. 1845. Catania : 
Tip. del R. Ospizio di Beneficenza. 

( ). — Nomenclatura di scherma, Voci 

tecniche e comuni che la riguardano. 

[Autograph Mss. of 20a pages. Catania^ 1852.] 

( ). — Nomenclature de TEscrime Fran- 

^aise par ordre alphab^tique. 16°. 

[Autograph Mss. of 88 pages. Catania ou Catanie, 1852.] 

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[Autograph Mss. of 317 pages. Catania 1853.] 

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ficartisticoletterario. 16°. 1856. Catania. 

( ). — Scherma a Bisesso. Umana Cu- 

meddia. 1832. [Autograph Mss.] 

{ ). — Studio pratico autodidattico della 

scherma. 16**. 

[Autograph Mss. of 172 pages. 4 plates. Catania. 1858.] 

[Carranza — Cassagnac] 31 

[AH these Mss. belonged to M. Blasco Florio and are 
now in the Bibliotheque de TUniversite de Catane 

Carranza (Jer6niino Sanchez de). — De la filo- 
sofia de las armas, de sn destreza y de la agresion y 
defension Christiana. 4°. 1569. Luciferi Fano (vulgo 
San Lncar). 

( ). — Libro que trata de la filosofia 

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de Barrameda. [Portrait of Carranza.] 

( ) . — De la filosofia de las annas . . . 

&c. 2nd edition. 4^. 1600. Madrid. 

( ). — Los cinco libros sobre la ley 

de la Injuria, de palabra 6 de obra, en que se incluyen 
las verdaderas resoluciones de la honra, y los medios 
con que se satisfacen las afrentas. 4^. Sevilla, 

[MSS. of 300 pages.] 

( ). — Discourso de annas y letras, 

sobre las palabras del proemio de la instituta del Em- 
perador Justiniano . . . &c., 4°. 1616. Sevilla. 

[MSS. of 28 pages.] 

{ ). — CARMONA (L. M. de). — 1640. 

( ). — NARVAEZ (Don L. V. De). — 

1599 — 1600. 1602. 1618. 

( ). — PIZARRO (Don J. F.). — 1623. 

Carvalho (Rodriguez de). — Resumo breve do 

jogo de florete em dialogo para qualquer curioso se 
applicar ao serio estudio desta brilhante arte. Tra- 
duzido dos melhores auctores Franceses. 8®. 1804. 

Cassagnac (P. de). — Jacob (j.). — 1887. 

I. p. 


III. p. 


III. p. 


32 [Cassani — CasselL] 

Cassani (Giovanni Alberto) [di Frasinello di Mon- 
serrato]. — Essercitio Militare, il quale dispone Tlinomo 
a vera cognitione del Scrimire di Spada et dell* ordi- 
nare 1' Essercito a battaglia . . . &c., &c. 4°. 1603. 
Napoli: Longo. 

Cassell's Old and New London, by E. Walford 
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Vol. I. p. 44. Duel at the iThree Cranesc, Vintry Ward. 

Duel 1831. Christie and Scott. 
Duel at the »Grecian< Devereux Court. 
Duel Revd. H. B. Dudley, Editor Morn- 
ing Post and Capt. Stoney. 

- m. p. x6x. Duels in Leicester Fields. Capts French & 
Coote, Mohun, &c.. &c. 

- III. p. 183. Burial place of Lord Camelford killed in 
a duel 1804. 

- III. p. 362. Duel Sheridan and Mathews. 

- m. p. 978. Duel arranged at *Rose* between Lord 
Mohun & Duke of Hamilton. 

- IV. p. x6. Duel Tothill Fields. Sir C. Deering & 
Rich. Thornhill. 17x1. 

- IV. p. 77. Duels frequent in Spring Gardens. 

- IV. p. X37. Duel at iStar and Garterc 1762. Lord 
Byron & Mr. Chaworth. 

- IV. p. X7X. Duel between Sir Francis Burdett and 
Mr. Fox. 

- IV. p. X78. Duel Ligonier (Viscont) and Count Alfieri. 

Duel Dr. Maginn and Mr. Berkeley. 
Notorious duels in Hyde Park. 
Duel near Montague House. 
Site of duels in reign of William HI. 
Duel. Capt. Best and Lord Camelford. 
Duels at Chalk Farm. 1790. X803. x8x8. 
1831, &c. 



















[Castellofe — Causa.] 3 3 

Vol. V. p. 993. Duels at Chalk Farm. 1790. 1803. 1818. 
182X. &c. 

- V. p. 376- Duel between Capt. Fawcett and Lieut. 

Munro at the >Becknockc. 

- V. p. 526. Duel. Ben Jonson and Gabril Spenser. 


- VI. p. 476. Duel. Duke of Wellington and Lord 


- VI. p. 498. Duel. Lord Castlereagh and George Cann- 

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and Masters of Fence from the middle ages to the 
1 8th century. Illustrated with reproductions of old 
engravings and carbon plates of ancient swords. 4®. 
1884. London: Bell & Son. 

[141 woodcuts in the text. Engraved frontispiece and 
6 carbon plates.] 

( — ). — L'escrime et les escrimeurs, depuis 

le moyen Ige jusqu'au i8me siecle. Traduit de Tang^ 
lais par Albert Fierlants. 4^ 1888. i^onj; Ollendorff. 

[Frontispiece, x6o illustrations, 6 carbon plates.] 

( ). — POLLOCK (W. A.). — 1890. (Bad- 
minton Library) . 

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origines et dans I'^tat actuel des mceurs. 2 Vols. 8®. 
1846. Paris: Hingray. 

[New Edition in 1863. Paris: Guillaumin & Cie.] 

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A. Salani. 

THIHH, BibUography of the Art of Fence, &c. 3 

34 [Cavalcabo — Century.] 

CavaLCABO (H.) et PaTENOSTRIER. — Traits, 
oti instruction pour tirer des armes, de Texcellent 
scrimenr Hyeronime Cavalcabo , Bolognois , avec un 
discours pour tirer de I'esp^e seule fait par le deflEunt 
Patenostrier, de Rome. Traduit dltalien en fran^ois 
par le seigneur de Villamont, chevalier de Tordre de 
ICerusalem et gentilhomme de la chambre du Roy. 
12°. 1609. Rouen: Chez Claude le Villain. 

Cavalcabo (Hieronimo). — Neues kunstiiches 
Fecht-Buch durchMr. de Villamont in Frantzos. Sprach 
transferirt, verdeutscht durch C. Einsidell. Oblong 4**. 
161 1. Leipzig. 

( — ). — Neues Kunstiiches Fechtbuch des 

Weitberiimten und viel erfahmenltalienischenFecht- 
meister Hieronimo Cavalcabo, von Bononien Stie- 
vom, aus dem geschrieben welchem Exemplar durch 
Monsieur de Villamont , Ritter des Ordens zu Jeru- 
salem, &c., &c., in franzosische Sprache transferirt. 
Nun aber alien Loblichen Fechtkunst Liebhabem zu 
gefallen aus gemelter franzosischer Sprach ver- 
deutscht durch Conrad vonEinsidell. Oblong 4°. 161 2. 
jfena, (Six copperplates, out of the text.] 

Cavalcabo, Vingtrinier (Ain^), Gavet (Er- 
nest). — L'escrime encore et toujours II Lyon. 8°. 
1889. Lyon: Chanoine. 

Cavaliere (II) compito. 1 609. Viterbo, 
Cavalry Sword Exercise. 8®. 1845. London. 

Sword Exercise. 8°. 1865. London : Horse 


Century (The) Illustrated Monthly Magazine. 

[Ceresa — Chalmers.] 3 5 

large 8<*. London & New York. — ECKFORD (H.). — 

Ceresa (Terenziano) [Pannegiano , detto I'Ere- 
mita]. — L'esercizio della spada regulate con la per- 
fetta idea della scherma. Opera ntile e necessaria a 
chiunque desidera nscire vittorioso dalli colpi della 
spada nemica. 4^. 1641. Ancona: M. Salvioni. 

CerrI (Giuseppe). — Trattato Teorico-Pratico 
della scherma di bastone, col modo di difendersi con- 
tro varie altre armi, sia da punta che di taglio. 4°. 
1854. Milano: Civelli. 

( ). — Trattato teorico-pratico della 

scherma per sciabola. 1861. Milano. 

( ). — Trattato teorico-pratico della 

scherma di bastone, col modo di difendersi contro va- 
rie altre armi sia di pnnta che di taglio. 1868. Milano : 
Tip. F. Vallardi. 

CesARANO (Federico) [diNapoli]. —Trattato teo- 
rico-pratico di scherma della sciabola, con appendice 
di tutti i regolamenti cavallereschi riguardanti la 
scherma. 1874. Milano. 

( ). — II tomeo intemazionale di scherma 

a Milano nel 1881. Padova: Tip. dei Fratelli Salmin. 

( ). — La Palestra. Giomale di scherma 

e ginnastica. 1882. Padova: Veneta Carisi. 

ChaLAUPKA (Lient. Frz.) — Leitfaden zum Unter- 
richt im Sabel-Fechten. Ftlr Truppenschulen der k. k. 
Armee. 8**. 1875. Teschen : Vxoch9&\iK. 
[z lithographed plate.] 

Chalmers (Rev<*. P.). — Two Discourses on the 


3 6 ^Chamber's — Chapman?^ 

sin, danger, and remedy of Duelling. 12®. 1822. 

(— .)• — Discourses on Duelling. i8^ [1850?] 

London : Whittaker. 

Chamber's Book of Days. Roy. 8<*. 1862. 

London : Chambers. 

[Vol. II p. 809. A Balloon Duel in Prance in 1808.] 

• Edinburgh Journal. 

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- I. - X. - 14. Harrison on duelling, 

- I. - IV. - 24. 77ie Duellist] 

' Journal (periodical) large 8°. London. 

\S, Barmg-Gould, » Duelling in Germany c. April. 1890.] 

[ChaMPDEVAUX.] — L'honneur consid^r^ en lui- 
m6me et relativement au duel. 1752. Paris, 

Chapitre (F.). — Escrime \ la baionnette. 8®. 
[1840?] Bruxelles, 

( — .). — Escrime h, la baionnette. 2® Edition. 

8^ 1872. Bruxelles: E. Guyot. 

[22 plates out of the text.] 

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fence in the Art of Fencing. Folio, i860. London: 
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art of fencing , according to the theories of La Boes- 
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( — )• '— Notes and observations on the art of 

fencing. A sequel to »Foil Practice*. Part i, No. i. 
8**. 1864. London: Clowes & Sons. 

[ Chappon — Chatauvillard\ 3 7 

Chappon (Louis). — Theoretisch-praktische An- 
leitung znr Fechtkunst. Qu. 4°. 1839. Pesth, 
[80 lithographed plates.] 

Chapter (a) on duelling. Sm. 8°. 1840. 
[Reprinted from dFraSER's MaGAZINE«.] 

ChapuS (E.). — SPORT (Le) ^ Paris. — 1854. 

[Charles II] . — Proclamation by King Charles 11. 

against fighting of duells. Broadside. 1660. London. 

[A copy may be seen in the Guildhall Library, London.] 

Charles (J. B.) [Professeur d'Escrime.]. — Ma 
M^thode. 12®. 1890. Paris: Maison Quantin. 
[Pr6face par Pierre de Coubertin.] 

Charpenti^ [de Tacad^mie de Lyon]. — Les 
vrays principes de I'^p^e, dediez \ Monseigneur le due 
de Villeroy. 8**. 1742. Amsterdam. 

Charrin. — Le revolver, ses d^fauts et les ame- 
liorations qn'il devrait subir an point de vue de Tat- 
taque et de la defense individnelles. 8®. 1866. Bru- 
xeUes: Tanera. [avec fig.] 

ChAtaUVILLARD (Comte de). — Essai snr le 
duel. 8®. 1836. Paris: E. Proux et Comp. 

(Graf de). — Duell-Code. Aus dem Franz. 

libers, von C. von L****. 8°. 1888. Karlsruhe: 

[In halt: z) Von der Beleidigung. — 2) Beschaffen- 
heit der Waffen. — 3) Duell und Ausfordening. — 
4) Pflicht der Zeugen. — 5) Stossdegen - Duell. — 
6) Pistolen-Duelle. — 7) Pistolen-Duelle mit festem 
Standpunkte, — 8) mit freiem Schusse, — 9) mit Vor- 
riicken, — 10) mit unterbrochenem Vorriicken, — 
zz) auf Parallel - Linien, — za) auf Kommando. — 
Z3) Sabel-Duell. — Z4) Sabel-Duell, Stich ausgenom- 
men. — zs) Ausnahme-Duelle. — z6) Pistolen-Duell 

3 8 [Chatelatn — Chtshull.] 

mit geringen Entfernungen. — 17) Pistolen - Duell 
uber*s Schnupftuch. — 18) Ausnahme-Duell auf Pa- 
rallel-Linien. — 19) Unterschriften. — 20) Erlaute- 

Chatelain (Le Chevalier) [Officier sup^rienr de 
Cavalerie.]. - Trait6 d'escrime , ^ pied et ^ cheval, 
contenant la demonstration des positions, bottes, pa- 
rades, feintes, roses, et g^n^ralement tons les conps 
d'armes connns dans les Academies. 8^. 181 5. Paris: 
Magimel, Anselin, et Pochard. 

[A second Edition appeared in x8x8, »AuGMENt£e 
graphed plates.] 

Chatin (Le Capitaine). — Escrime h. la baion- 
nette. 12®. 1856. Paris: Blot. [24 figures, out of the text.) 

THEORIE der Fechtkunst. — 1819. 

ChaWORTH (Wm.). — BYRON, 

[Chevallier (Le sienr)]. — Disconrs des qne- 

relles et de I'honneur. 8®. 1598. Paris: Leger Delas. 

( ). — Disconrs de la Vaillance. 8®. 1598. 

Paris: Robert le Fizelier. 

( ). — His discourse of duels and valour. 

Translated from the French. 12®. 1624. Cambridge. 

Chevigny (De). — Science des personnes de cour 
et d'^p^e. 2nd edition. Tome vii. chapter x. 12®. 1752. 

[A chapter dedicated to the art of fencing. 8 folded 

Ch£zy (W.). — Die sechs nobeln Passionen u.s.w. 
1842. Stuttgart, 

ChishulL (Edmund) [D. D.]. — Against duelling : 
a sermon on Rom. XII. 19. 8^. 1712. London. 

[Chrzstensen — Code.] 39 

ChRISTENSEN (F. C. a.). — Infanteristens Forhold 
i Faegtniiigeii. 8®. 1882. Kjebenhavn: Wborg. 

ChRISTFELS (P. E.). — Jiidische Fechtschule. 8**. 
Onoldsb: nnd Schwabach: Enderes. 

ChRISTMANN (F. C.) und PfEFFINGER (Dr. G.). 
— Theoretisch-praktische Anleitung des Hati-Stoss- 
fechtens und des Schwadronhauens , nach einer ganz 
neuen Methode, nebst einem Anhange »Verhalten 
des Degen- oder Sfibelfuhrenden gegen den Bajone- 
tisten und Lander «, &c., &c. 8®. 1838. Offenbach 
a. M* [x2 plates containing 1x9 figures, out of the text.] 

Churchill (Charles). — The duellist, a poem in 
3 books. 4°. 1764. London. 

ClULUNI. — WRIGHT (F. V.). — 1 889. 

Clair (G. de Swnt-). — S^/ATT'-aair (G. de). — 

ClarETIE (Jules). — GRAVE (Th. de.). — 1868. 

ClerC (Le). — Bibliothfeque Universelle. 

[Vol. XX. p. 242. »DUELLING,«] 

Clermont (le comte de). — Memoire. 1763. 

ClesiO (Maestro). — 

[Although this author has been mentioned by some 
writers, I have not been able to trace his works.] 
COCKBXJRN (John) [Rector of Northaw, Midx :, D. 
D.]. — The History and Examination of Duels, shew- 
ing their Heinous Nature , and the Necessity of Sup- 
pressing them. In 2 parts. 8°. 1677. 
[Another Edition appared in X720.J 

(— ). — History of Duels. 2 Vols, in i. 8®. 

1888. [Only 275 copies privately printed.] 

Code of Duel (The). — A reference to the laws of 

40 [Colburns — Comber,] 

honour & the character of gentlemen , with the case 
between the loth Hnssars & Mr. Battier; Captain 
Callan, Mr. Finch, etc. Sm. 8°. 1824. 

ColbURN's New Monthly Mag. — ANDREIV{K.). 

Magazine. — DUELLING in Olden Times. 

. — DUELLING in modem Times. 

United Service Magazine. 8*^. London, 

{Bayonet Exercise in the French Army. Septenber 1866. 
The Bayonet, a short historic sketch. January 1867. 
Notes on the Bayonet. March 1867. 

Cavalry Sword Competition, January 1869.] 

Cole (Benjamin). — The Soldier's Pocket-Com- 
panion, or the Manual Exercise of our British Foot. 
To which is added a short view of the use of the small 
sword. 8°. 1749. London: B. Cole. I96 plates.] 

Collier (Jeremy). — Essays: upon Pride, Cloaths, 
Duelling^ General Kindness, the office of a Chaplain, 
the Weakness of Human Reason. 2nd ed. 12®. 1697. 

COLOMBEY (Emile) [Pseudomyne de M. 6mile 
Laurent ii€ ^ Colombey en 18 19.]. — Histoire anec- 
dotique du duel dans tons les temps et dans tons les 
pays. 12®. [n. d.] [Bruxelles.] Paris: Michel L6vy 

COLOMBIE (Vatson de la). — Le vray th^&tre 
d'honneur e de chevalerie. 2 vols, folio. 1648. Paris. 

Combat (Le). — 8<*. 1887. Paris: Berger-Le- 
vrault. [Ejrtrait de la wReVUE DE CAVALERIE».] 

Comber. — Discourse on duels. 1710. 

C[0MBER.] (T[homas]) [Dean of Durham. D.D.] — 
A Discourse of Duels, showing their sinful nature and 
the mischievous effects of them ; and answering the 

[Commando — Cortkey,] 4 1 

usual excuses made for them by challengers, accep- 
tors, and seconds. 1687. London: L. Roycroft. 
Commando f. d. Fechtunterricht. 8®. 
[about 1865]. 

CONVENTIONELLEN (Die) GebrSuche beim Zwei- 
kampf. 2P. 1883. Berlin, 

Cook (Edward). — Duello-Foiled: or the whole 
proceedings in the orderly disposing of a design for 
single fight, in which the unlawfiilness and wickedness 
of a duello is preparatively disputed according to the 
rules of honour and right reason. 

[vide Heame's Collection, vol. II, p. 223.] 

CORBESIER (A. F.). — Theory of fencing; with 
the small sword exercise. 1873. 8**. Washington. 

CoRDELOIS [Professeur d'escrime]. — Legons 

d'armes. Du duel et de I'assaut. Th^orie complete 

sur I'art de I'escrime. Gr. 8®. 1862. Paris: Tanera. 

[Gravures sur acier par M. Broeren, professeur a 

rAcademie des Beaux-Art des Bruxelles. (28 plates 

comprising 42 figures)]. 

. — Lemons d'armes. Du duel et de I'assaut. 

Th^orie complete sur Tart de I'escrime. 2© Edition. 
8°. 1873. Paris: J. Dumaine. [Portrait and 28 plates.] 

CoRR (M.). — Reminiscences of duelling in Ire- 
land. [»MACMILLAN'sMaGAZINE« (London) vol. 29. p. 304.] 

CORRADINO. — VELLA (G.). — 1857. 

Cortes (Don Balbino). — El palo y el sable, 6 
teoria para el perfeccionamiento del manejo del sable 
porlaesgrimadelpalo corto en 25 lecciones. Obi. 12®. 
1 85 1. JWa^rfV (Publicidad). [37 Uthographs.J 

CORTHEY (A.). — Le fleuret et I'^p^e. Etude sur 
I'escrime contemporaine. %^. 1885. Paris: Giraud. 

4 2 [Cosiz — Crosnette.] 

COSTI (A.). — De ratione puniendi duella. 8°. 
i860. BeroL 

COTEREAU (Claude). — Da devoir d'lm capitaine 
et chef de guerre, assi du combat en camp cloz ou 
duel. Mis en langue fran^oyse par Gabr. du Preau. 
8®. 1549. Poictiers, 

Cotton (Sir Robert). — • Cottoni Posthuma, Divers 
Choice Pieces of that Renowned Antiquary, Preserved 
from the injury of Time and exposed to Public Light 
for the Benefit of Posterity by James Howell. Small 8®. 

[Among the contents of this curious volume are > Valour 
anatomized in a Fancy ,« by Sir Philip Sidney (con- 
taining a poem » Wooing-stuffc) ; a Discourse of the 
Legality of Combats, Duels, or Camp-fight; a Speech 
on the Alteration of Coin ; Honesty, Ambition, and 
Fortitude anatomized by Sir Francis Walsingham, 
&c., &c.] 
COUBERTIN (Pierre de). — • CHARLES (J. B.). — 

Craig (Robert H.). — Rules and regulations for 

the sword exercise of the cavalry. 8°. 181 2. Baltimore, 

[26 plates.] 

Crane (Fr. von). — Aus der Sabeltasche eines 

alten Kavalleristen. Erzahhmgen. 8°. 1875. BerUn, 

CreMONY (J. C). — Duelling in the West-Indies. 

[»OVERLAND MONTHLY«.(San Francisco) vol. I. p. 496.] 

CrosnETTE. — Une throne du double jeu de la 

crosse et de la baionnette. (181 1 ?) 

[According to Pinette this work, with drawings, was 
sent to the Emperor Napoleon about z8ii (?) but 
was lost-sight of in the offices of the Ministry of 
War. Button's FiXED BAYONETS.] 

\Cruzada — Danet\ 43 

Cruzada Y Peralta (Manuel). — Las tretas de 
la vulgar y comun esgrima de espada, y con armas 
dobles, que aprob6 don Lub Pacheco de Narvaez, y 
las oposiciones que dispus6 en verdadera destreza de 
ella. 4°. 1702. Zaragoza, 

CUCALA Y Bruno (D. Jos6) [Caballero Teniente 
Mayor del Reino y examinador en la ciencia filos6fica 
y matemdtica de la destreza de las armas en todos los 
dominios de Espana]. — Tratado de esgrima. Com- 
prende la esgrima del florete, tres guardias de sable 
de infanten'a . . . &c. &c. 4°. 1854. Madrid: J. Pena. 
[24 plates.] 

CuPlfiRUS (N. J.). — LENZ (G. F.). — 1881. 

Cursory reflections on single combat, or modem 
duel. Addressed to gentlemen in every class of life. 
4®. 1789. London: Baldwin. 

Danet [Sjmdic-garde de laCompagnie des maitres 
d'armes de Paris]. — L'art des armes, ou la mani^re 
la plus certaine de se servir utilement de I'^p^e, soit 
pour attaquer, soit pour se defendre, simplifi^e et d^- 
montr^e dans toute son ^tendue et sa perfection, 
suivant les meilleurs principes de th^orie et de pra- 
tique adopt^s actuellement en France. Ouvrage n^- 
cessaire h. la jeune noblesse, aux militaires et ^ ceux 
qui se destinent au service du Roy, aux personnes 
m€me qui, par la distinction de leur ^tat ou par leurs 
charges, sont obligees de porter I'^p^e ; et ^ ceux qui 
veulent faire profession des armes. Dedi6 i Son 
Altesse Monseigneur le prince de Conty. Tome pre- 
mier. 8®. 1766. Tome second contenant la r^futa- 

44 {Danei — Declaration, ] 

tion des critiques et la suite du mime traits. 1 767. 8**. 
1766—67. Paris. 

[Frontispiece and 43 copperplates, out of the text.] 

Danet [Ecuyer, Sjmdic-Garde des ordres de la 

Compagnie des Maitres ^n fait d'armes des Academies 

du Roi en la ville et Fauxbourgs de Paris, aujourd'hui 

directeur de I'Ecole Royale d'Armes]. — L'art des 

armes , oil Ton donne Tapplication de la th^orie h. la 

pratique de cet art avec les principes m^thodiques 

adopt^s dans nos ^coles royales d'annes. 2nd edition. 

2 vols. 8®. 1788. Paris, [45 copperplates, out of text.] 

Danet. — L'art des armes . . . 3rd edition. B^lin. 

rue St. Jacques. 2 vols. 8**. 1798. [An VI.] Paris. 

Daniel (Gabr.). — Histoire de la milice frangoise 

2 vols. 4®. 1 72 1. Paris, [vol. n. p. 582 ))Duelling<(.] 

[tome X. pi. 22. p. 4x5 representation of a plug bayonet, 

and in pi. 33 p. 466 of a socket bayonet, 
tome II. p. S92 reference to the introduction of the 
bayonet into the French Army.] 
Daressy (Henri) [membre honoraire de I'Aca- 
d^mie d'annes]. — Archives des maitres d'annes de 
Paris. 8®. 1888. Paris: Quantin. [Illustrated.] 
D'AZ^MAR. — AzkMAR (D'). — 1859. 
De Brye g.). — BRYE (J. de). 

De Chevigny. — Chevigny ^€\. — 1752. 
Declaration du Roy pour la deffence du port 
d'armes. 8°. 16 10. Paris. 

du Roy portant deffences d'user d'appels, ny 

de rencontres suyvant I'^dict des duels, 1609. 8®. 
161 1. Paris. 

du Roy sur les Edicts de pacification des 

duels. 8**. 1614. Paris. 

[D^Eon — Descares,] 45 

lyEON. — EON (F. d'). — 

DelebECQUE (Alphonse). — Commentaire l^gis- 
latifdelaLoisurleduel. 8®. 1841. Bruxelles: Durand. 

Del Frate. — Frate (S. Del). 

DemeusE (Nicolas) [Garde-du-Corps de S. A. S. 
le Prince EvSque ^ Li^ge et Maltre en fait d'armes]. 
Nouveau trait^ de Tart des armes, dans lequel on 
^tablit les principes certains de cet art, et ou Ton 
enseigne les moyens les plus simples de les mettre en 
pratique. Onvrage n^cessaire aux personnes qui se 
destinent aux armes et utile k celles qui veulent se 
rappeler les principes qu'on leur a enseign^s. 12®. 
1778. Liege: Desoer. [4 copperplates, out of text.] 

(— ). — Nouveau traits de I'art des armes. . . . 

2nd edition. 12°. 1786. Liege: Desoer. 
[Contains 14 plates.] 

( — )• — Nouveau traits de I'art des armes . . . 

3rd edition. Imprimerie de Blocquel. (To the ori- 
ginal text is added a Dictionnaire de I'art des armes.) 
12®. 1800. Lille and Paris. 

[14 copperplates, different from the previous editions.] 

DlfiRUfi (le capitaine). — Nouvelle m^thode d'es- 
crime ^ cheval. 12°. 1885. /Vzm ; Lahure. 


(le commandant). — L'Escrime dans I'arm^e. 

I6^ 1888. i'am: Quantin. 

[Avec couverture en chromotypographie.] 
DesborDES. — Discours de la th^orie, de la pra- 
tique et I'excellence des armes. 4°. 1610. Nancy: 
chez Andre. 

Descares (Jacques). — 1568. 

[M. Buja (ouvrage cit6 pag. 113) affirme que Jacques 

46 [Desmedt — Disney,] 

Descares, Franpais, ^crivit et fit imprimer un puvrage 
sur Tescrime en 1568.] 

Desmedt (Eugene). — La science de rescrime. 
Avec une preface de Max Waller, un Dictionnaire de 
r^p^e etun Guide des escrimeurs. 8**. 1888. Bruxelles, 
[15 phototypes.] 

Deutsche Fechtschul-Zeitung. 8°. Z^Ar (Baden.) 

Hiebfechtschule f. Korb- u. Glockenrapier. 

Eine knrze Anweisung zur Erlemg. d. an unseren 
deutschen Hochschulen gebrtluclil. HSebfechtens. 
Hrsg. vom Verein deutscher Universitfttsfechtmeister. 
8®. 1887. Leipzig: Weber. 

Dictionnaire des Arts Acad^miques. Equitation, 
Escrime, Danse, et art de Nager. 4®. 1786. Paris. 

des Arts Acad^miques. Equitation, Escrime, 

Danse, Natation : faisant partie de I'Encyclop^die. 8^. 
[1840?] Paris. [16 plates.1 

Diderot et cI^Alembert. — Encyclop^die des 
sciences, tomo V. 1775. Paris. 

[n reproduit le traits d^escrime d*Angelo Malevolti 
de Livoume.] 

. — ANGELO (D.). — 1787. 

DiERKES (A.). — Leitfaden fur den Unterricht im 
Sabelfechten. 8**. 1857. Prag: Hess. 

DiSCOURS sur les duels. 1 761 . 

Discourse (a) of duels shewing the sinful nature 
and mischievous effects of them and answering the 
usual excuses made for them by challengers, accepters 
and seconds by T. C, D. D. 4®. 1687. London: 
S. Roycroft. 

Disney (John). — Laws against duelling. Folio. 
1729. Cambridge. 

[Docctolim — Doyle.] 47 

DocaoUNI (Marco) [Florentino]. -— Trattato in 
materia di scherma. Nel quale si contiene il modo e 
regola d' adoperar la spada cosi sola come accom- 
pagnata. 4®. 1601. Firenze: Nella stamperia di 
Michelangiolo Sermatelli. 

Dodge (Theodore (C.) [Colonel U. S. A]. — Fen- 
cing. (»Harper's Yomig People.« New York, U. S. A. 
April 14 and April 21, 1888.) 
[Numerous cuts in the text.] 

Don Giovanni. — Rivista mondana in illustrata. 
1888. Bologna. 

[Among the writers for this Revue are Sig. Salvatore 
Arista, Maestro della Societal Bolognese di Scherma, 
Sig. Carlo Pilla, dilletante di scherma and Sig. 
Georges Robert, maestro di scherma a Pirigi.] 

DoNON [Ex-Adjndant-Major des ci-devant lan- 
ders polonais). — L'escrime modeme ou nouveau 
traits simplifi^ de I'art des armes 8®. 1830. Vers, : 
Lithog, de Helbig. [13 plates in outline.] 

Manuel des Armes ou guide de professeurs. 

Nouveau traits simplifi^. 12®. 1843. Paris: Impri- 
merie de A. Appert. 

Douglas (W.). — Duelling days in the Army. 8®. 
1887. London: Ward & D. 

Doux (Qemente). — n maneggio della sciabola 
secondo il metodo di scherma Radaelli. 1875-6. 

DoYLE (Alexander). — Neue Alamodische Ritter- 
liche Fecht- und Schirm-Kunst. Das ist Wahre und 
nach neuester Franzosischer Manier eingerichtete 
Unterweisung wie man sich in Fechten und Schirmen 
perfectioniren und verhalten solle. Denen respectiven 

48 [Doyle — Duelling.] 

Herren Liebhaberen zu besserer Erleuterung mit 60 
hierzu dentlichen Figuren heransgegeben von Alexan- 
der Doyle, aus Irrland geburtig. (i) Ihrer Churftirstl. 
Gnaden zu Maintz verordneten Hof-Fechtmeistem. 
Obi. 4°. 171 5. Niimberg. 

Doyle (Alexander). — Neue Alamodische Ritter- 
liche Fecht- und Schinn-Kunst. 2te Aufl. Obi. 4**. 
1729. Numborg, 

DrEYER. — SCHLICHTEGROLL (Dr. N.). — 1817. 

DUDEFFAND (Marie de Vichy — Chamrond, Mar- 
quise). — Correspondance i Horace Walpole. 

[vol. iii. p. 349, vol. rv. pp. 27, 28, 152. Duelling.] 

Duel's Anatomic (The). — With the manner and 
form of Combats anciently observed before the king^ 
of England; and a catalogue of certain Combats, 
small 4®. 1 6 13. London. 

Duel between the Duke of Hamilton and Lord 
Mohun. A letter from M'. Maccartney at Ostend (Lord 
Mohun's second) to a friend in London , giving a re- 
lation of the above duel. sm. 4**. 1 713. Dudtin, 

Duel (Le). -— 18®. 1868. Paris: Lebigre-Da- 

Duel (le) et I'escrime. 

[Paris Ulustre. No. 31 (x Juin 1885)]. 

Duel (Le) et les duellistes. 18®. Paris. 

[Ce volume qui fait partie de la Bibliotheque des Cu- 


[» Leisure Hour« (London) vol. 18. p. 460.] 

[» Southern Literary Messenger* (Richmond, 

U. S. A.) vol. 3a. p. aa6.1 

[Duelling — Duello.] 49 

Duelling in America. 

[dLitteLL's Living AgE« (Boston, U. S. A.) vol. 15. 
p. 467.1 

days in the Army. 

[» United Service Magazine « (London) vol. i. 
pp. 90—209. vol. n. p. 45.1 

in England. 

[» Leisure Hour« (London) vol. 24 p. 214.] 

in France and the United States. 

[wTait's Edinburgh Magazine«, vol. 18. p. 151.] 

in Germany. 

[Chamber's Journal, (London) April 1890.] 

in Italy. 

[»SpeCTATOR« (London) vol. 57. No. 1072.] 

in modem Times. 

[wCoLBURN's MaGAZINE« (London) Part 123 p. 1x6.] 

days in the Navy. 

[» United Service Magazine« (London)i882. vol.2, 
p. 81.] 

in olden Times. 

[wCoLBURN's MaGAZINEw (London) part 122. p. 476.] 

. — (Some short and useful reflections upon) 

by a Christan Patriot. 16**. 1823. Dublin. 

and Suicide repugnant to revelation, reason 

& common sense. 8". 1775. London: Meigham. 

(Thoughts on) and the Christian Character. 

8°. 1839. London: Longman. 

Duello, cive il libro de re militare. 8**. Vinegia, 

(D) del mutio justinapolitano. 1564. 

de fausto da Longiano regolato a le leggi 

de Thonore. 8®. 1559. Vinegia, 

. — Libro de Re Imperatori. Principi Si- 

THIHltf, BibUo^rraphy of the Art of Fence, &c. 4 

50 {Duello — Durfort.] 

gnori Gent rhomini et di tutte Armigeri Continente 
Disfide Concordie Pan , Casi Accadenti e Indicii con 
pagione Exempla, &c. 12**. 1525. Venetia, 
[Another edition 1544.] 

Duello. — Tractatus inter Militem Sacram et 
Militem Secnlamm Editus Latium zanchum. 4^. 158S. 

DUENAS (D. Gregorio M.) [Profesor de esgrima de 
la academia de infanteria]. — Ensayo de un tratado 
de esgrima de florete. 8*". 1881. Toledo, 

DUFOUR (Louis). — Repression duduel. Recherche 
dumeilleurmodedep^nalite. 8^ 1840. Paris : Durand. 
[Extrait de la » Revue de legislation et de jurispru- 
dence «.] 
DuLAURE (J. A.). — Histoire physique , civile et 
morale de Paris. 3« Edt. 7 vols. 8°. 1825. Paris, 

[vol. IV. p. 567, vol. V. pp. 300, 301. »DUELLING«.] 
DuMAS (Alexandre). — GRISIER (A.). — 1863. 

( ). — VAUX^zxovL de). -— 1888. 

Dunn (H.A.Colmore).-— Fencing. (The All Eng- 
land Series). i6^ 1889. London: George Bell & Sons. 
[With illustrations by H. C. Willink.] 
DUPLEIX (Scipio). — Les loix militaires touchant 
le duel, en IV livres. 4®. 1602. Paris, 

DuRER (Albert). — Oplodidaskalia, sive armorum 
tractandorum meditatio. 

[MS. in the Magdalenenbibliothek , Breslau. Quoted 

Durfort (Gen^ de). — Supplement i la de- 
fense du Gen^ de Durfort dans le proces de la pr^- 
tendue contrefa^on de I'escrime de cheval. 8^ 1827. 

[Dicval — Etselen.] 5 1 

Duval (Jeanet). — Theoret. Anweisnng zur Fecht- 
und Voltigirkunst. Qu. 4®. 1822. Miinchen : YXtisch- 
mann. [x plate and 60 figs., lithographed.] 

Du Verger de Saint-Thomas (Comte). — Saint- 
Thomas. — 1879. 

Easy and Familiar Rules for attaining the art of 
attack and defence on foot with the broadsword , to 
which are added instructions for using of the single 
stick. 8®- 1 83 1. Z^«^^»;T. Hughes. 

[One folding plate with 12 figures, being the same as 
those given in the pamphlet by »a pupil 0/ St, Angela*. 

ECKFORD (Henry). — Fencing and the New York 

[The » Century Illustrated Monthly Maga- 
zine «, vol. xxxiii. No. 3 [January 1887], pp. 414 — 421.] 

ECKLER (G.). — LENZ (G. F.). — 1881. 

Edinburgh Review. — millingen. 

Edit du Roy sur la prohibition et punition des 
querelles et duels. 8°. 1609. Paris, 

EffenberGER (Ant.). — Leitfaden zur prakti- 
schen Erlemung d. Rappier- und Sabelfechtens. 8**. 
1878. Pola: Schmidt. 

EiNSIDELL (C). — CAVALCALO (H.) — 1611. 

ElSELEN {E. W. B.). — Das deutsche Hiebfechten 
der Berliner Tumschule. 8**. 181 8. j^^r/w; Diimmler. 

( — . — . — .). — Abriss des deutschen Stoss- 

fechtens, nach Kreusslers Grundslitzen dargestellt. 
8°. 1826. .Ptfr/w.-rmmmler. 

(— . — . — .). -— Das Sabelfechten. Manu- 
script, aufgezeichnet v. dessen Schvder G. im J. 1825. 
8^ 1881. Berlin: Lenz. 

52 [Etselen — Embry.] 

ElSELEN (E. W. B.). — • Das deutsche Hiebfech- 
ten der Berliner Tumschulen. Neu bearb. und mit 
Abbildgn. versehen von Tumlehr. A. M. Bottcher und 
Dr. K. Wassmannsdorff. 8°. 1882. Lahr: Schauen- 

(— . — . — .)• — BOTTCHER (A.M.). — 1849. 


(E.). — 7ahn[y. L.). — 1816. 

ElSENBERGS Fechtschule. — 1748. 

EjERCICIOS de las annas. 

[16th century. MSS. In Bibliot. del Escorial (iv. a. 23.)} 
ElDON (Lord). — MEDLAND (W. M.). — 1808. 
Ellero (P.). — Dei mezzi piu opportuni a bandire 
dalla society il duello. 8^ 1864. Modena. 

Elliot (Major W. J.) [late of H. M. War Depart- 
ment]. — The Art of Attack and Defence in use at 
the present time. Fencing : Sword or Bayonet, Single- 
stick, Bayonet against Sword or Bayonet ; Boxing. 8**. 
1884. London: Dean & Son. [With 61 figures.) 

Elliot. A collection of 4 plates of broadsword 
and Spanish and Italian Fencing, with figures in mili- 
tary costumes of various nations. 4®. 

Embry (J. A.). -- Dictionnaire raisonn^ d'escrime, 
ou Principes de I'art des armes d'apres la m^thode 
enseign^e par les premiers professeurs de France, 
prec6d6 de I'histoire de I'escrime et de I'analyse de 
I'histoire de France dans ses rapports avec le duel, 
ire et 2^ parties. In-8, avec 8 pi. 1856. Toulouse. 

[L'ouvrage, compos6 d'environ 700 pages, sera divise 
en 4 parties, et paraitra en 2 series: ire serie, com- 
prenant Thistoire de Tescrime ; Tanalyse de Thistoire 
de France, dans ses rapports avec Tescrime et le 

\EncyclopcBdia — Erste\ 53 

duel. Une nouvelle edition de cette ire s6rie a ete 
annoncee en 1859, en vente a Paris chez M. Bohin 
de Corday, 18, quai de la M6gisserie. La ae serie, 
qui sera publice en deux parties, renfermera un Traite 
th^orique sur I'art des armes et le Dictionnaire rai- 
sonne d'escrime.] 

Encyclopaedia Britannica. 9*^ Edition. 1888. 

Edinburgh : A. & C. Black. 

[Articles on »FeNCING« and »DUELLING«.] 

ENCYCLOPtolE mahodique. Trjut6 d'escrime. 
1782. Farts. 

m^thodique. Equitation, Escrime, Danse, et 

art de Nager. 4**. 1786. Farts. 

m^thodique (Planches de L'). — Nouvelle 

Edition enrichie de remarqnes. Dedi^e h. la serenis- 
sime Kepublique de Venise. Art Militaire, Equitation, 
Escrime, &c. Folio. 1795. Fadova, 

modeme XII au mots : Escrime. 1828. Faris, 

EnriCHETTI (Cesare) [Maestro - capo e direttore 
di scherma alia scuola centrale di Parma]. — Trattato 
elementare teorico-practico di scherma. 8®. 1871. 
Parma, [6 lithographs.] 

Eon (Frederick d'). — System of fencing as ar- 
ranged and systematically taught by Frederick d'Eon, 
fencing-master. In thirty-one sections , for the first 
quarter's tuition, ii^ 1823. Boston. 

ErsCH und GrubeR. — Encyklopadie. gr. 8®. 
1840—46. Leipzig: Brockhaus. 

[ite Sec, 42, S. 204 u. ff. Schneider (H.) Fechtkunst, 
1844 (?)I 

Erste Abhandlung der Bayonet-Fechtiehre. 8^. 
1823. Karlsruhe : WjMtt, 

54 [Ers^e — Escritne.] 

Erste Anleitung des Soldaten in der eigentlichen 
zerstreuten Fechtart. Auszug aus d. Werke des Ober- 
sten Graf en v. Waldersee , 'Die Methode zur krieg^- 
gemilssen Ausbildung der Infanterie f. das zerstreute 
Gefecht'. 8**. 1S50. Mainz: V. v. Zabem. 

EsCHER {J. B.). — Anweisung zur Fechtkunst auf 
Hiebe in verhitngter und steiler Auslage. 4°. 1833. 
Freiburg: Groos. [18 engravings.] 

(— . — .)• — Methode d'escrime. 2P. 1843. 


EsCOTT (A.). — Fencing and Fencers. 

[»ThE ThEATRE« (London) vol. 2. p. 347.] 


[L'EncycIopedie de 1755 est la premiere a nommer et 
a enseigner la *botte eToctavet, Une nouvelle Edi- 
tion en 1763 reproduisit le traite de Angelo Male- 

(L'j de Fantaisie \ la Baionnette. Oblong 

Folio [about 1830.]. MSS. 

[In possession of Captain A. Hutton and described 
by him in »FlXED BAYONETS « as follows: •Con- 
tains 37 pages of fine clearly written text; 61 illus- 
trations of which 10 have been removed consisting 
of carefully drawn pen-and-ink outline figures. The 
writer draws attention to three German works pub- 
lished at Vienna, 18x9, Dresden x8ai and Stuttgart 
1824, but the titles are not given c] 

i la Bajonette. 1841. Strasbourg, 


Chasseurs «.) 

^ la Baionette. (Extrait de I'instruction pro- 
vis, sur I'exercise et les manoeuvres des bataillons 
des Chasseurs ^ pied). 32**. 1842. Strasbourg: Le- 

[Escrtme — Ettenhard\ 5 5 

EsCRIME (L'). — (Journal) Paris, 

[Adolphe Tavemier fonda ce journal en 1882 et le di- 
rigea pendant deux ann6es. La collection complete 
du journal forme deux gros volumes d'environ 1200 
pages chacun ; mais il est presque impossible de les 

(L*) encore et toujours \ Lyon 1889. Lyon: 

L^on Delaroche et Cie. 

(Recueil de 38 gravnres reprod. des exer- 

cices, Evolutions d'infanterie et de cavalerie, forti- 
fication, artillerie, avec texte.) 

[Ce recueil est indique dans un des catalogues d' Al- 
bert Foulard, Paris, no. 3847.] 

(L') frangaise. REdacteur en chef, Emile 

AndrE. — [Bi-monthly review devoted to the inter- 
ests of French swordmanship, 60 centimes.] 4®. 1889. 
Paris: 12, Rue de la Grange-Bateliere. 

[The first number appeared on the 9th February, 1889.I 

ESGRIMA de la bayoneta armada, trad, del italiano 
por un Oficial de Milicias Provinciales. 8®. 1830. Ma- 
drid: Leon Amarita. 

EsPAGNE (John d'). — Antiduello ; or a treatise in 
which is discussed the lawfulnesse and unlawfiilnesse 
of single combats. Square 8°. 1632. London. 

( ). — Anti-Duell, the anatomic of 

Duells, with the symptomes thereof. 4**. 1632. London. 

Essay (an) on duelling; written with a view to 
discountenance this barbarous and disgraceful practice. 
8®. 1792. London: Debrett. 

EttENHARD (Don Francisco Antonio) [Cavallero 
del Orden de Calatrava]. — Compendio de los funda- 
mentos de la verdadera destreza y filosofia de las ar- 

56 \Ettenhard — Fahris\ 

mas. Dedicado a la Sacra y Real Magestad del Rey 
Nuestro Senor Don Carlos Segundo, Monarca de 
Espana y de las Indias. 4**. 1675. Madrid: Antonio 
de Zafira. [16 copperplates.) 

[To the above is generally found a smaller work en- 
titled ; » Siguese el papel de yuan Caro^ en que im- 
Pugna la obra con Quince Oiepdones, y la respuesta 
de el Autor a ellos.] ]i copperplate.] 

EtTENHARD Y AbARCA (Don Francisco Antonio 
de). — Diestro Italiano y Espanol. Explican sus doc- 
trinas con evidencias mathematicas conforme a los 
preceptos de la verdadera destreza y filosofia de las 
armas. 4**. 1697. Madrid: Manuel Ruiz de Murg^. 
[4 copperplates.] 
EyCH (J. H.). — Deutliche Explication der ade- 
lichen und ritterlichen Fechtkunst. Folio. 

[Autograph folio MSS. in the possession of Captain 
A. Hutton, date about 1740,] 
Fabris (Salvator) [Capo del ordine dei sette cori]. 
— De lo Schermo, overo scienza d'arme. Fol. 1606. 
Copenhaggen : Henrico Waltkirch. 

[Frontispiece. Portraits of Christian IV. of Denmark 
and of the author. 190 copperplates in the text.) 

( — ). — Neu kunstlich Fechtbuch. 161 7. 


( — ). — Delia vera practica e scienza d'armi 

. . . &c. Opera di Salvator Fabris. Folio. 1624. Pa- 
dova: Per Pietro Paoli Tozzi. 

( — ). — Scienza e pratica d'arme. Folio. 

1677. Leipzig, [Text in Italian and German. 107 figfures.) 

( — ). — [A second edition of the Italian and 

German reproduction .] 4®. 1 7 1 3 • Leipzig. 

( — ). — Des kunstreichen und weitberume- 

[Fabris — Farina.] 5 7 

ten Fechtmeisters S. Fabris Italienische Fechtkunst. 

Folio. 16 1 9. Ley den. 

[Printed by Isaack Elzevier, and dedicated by the same 
to Gustavus Adolphus. The copperplates of the first 
edition are raplaced by woodcuts (192).] 

Fabris (Salvatore). — Scienza e pratica d'anne di 
Salvatore Fabris , Capo dell' ordine del sette cuori. 
Das ist : Herm Salvatore Fabris, Obersten des Ritter- 
Ordens der Sieben Hertzen , Italienische Fechtkunst. 
Von Johann Joachim Hynitzchen, Exercitien Meister. 
4®. 1677. Leipzig. 

[German translation parallel with the Italian text. The 
plates are the same as in the original edition, with 
the addition of one representing the monument 
erected to Fabris*s memory in Padua, his native town; 
and of a portrait of a certain Heinrich , who seems 
to have patronised this reproduction of the great 
master''s work.] 

( ). — HEUSSLER (Seb.). — 1616. 

FaLCIANI (Alberto). — La scherma della sciabola 

o del bastone a due mani, brevemente insegnata nella 
lingua del popolo. 12®. 1870. Pisa. 

Fallopia (Alfonso) [Lucchese. Alfiere nella for- 
tezza di Bergamo]. — Nuovo et breve modo di scher- 
mire. 4®. 1584. -^tfr^flf«<^; Appresso Comin Ventura. 

Fambri (Paulo). — Relazione al Ministro della 
Guerra sul trattato di scherma di Masaniello Parise. 
8^ 1884. ^(7»ifl;Tip. Nazionale. 

(— ). — Novelle Cavalleresche. 8". 1888. 

Torino : E. Loescher. 

Farina (Silvestro La). — Risposta ad un articolo 
anonimo pubblicato in occasione di un accademia di 

58 [Fayet — Feckter] 

scherma data dal sig. P. Fonsio. 8®. 1836. Messina: 
Tip. del T» Faro fa. 

[Estratto dal ^Faro c fascicolo s<>, febbraio 1836. pag. 7.] 

Fayet (Nougarede de). — Du duel sous le rapport 
de la 16gislatioii et des moeurs. 1838. 

Fazy (Georges). — Le Duel. Dissertation pr6- 
sent^e k la Facult6 de droit de TAcad^mie de Geneve. 
8^ 1 87 1. Geneve: n.G^org. 

FeCHT-Boden (GeofFnete). — Auf welch en Re- 
geln zum rechten Fundament d. Fechtkunst. 1706. 
Hamburg. [10 copperplates.] 

(der geofFnete) auf welch en durch kurtz 

gefasste Regeln gute Anleit. z. rechten Fundament 
der Fecht-Kunst gegeben wird. Mit 8 Kupfertaf. 8**. 
1 71 5. Hamburg. 

FeCHTBUCH (Die Ritterliche) mannliche Kunst. 
und handarbeyt Fechtens und Kempffens, &c. 1558. 
[At the end : Zu Franckfurt am Meyn, bei Chri. Egen. 
Erben. mdlviii.] 

(Die Ritterliche) mannliche Kunst und hand- 
arbeyt Fechtens und Kempifens. Aus war em ur- 
sprunglichen grund der Alten , mit sampt heymlichen 
Geschwindigkeyten , in leibs noten sich des Feinds 
trostlich gemalt [about 1530 — 58?!. Franckfort am 
Meyn: bei Chr. EgenolfF. [46 pages.] 

FeCHTER anfengliche Kunst (Der altenn). — Mit 
sampt verborgenen heymlicheytten , Kfimpffens, Rin- 
gens, Werffens, &c. Figurlich furgemalet. Bisher nie 
an tag kommen. 1531 (?). Frankfurt am Meyn: Chr. 
Egen. [46 pages.] 

[Woodcut on title-page. At the end: Zu Franckfurt 
am Meyn, bei Christian Egenolph.] 

[Fechter — Fekn,] 59 

Fechter griindliche Kunst (Der altenn). — Mit 
sampt verborgenen heymlichten, KampfFens, Ringens, 
Werflfens, &c. Figurlich furgemalet. Bisher nie an tag 
komen. [48 pages.] [Woodcut on title-page about 1530-58 ?] 

FeCHTKUNST (Die) auf Universitaten. 8®. 1802. 
Kothen: Aue. [Copperplates.] 

Fechtweise der franzosischen Infanterie (Die 
Neue). — Nach dem franzos. Infanterie-Exerzier-Re- 
glement vom 29. Juli 1884 und der Instruction pour 
le combat vom J. 1887. Bearb. v. e. deutschen In- 
fanterie-Offizier. Mit zahlreichen Skizzen auf 6 Taf. 
8®. 1887. Darmstadt: Zemin. 

Fehn (A.). — Die Fechtkunst mit Stoss- und Hieb- 
wafFen. Gr. 8®. 1851. Hannover: Riimpler. 
[34 figures.] 

(— .). — Die Fechtkunst mit Stoss- und Hieb- 

wafFen. 2te Aufl. 8®. 1856. Hannover: C. Meyer. 

[34 figures.] 

( — .). — Fechtschule, mit Originalzeichnun- 

gen von Ferdinand Liebsch. 2te Aufl. 8®. 1856. 
Hannover: C. Meyer. 

(— ). — Fechtschule. 8**. 1876. Heidelberg. 

(Aug.) [Univ. Fechtlehrer]. — Die Schule d. 

Manschettfechtens. 8®. 1878. Heidelberg: Koester. 

[With drawings.] 

(W.). — Anleitung fur Officiere und Unter- 

officiere beim Ertheilen d. Unterrichts im Turnen und 
Bajoncttiren. 2te nach den allerhochsten und neue- 
sten Vorschriften bearb. Aufl. 16®. 1885. Hannover: 

(— •) [Univ. Fechtmeister]. — Das komment- 

6o [Fehn — Ferretti,] 

massigeFechten mit dem deatschen Haurappier Rechts 
und Links. Gr. 8^ 1885. Strassburg i, E,: ^ohvltz 
& Comp. (24 plates from photographs.] 

Fehn (W.). — Entwurf einer Instruction fur 
deutsche Hiebfechtschulen. 8**. 1885. StrassBnrg i. 
£.: Schultz & Comp. [With photographic plates.] 

( — .). — Die Fechtkunst mit dem krummen 

Sabel. Praktische Anleitung zum Militarfechten (Hieb 
und Strich] und zum deutschen kommentmassigen Stu- 
dentenfechten. 8**. 1885. Strassburg: R. Schultz & 

Feldmann (Jos.) [Major]. — Leitfaden zum Un- 
terrichte im Rappier-, SSbel-, Bajonet- und Stock- 
fechten. Gr. 8°. 1882. Wiener-Neustadt : Lentner. 

( — . ) . — Leitfaden zum Unterrichte im Stock- , 

Rapier-, Sfibel- und Bajonettfechten. 2te Aufl. 
Lex.-8^ 1886. ^i^»: SeidelundSohn. 

[56 plates containing 77 figures out of the text.] 
F^LIX. — Encyclopedic. 1773. Paris. 

[Au mot: »ESCRIME«.] 
F^LIZET (Docteur). — LAMARCHE (Claude). 

» Fencing (on) with two-handed Sword cf. 

[A poem from MS. Harleian 3542, of the 15th century, 
British Museum.] 

FergusSON (Hary). — A dictionary explaining 
the terms , guards , and positions , used in the art of 
the small sword. 8". 1767. [Noplace, no printer's 
name.] [cHaryc is thus on the title, and at page ii.] 

FerrerO (Gio. Battista). — Breve Trattato di 
scherma sul maneggio della sciabola. 1868. Torino, 

FerretTI (T.). — Consilia de duello. 8°. 1538. 

[jFerro — jF/orzo,] 6i 

Ferro (R. Capo). — CAPO Ferro (R.). — 1610. 
FEUQUlfeRE (Marquis de). — Memoires historical 
and Military. Translated from the French. 1735. 

[In the glossary appended gives a description of the 
Bagonet (bayonet) then in use.] 

Feversham (Earl of). — Exercize of Dragoons. 
Composed for his Ma*® Roy^ Regiment by y^ Rl»t 
Hon*>le Louis, Earl of Feversham, Colonell. 

[MS. volume in the possession of John Yong Akerman, 
Esq., F. S. A., secretary Society of Antiquaries, 
London, written in the latter half of the 17th Century. 
Bayonet Exercise.] 

Fewtrell. — The science of manual defence. 
1790. London. 

FlERLANTS (Albert). — CASTLE (E.). — 1888. 

FiRME (Manuel Martins). — Espada firme o firme. 
Tractado para o jogo de espada preta e branca. 1 744. 
8**. fol. XXXVI— 86. Evora. 

Fischer (Jonath.). — Der Mann mit der Lanze. 
8**. 1848. Freiberg: Craz u. Gerlach. 

FloriO (Balasco) [Siciliano]. — H progresso della 
scienza della scherma delle Due Sicilie. 

( ). — Di risposta ad alcune dimande di 

scherma, lettere di Blasco Florio . . . &c. 8®. 1820. 

( ). — La stessa opera, al qua&to modi- 

ficata, fu pubblicata in Catania dal Pappalardo. 8^. 
1823. Catania, 

( ). — Discorso suU' utility della scherma. 

4®. 1825. Messina: G. Fiumara. 

62 [J^/orzo.] 

FloRIO (Balasco). — Discorso suU' utilitk della 
scherma. 2nd edition. 4®. 1828. Catania, 

( ). — La scienza e I'arte della scherma. 

8®. 1844. Catania, [Con 3 fig.] 

( ). — Giustificazione di Blasco Florio ai 

signori del Foro Catanese. 8**. 1850. Catania: Fra- 
telli Giuntini. 

( ). — Osservazioni critico-apologetiche 

air opera intitolata : »Istituzione di arte ginnasticacs 
dirette ai professori di scherma in Napoli. 8®. 1856. 

( ). — Ai signori Clandio Ingruaggiato , 

Giovan Battista Vella e Francesco Pinto , Professori 
di scherma in Palermo. Terzo Indirizzo. 

[In risposta alle lettere del 12 giugno e 26 agosto 1857 
del maestro Fonzio di Palermo.] 

( ). — Blasco Florio ai professori di 

scherma. 1858. Catania, 

( ). — Lettera al signor Marchesino Carlo 

Mortillaro. 1858, Catania, 

[Con una tavola dimostrativa: pag. 15.] 

( ). — Sul coraggio e sul combattere del 

soldato siciliano coUa tattica garibaldina, lettera al 
cittadino Carlo Ardizzone. i860. Catania. 

[La lettera e in data 10 agosto i860. Come e da sup- 
porsi, il Florio basa tutte le sue argomentazioni sulla 
Scherma delle Due Sicilie.\ 

(' ). — La scienza della scherma delle 

Due Sicilie. Seconda edizione riveduta ed accresciuta 
daH'autore.Volmnei®. 8°. i860. Cfl/a«/a: C.Galatola. 

( ). — Alia Patria. Al cittadino Signor 

Antonio Alonzo , qual funzionante da Presidente del 

[Florio — Porte] 63 

Consiglio civico della citt^ di Catania. 1861. Ca- 

Florio (Blasco). — Sulla antonomia schermistica 
della Spada sopra le armi da presso. Lettera seconda 
al cittadino Carlo Ardizzone. 1861. Catania. 

[La lettera porta la data del ax maggio x86i. In 
questa Tautore sostiene con argumentazioni, qualche 
volta cavillose, che »/« spada vince la spadancia* — 
»/a spada vince la sciabola lunga de cavaliere e 
guella carta de fantet.. — *La spada vince le armi 
doppi, cioh la spada e pugnale*. — La spada vince 
la bajonetta innastata al fucile*.] 

( ). — II palladio della scuola di Scherma 

Romana antica napolitanizzato , socio onorario della 
Grande Accademia di Scherma per le Guardie Na- 
zionali di Napoli. 8**. 1865. Cfl/a«/a : V. Metitiero. 

{ ). — Lettera al cav. Agostino Longo 

da servire di preludio alia ristampa delle cose edite ed 
inedite relativamente alia scienza della scherma. 8®. 
1865. Catania: Tip. V. Metitiero. 

( ). — Nuove osservazioni filosofiche- 

schermistiche. 8®. 1866. Catania: V. Metitiero. 

( ). — INGUAGGIATO (C). — 1857. 

( ). — MESSINEO (P.). — 1858. 

( ). _ VELLA (G.). — 1857. 

FloroNUS (Lucas de Solarolo). — Tract, de Pro- 

hibitione Duelli. 4®. 1610. Venetia. 

FONSIO (P.). — FARINA (S. La). — 1836. 

Forge (A. de la). — Jacob (J.). — 1887. 

Forsyth (J. T.). — Rolando (Le sieur G.). — 
1822. 1826. 

Forte (capitano Luig^). — Sul metodo di scherma 
Radaelli, lettera critica. 1878. Catania. 

64 [Foug^re — Franckenberg-.^ 

FoUG^RE. — L'art de ne jamais Stre tu^ ni 
bless^ en Duel, sans avoir pris aucune legon d'armes, 
et lors m6me qu'on aurait affaire au premier Tireur 
de Tunivers. 12®. 1828. Paris, [One copperplate.] 

(J.) [Fechtmeister], — Die Kunst, ans je- 

dem Zweikampfe lebend und nnverwmidet zuriick- 
zukehren, selbst wenn man niemals Unterricht im 
Fechten gehabt, und es auch mit dem grossten 
Schlager oder Schiitzen der Welt zu thun hatte. In 
10 Vorlesungen. Aus dem Franzosischen. 8°. 1829. 
Leipzig: Rein. 

(M.). — ' In dieci lezioni. L'arte di non es- 

sere mai ferito, ne ucciso in duello, quand' anche 
non si conosca la scherma e si abbia a che fare col 
primo spadaccino della terra. 1828. Lugano. 

Fox (G. M.) [Lieut.- Col., late First Battalion 
»Tlie Black Watch«]. — Physical Drill, with and 
without arms, and the new Bayonet Exercise. 12**. 
1889. London: Clowes & Son. [With illustrations.] 

Franckenberg-Ludwigsdorff (M. von). — 
Das Fleurettiren oder Stossfechten, als Voriibung f. 
d. Hiebfechten und Bajonettiren. 8®. 1845. funster: 
Wundermann. [3 plates of figures.] 

( — . — ). — DasBajonetfechten. Nach 

den GrundsStzen der neueren Zeit umgeSndert. 8**. 
1845. -funster: Wundermann. [6 copperplates.] 

( — . — ). — Betrachtungen uber das 

Bajonettfechten und den bisherigen Betrieb desselben 
in der Armee. Ein Vortrag gehalten zur Anregg. der 
Besprechung im Officier-Corps. 8^. 1861. Berlin: 
Mittler & Sohn. 

[Frate — Gajani,] 6 5 

Frate (Settimo del) [Capitano-aiutante maggiore 
nei Cavalleggieri di Monferrato]. — Istruzione pel 
maneggio e scherma della sciabola. 8^. 1869. Mi~ 
lanoi G. Baroffio. [19 plates with 50 figures.] 

( ). — Istruzione per la scherma di scia- 
bola e di spada del professore Giuseppe Radaelli 
scritta d'ordine del Ministero della Guerra. 4°. 1872. 
Milano: G. Baroffio. 

[10 lithographs. 2d Edt. 1876.] 

( ). — Istruzione per la scherma di punta 

di Giuseppe Radaelli, professore di scherma e gin- 
nastica, scritta d'ordine del ministero della guerra. 
8^. 1885. Milano. (10 lithographed plates.] 

( ). — Istruz^ione per la scherma di scia- 
bola e di spada del professore Giuseppe Radaelli 
scritta d'ordine del Ministero della Guerra. 8**. 1885. 
Milano : Fratelli Dumolard. 

[7 lithographed plates & 30 figures.] 

( ). — RADAELLI (G.). — 1868. 

( ). (-.). - 1876. 

Fr^VILLE (Chevalier de). — Maximes et instruc- 
tions sur I'art de tirer des armes. 8®. 1775. Saint- 

( ). — Maximes et instructions sur I'art 

de tirer des armes. . . . 2nd edition. 8**. 1776. 

( ) . — Maximes et instructions sur I'art 

de tirer des armes. 3rd edition. 8**. 1799. Leipzig, 

FURLAN (Fiore). — [de Civida]. 

[Vellum MS. with pen and ink and gold sketches. 

See Notes and Queries. Series V., vol. iv. p. 414.] 

Gajani (Gio. Battista) [Alfiero]. — Arte di ma- 

THIMM, BibUognphy of the Art of Fence, &c. 5 

66 [Gajcmi — Gaya,\ 

iieggiar la Spada a piedi et a cavallo. Opera per le 
nnove osservationi gi^ desiderata. 4®. 161 9. Loano: 
Appresso Francesco Castello. 

GajaNI (A. G. B.). — Discorso del tomear a piedi. 
4®. 1619. Geneva. 

Galvez DE Zea (Don Francisco). — Esgrima de 
la bayoneta. 8®. 1855. Valencia. [16 figures.] 

GambOGI (conte Michele). — Trattato snlla 
scherma. Adoma di figure incise da Giuseppe Rados. 
Obi. 4°. 1837. ^i/a«<7: R. Fanfani. 

[Portrait of Author and 56 lithographed plates.] 

GandOLFI (Giovanni) [Maestro d'anni]. — Metodo 
teorico-pratico per la scherma di sciabola e norme 
generali peril duello. 8®. 1876. Torino: Borgarelli. 

GaNDON (Ant.). — Les trente-deux duels de Jean 
Gigon; histoire d'un enfant-trouv6. 12®. i860. Paris: 
Librairie nouvelle. [With portrait.] 

Garcia (F. Francisco). — Verdadera intelUgencia 
de la destreza de las armas del comendador Gero- 
nymo Sanchez Carranza de Barreda. Mss. 

[17th century.] 

GarzONIUS, — AUgemeiner Schauplatz. 1619. 

Gauvain (H. von). — Das Duell und seine Recht- 
fertigung. 8°. 1866. Berlin. 

Gaya (Lovys de). — Traits des armes, des ma- 
chines de guerre, des feux d'artifice, des enseignes et 
des instrumens militaires anciens et modemes ; avec 
la maniere dont on s'en sert presentment dans les 
armies, tant Francoises qu'Etrang^res. 1678. Paris: 
S. Cramoisy. 

[ Gayet — Gellz.] 67 

Gayet (Ernest). — Cavalcabo. — 1889. 

GeigER. — ABIilCHTl/I/GS-Reglement. — 1851. 

Gelli (Jacopo) [Cavaliere]. — II duello nella 
storia della Giturisprudenza e nella pratica italiana 
(Codice cavalleresco). 8®. 1886. Firenze : 'Loescher 
et Seeber. 

( — ). — Resurrectio. Critica alle osservazioni 

sol maneggio della sciabola secondo 11 metodo Ra- 
daelli del Generale Achille Angelini. 8®. 1888. 
Firenze: Tipografia Niccolai. 

( — ). — Reponsabilita penale del dnellanti 

(aggiimte al Codice cavalleresco). 8°. 1888. Firenze: 
Loescher et Seeber. 

( — ). — Corted'onorepermanente in Firenze. 

Note e Regolamento. 8°. 1888. Firenze: C. D. 

( — ). — Nuovo Codice cavalleresco. Parte 

Prima. — Tecnica del duello. — Nuova edizione. 8®. 

1888. Firenze: F. Stianti e Comp. 

( — ). — Poche Parole in sostegno del Ginoco 

coUettivo di sciabola. — Ai signori componenti la 
commissione per la Ginnastica, nominata con Regio 
Decreto del 27 dicembre 1888. 8®. 1889. Firenze: 
L. Niccolai. 

( — ), — Brevi note sulla scherma di sciabola 

per la cavalleria. 8**. 1889. Firenze: L. Niccolai. 

( — )- — La schenna coUettiva quale mezzo 

di edncazione fisica. Con 32 tavole dimostrative. 8°. 

1889. /Vr«»w : Tipografia Niccolai. 
[Figures in the text.] 

( — ). — Bibliografia generale della scherma 


68 [ Gelli — Gentilshonmtes,] 

con note critiche, biografiche et storiche. Testo ita- 
liano e Francese. Large 8®. 1890. Firenze: 
L. Niccolai. 

Gelli (Jacopo). — Levi (Baron Georges Henri). 
La bibliographie dn duel, avec notes. [In the press.] 

( — ). — Le dictionnaire technique italien- 

frangais de Tescrime, avec notes critiques et histo- 
riques. Ouvrage destine aux philologues, aux biblio- 
philes et aux escrimeurs. [In the press.] 

( ). — Les escrimeurs d'autrefois et ceux 

d'aujourd'hui. Dictionnaire biographique et historique, 
ancien et modeme. [In the press.] 

( ). — La statistica del duello. 

[In the press.] 

General rules and instructions for all seconds 
in duels. By a late Captain in the army. 8**. 1809. 
London: Cadell. 

Genlis (M^moires de). — 

[Vol. II. p. 191, vol. Vn. p. ai5, vol. IX. p. 351. 

Gennardo (Nicola di) [dottore awoccato]. — 
Componimento I. : della scherma e de' Gladiatori. 
Componimento 11. : di aggiunta al primo, sulla lode 
della scherma e de' Gladiatori, &c. 8° (?). 1783. 

Gentilshommes faisans profession des Armes. 
D61aration du Roy sur ses Lettres-patentes et closes 
du mois pass6 touchant le devoir des Gentilshommes 
et autres personnes faisans profession des armes, et 
tenans fiefs et sur I'association g6n^rale permise ^s pro- 
vinces de ce Royame. 8° (de 8 pag.). 1577. Paris: 
Fred Morel. 

{Gentleman's — Gessi.] 69 

[Ordonnance leue et publiee a son de trompe et cry 
public par les Carrefours de ceste ville de Paris, 
par Simonet, Sergent a verge au Chastellet, Pas- 
quet Rossignol , Crieur -Jure et Phillipe Noiret, 
Trompette du Jure. Cette ordonnance donnee par 
Henry II est datee de Chenonceaux du 23 mai 1577.] 

Gentleman's Magazine (The). — (Selections 

from by John Walker). 4 vols. 1814. 

[Vol. I. p. 376. Copy of a writ issued in the Sth year 
of Henry VI to the SheriflFs of London to provide 
lists and bars for a duel between John Upton and 
John Down.] 

GeorGENS (J. D.). — ninstriertes Sportbuch. 
4 parts. 8®. 1890. Leipzig: Spamer. 

Gerdil (Hyacinth Sigismond). — Trait6 des 
combats singuliers 8®. 176 1. 7«n»; Impr. roiale. 

German duelling. 

[»SaTURDAY RevIEW« [London) Vol. 60. No. 748.] 
GeroNA V Ensena (D. Federico) [Oficial de 
caballeria]. — Esgrima del sable. 8®. 1877. Madrid, 
[19 plates.] 

G[eronimo ?] (J.). ~ GRASSi[G. di). — 1594. 

GesCHLOSSENE (Die) nnd zerstreute Fechtart [das 
Exerciren und Plank eln] der Infanterie. i. — 3. Abth. 
8®. 1868—9. 5/«^/^ar/; Lindemann. 

GeSSI (Senator Berlingiero). — La Spada di Ho- 
nore. 12**. 1622. T^w^/w ; presso Paolo Balioni. 

( ). — La spada di honore, libro I. 

(imico) delle osservazioni cavaleresche. 4°. 1671. Bo- 

(— ). — ditto. 8°. 1672. Milano, 

( ). — La spada di honore, libro I. (unico) 

delle osservazioni cavaleresche. 8®. 1672. Milano, 

70 [ Ghersi — Gtgomit.] 

GhERSI. — Traits sur I'Art de faire des Armes. 
8**. 1830. Paris, 

Gheyn (J. de). — Wapenhandelinghe von Roers 
Musquetten ende Spiessen. 117 plates. Folio. 1607. 

( — . — ). — [English translation of his work 

from the Dutch]. Folio. 1608. Amsterdam. 

Ghisliero (Federico) [da Alessandria] . — Regole 
di molti cavagliereschi esercitii. 4°. 1587. Parma. 

GiFFORD (W.). — yOHNSOI/ (Ben.). — 1816. 

GiGANTI (Nicoletto) [Vinitiano]. — Scola overo 
teatro nel qual sono rappresentate diverse maniere e 
modi di parare et di ferire di spada sola, e di spada 
e pugnale ; dove ogni studioso potr^ essercitarsi e farsi 
prattico nella proffessione dell' Armi. Obi. 4®. 1606. 
Venetia: Appresso Gio. Ant. et G. de Franceschi. 

[Frontispiece with the Medici arms , portrait of the 
master, and 42 copperplates, out of the text.] 

(— ). — Teatro . . . &c. 2nd edition. Obi. 4®. 

1608. Venegia. 

( — ). — Escrime nouvelle ou th6Atre auqnel 

sont representees diverses manieres de parer et de 
frapper, d'esp^e seul et d'esp^e et poignard ensemble, 
d6montrees par figures entaill6es en cuivre, public en 
faveur de ceux qui se d^lectent en ce tres noble exer- 
cice des armes, et traduit en langue frangoise par Jac- 
ques de Zeter. Apud Ja. de Zeter. Oblong 4®. 1619. 

[Portrait of the author and 43 copperplates out of the 

(— )• — Theatre (vide Giganti, 1606; Gi- 

ganti, 1 61 9). Obi. 4®. 1622. 

[Gtgantt — Gtrard.] 7 1 

[An edition appeared as a French and German trans- 
lation in Frankfort.] 

GiGANTI (Nicoletto). — Teatro . . . &c. 2nd edi- 
tion. Obi. 4^ 1628. /'dti/wa: Per Paolo Frambotto. 

GiGON (Jean). -— GANBON {Ant.). — i860. 

Gilchrist (J. P.). — A Brief Display of the ori- 
gin and History of Ordeals , Trials by Battle, Courts 
of Chivalry and Honour, Duels, &c. 1821. 

GiLLET (August e). — L'escrime rendue facile et 
classique. Traits th^orique et pratique k Tusage de 
I'enseignement et des amateurs d'apr^s les legons de 
M. Lacrette. 18®. 1875. Paris : ThunBine. 
[With figures.] 

GlORGI (Lodovico) [di Fano]. — Istruttione per 
soldati noyelli di Fanteria, nella quale con stile facile 
c breve, se li danno Awertimenti e Regole, etc. etc. 

e maneggiare rArmi , cio^ picca , moschetto et 

archibugio. Con alcuni brevi document! di scherma. 
8**. 1629. Urbino: L. Ghisani. 

GiRARD (P. J. F.) [Ancien officier de Marine]. — 
Nouveau traits de la perfection snr le fait des armes, 
dedi6 an Roi. Enseignant la mani^re de combattre, 
de r6p6e de pointe seule, toutes les gardes etran- 
g^res, I'espadon, les piques, hallebardes, &c., tels 
qu'ils se pratiquent aujourd'hui dans I'art militaire 
en France. Om6 de figures en taille douce. Obi. 4**. 
1736-7. Paris. 

[Frontispiece and zz6 copperplates, out of the text, 
engraved by Jacques de Favanne.] 

( — . — . — .). — Nouveau Tx2Xt€ de la Per- 
fection sur fait des Armes, &c. 4**. 1740. La Haye: 
P. de Hondt. 

7 2 [ Giuliani — GommeL] 

[With portrait by J. de Favanne and ii6 copperplates 
out of the text, engraved by Thevenard. A 4th Edt. 
appeared in 1755.] 

GlULIANI-BoLOGNINI (Giuseppe). — Snl ma- 
neggio della sciabola. 1850. Ferrara. 

{ — ). — Teorie sulla sciabola per Tina 

scaola di contrapnnta di genere misto. 1856. Fer- 

Gneist (R.)« — E>er Zweikampf und die germa- 
nische Ehre. 8**. 1848. Berlin, 

Godfrey (John) [Captain], — A Treatise upon 
the useful Science of Defence connecting the Small 
and Back Sword, and shewing the Affinity between 
them. Likewise endeavouring to weed the Art of 
those superfluous, unmeaning Practices which over- 
run it, and choke the true Principles, by reducing 
it to a narrow Compass, and supporting it with 
Mathematical Proofs. Also an Examination into the 
Performances of the most noted masters of the Back— 
Sword, who have fought upon the Stage, pointing 
out their Faults, and allowing their Abilities. 4**. 
1 747, London : Printed for the Author by T. Gardner. 

GODKIN (E. L.). — Southern and other duelling. 

[»NaTION« (New York) vol. 36. p. 397.] 

GolER-HaBER. — SARACHAGA (G. von). — 


GOMARD. — CHAPMAN (G.). — 1861. 

. — . PINETTE (Joseph). — 1847. 

. — POSSELLIER (A. J. J.). 

. -— ROBAGLIA (A.). — 1877. 

GOMMEL (Fr.). — LUPSCHER (Ant.). — 1819. 

[Gordzne — Grasst,] 73 

GoRDINE (Gerard) [Capitaine et maitre en fait 
d'armes). — Principes et quintessenee des armes. 
Dedi^ k S. A. Jean-Theodore, due des Deux-Ba- 
viferes, cardinal de la sainte ^glise romaine, ^veque 
et prince de Liege, &c. 4®. 1754. Liege: S. Bour- 
gruignon. [ao copperplates, out of the text, by Jacob. 

Gordon (Anthony). — A treatise on the science 
of defence for the sword, bayonet, and pike in 
close action. 4®. 1805. London, [19 plates.] 

[This is the earliest known work giving any idea of 
attack and defence with the bayonet. Mutton's 
» Fixed Bayonets «.] 

GORIO (Gio. Pietro) [Milanese]. — Arte di ado- 
prar la spada per sicuramente feiire e perfettamente 
diffendersi. Dedicata e consegrata al nome e merito 
deir illustriss™o Sig. Conte Pirro Visconti Borromeo 
Aresi. 8**. 1682. Milano: Federico Francesco Ma- 
ietta. [Portrait of the author.] 

GORNE (von), SCHEFF (von), und MeRTENS. — 
Die Gymnastik und die Fechtkunst in der Armee. 
8**. 1858. Berlin: Mittler. 

GOTTLING (Prof.). — Ueber die thiiring. Fech- 
terfamilien Kreussler. 1829. 

[Vide »Thuringer Volksfreund «, 1829, Nr. 43, Seite 345.] 

Gould (S. Baring). — Duelling in Germany. 
[» Chamber's Journal «, (London) April, 1890.] 

GrasSI (Giacomo di) [da Modena. (Some copies 
bear »da Corregio«)]. — Ragione di adoprar sicu- 
ramente I'arme si da oifesa come da difesa ; con un 
trattato dell' inganno et con un modo di esercitarsi 
da se stesso per acquistare forza, giudicio et pre- 

74 [Grassz — Grimaldt.] 

stezza. 4®. 1570. Venetia: Appresso Giorgio de' 

[Some copies bear the indication > appresso Giordano 
Zilettic. Portrait of Grassi and copperplates in the 

Grassi (Giacomo di). — Giacomo di Grassi , his 
true Arte of Defence, plainlie teaching by infallable 
demonstrations, apt Figures, and perfect Rules the 
manner and forme how a man, without other Tea- 
cher or master may safelie handle all sortes of weap- 
ons as well offensive as defensive. With a treatise 
of Disceit or Falsinge : and with a waie or meane 
by private Industrie to obtaine Strength, Judgment, 
and Activitie. First written in Italian by the foresaid 
Author, and Englished by J. G[eronimo?] gentle- 
man. 4^' 1594. London, 

Grave (Theodore de). — Les duellistes. Pr^ 
face par Jules Claretie. 12®. 1868. Paris : Barba. 

Greenwood (George) [Colonel]. — Cavalry 
Sword Exercise. 12®. 1840. London. 

GribBLE. — Treatise on Fencing, Horsemanship, 
&c. 8®. 1829. London: Whittaker. 

[Small folding plate. Dedicated to Colonel Wildman of 
Newstead Abbey.] 

Griffiths (T.). — Modem Fencer, with the most 
recent means of attack and defence. 12®. 1862. 
London: Wame. 

( — .). — The Modem Fencer ; with the most 

recent means of attack and defence. 12®. 1868. 
London: Wame. 

Grimaldi (Gius. Maria). — Nuova asta d'Achille 
a soppressione del Duello e della Vendetta, per ri- 

[ Grisetti — Gutllet.] 7 5 

dnrre a pace ed aggiustamento ogfni querela in via 
cavalleresca. 3 libri. 8°. 1693. Bologna. 

Grisetti (Pietro). — scorza (RosaroU). — 1803. 

GrISIER (Augustin). — Les annes et le duel. 8°. 
1847. Paris: Gamier. 

[Engraved portrait of the Chevalier de Saint-Georges, 
and zo lithographed plates.] 

( ). — Les armes et le duel. Preface 

anecdotique par Alexandre Dumas. Notice sur I'auteur 
par Roger de Beauvoir. Epttre en vers de M^ry. 
Lettres du comte d'H * * * et du comte d'l * * *. 
2^ ^(Ution, revue, corrig^e et augment^e. Gr. in-8°. 
1863. Paris: Dentu. 

[Portrait of the author by Lassalle and drawings of E. 
de Beaumont.] 

( — ). — Les armes et le duel. 3« Edition 

revue, corrig6e et augment^e. 8®. 1864. Paris: 

(— ). _ CHAPMAN (G.). — 1861. 

(— ). — ROBAGUA (A.). — 1877. 

Grove (F. C). — pollock (w. a.). — 1890. 

(The Badminton Library.) 
GruNDLICHE Bajonnet-Fechtschule zur Ausbil- 
dung der Lehrer und Vorfechter in der Armee. 
Gr. 8*». 1863. Cassel: Freyschmidt. 
[15 figures and diagrams in text.) 
GualDO (Galeazzo). — II maneg^o delle armi. 
8®(?). 1643. Bologna: Per Tebaldini. 
Guardian (The). — (Essayist). 

[Paper. 129. » Duelling «.] 
GuiLLET (Le sieur de). — Les arts de Thomme 

7 6 [ Gunterrodt — HalliwelL ] 

d'^p^e on le dictionnaire du gentilhomme. 12*^. i68o. 
La Haye. 

Gunterrodt (A.). — De veris principUs artis 
dimicatoriae. 4®. 1579. Wittemherg. 

(Henri ^). — De veris principiis artis dimi- 
catoriae tractatus brevis. 4**. 1579. Witeberga. 

GUNTHER (W. A.). — Ueber Ehe, Adel, Dnell, 
Leben, Eid. 8**. 1869. Berlin, 

GUTMUTH (E. C. F.). — Gymnastik fUr die Jn- 
gend. 2teAufl. 8°. 1804. Schnepfenthal. 

[Contains an article by J. A. C. Roux. » DaS FeCH— 

Gymnaste (Le) Suisse. — (La Gymnastiqne et 
le Gymnaste r^unis). Organe de la Soci^t^ f^d^rale 
Suisse de gymnastique. 8°. 1859. Geneve, 

Gymnastic Exercices , system of fencing , and 
exercices for the regulation clubs. Demy 12®. 1863. 
London: Horse Guards. 

Gymnastischer Unterricht f. d. bad. Truppen. 
8**. 1847. Carlsruhe. 

[With atlas containing 298 plates.] 

Haber [Goler-Haber]. — SARACHAGA (G. von). 
- 1843. 

HabeR-Goler von Ravensburg. — Die reine 
Wahrheit uber die Streitsache zwischen M. v. Haber 
und Frhr. Goler von Ravensburg (Duell-Sache). 8**. 

Hales. —The Private School of defence. i640(?). 
[This work is mentioned in Walton's » The compleat 
Angler « edition, 1653, p. 3.] 
HaLLIWELL(J. O.). — WRIGHT ['^,), — 1845. 

[Hamilton — Hawets.] 77 

Hamilton (Joseph). — The only approved guide 
through all the stages of a quarrell, containing the 
Royal Code of Honor, Reflections upon duelling, 
and the outlines of a court for the adjustment of 
disputes. 12®. 1829. London: Hatchard. 

HamoN (P. G.). — Manuel de gymnastique suivi 
d'un Traits sur I'art des armes. 8®. 1827. Londres. 
[Lithographed plates. [ 

( — . — .). — Spinal Deformities. To which 

is subjoined a treatise on Fencing and Bodily Exer- 
cises. 8°. 1832. London: Carpenter & Co. 

[Illustrated with 8 coloured engravings.] 

(P. G.). — CHAPMAN (G.). — 1861. 

HaNDBUCH fUr die Offiziere des Beurlaubten- 

standes der Infanterie. 4 Theile. 12®. 1890. Berlin: 
Mttler u. Sohn. 

[Theil in. 6. Abschnitt: »TURNEN UND BAJONET- 
TIREN«. 9. Abschnitt »GeFECHTSLEHRE«.] 

Happel (J.). — Das Freifechten. 8<*. 1865. 
Leipzig: Weber. 

{— .). — Das Gerathfechten. Das Stock-, 

Stab-, Sabel- und Schwertfechten. 8®. 1877. Ant- 
werpen, [51 figures in the text.] 

Harper's Young People. — DODGE (T. C). — 

HaSPELMACHER (Jh. Geo. Hnr.). — Systema- 
tische Abhandlung von den schUdlichen Folgen einer 
nicht auf sicheren Regeln gegriindeten Fechtkunst, 
nebst einer Anweisung wie man solche vermeiden 
kann. Gr. 8®. 1783. Helmstadt: Fleckeisen. 

Haweis (H. R.). — French duelling. 
[»BeLGRAVIA« (London) vol. 55 pp. 155.] 

78 [Haydn.] 

Haydn's Dictionary of Dates. I7**» Edition by 
Benjamin Vincent. 8**. 1881. London: Waidl^ock 
& Co. 

[Duelling took its rise from the jadicial combats of 
the Celtic nations. The first formal duel in Eng- 
land, betw^een William count of Eu and Godfrey 
Baynard, took place X096. Duelling in civil matters 
was forbidden in France, 1305. Francis I. challenged 
the emperor Charles V. 1528 without eflfect. The 
fight with small swords was introduced into England, 
1587. Proclamation that no person should be par- 
doned who killed another in a duel, 1679.* Duelling 
was checked in the army, 1793; and has been abo- 
lished in England, by the influence of public opinion, 
aided by the Prince Consort. A society >for the 
discouraging of duelling c was established in 1845. 
• The British Code of Duel c, published in 1834, was 
approved by the duke of Wellington and others. 
See Battel t Wager of^ Combat, and yamac, 

*>As many as 337 official and memorable duels were 
fought during my grand climacteric «. — Sir J. Bar- 
rington. A single writer enumerates X73 duels, in 
which 63 individuals were killed and 96 wounded; 
in three of these cases both the combatants were 
killed, and 18 of the survivors suffered the sentence 
of the law. Hamilton. 

Memorable Duels. 
Between the duke of Hamilton and lord Mohun, fought 

15 Nov., 1712. 
[This duel was fought with small swords, in Hyde-Park , 

Lord Mohun was killed upon the spot and the duke 

expired of his wounds as he was being carried to 

his coach.] 
Capt. Peppard and Mr. Hayes; latter killed 1738. 
Messrs. Hamilton and Morgan; former killed 1748. 
S. Martin wounded Mr. Wilkes, M. P. 16 Nov., 1763. 
Lord Byron killed Mr. Chaworth 26 Jan., 1765. 
Lord Townsend wounded Lord Bellamont, 1 Feb., 1773. 

[Haydn,] 79 

Comte d'Artois wounded by due de Bourbon, at Paris 

21 March, 1778. 
Mr. Donovan and capt. Hanson; the latter killed, 13 Nov., 

Charles James Fox wounded by Mr. Adam, 30 Nov., 1779. 
Col. Fullerton wounded lord Shelbume, 33 March, 1780. 
Rev. Mr. Allen killed Lloyd Dulany 18 June, 1783. 
Col. Thomas killed by col. Gordon 4 Sept., 1783. 
Lord Macartney wounded by major-general Stuart, 

8 June, X786. 
Mr. M*Keon killed George N. Reynolds, 1787 ; executed 

16 Feb., 1788. 
Mr. Purefoy killed col. Roper, Dec, 1788. 
Duke of York and col. Lennox, aft. duke of Richmond 

(for an insignificant cause) 36 May, 1789. 
Sir George Ramsay and captain Macrea : sir George kil- 

led, Z790. 
Mr. Curran and major Hobart i April, 1790. 
Mr. Macduff and Mr. Prince ; latter killed, 4 June, 1790. 
Mr. Harvey Aston and lieut. Fitzgerald; the former se- 
verely wounded, 35 June, 1790. 
Mr. Anderson killed Mr. Stevens, 30 Sept., 1790. 
Mr. Julius killed Mr. Graham, 19 July, 1791. 
Mr. John Kemble and Mr. Aiken ; no fatality, z March, 

Earl of Lonsdale and captain Cuthbert; no fatality, 9 June, 

M. de Chauvigny wounded Mr. Lameth, 8 Nov., 1793. 
Wm. Pitt and Geo. Tiemcy 37, May, 1796. 
Lord Valentia wounded by Mr. Gawler, 38 June, 1796. 
Mr. Carpenter killed by Mr. Pride, 20 Aug., 1796. 
Henry Grattan wounded Isaac Corry, 15 Jan., z8oo. 
Lieut. Willis killed major Impey, 36 Aug., i8oz. 
George Ogle and Bernard Coyle; no fatality, 1808. 
Sir Richard Musgrave and Mr. Todd Jones ; sir Richard 

wounded, 8 June, z8o3. 
Capt. Mac Namara killed col. Montgomery, 6 April, 1803. 
Gen. Hamilton and col. Aaron Burr (in America); the 

general killed, 1804. 
Capt. Best killed lord Camelford, 6 (died 10) March, 1804. 

8o [Haydn,] 

Surgeon Fisher killed lieut. Torrens, 32 March, x8o6. 
Baron Hompesch wounded Mr. Richardson, 21 Sept., x8o6. 
Sir Francis Burdett and Mr. Paull ; both wounded, 5 May, 

Mr. Alcock killed Mr. Colclough; and lost his reason, 

8 June, 1807. 
M. de Granpr6 and M. Le Pique, in balloons, near Paris, 

and the latter killed, 3 May, x8o8. 
Major Campbell and captain Boyd; latter killed (former 

hanged, 3 Oct., z8o8) 33 June, 1808. 
Lord Paget and captain Cadogan; neither wounded 

30 May, 1809. 

Lord Castlereagh wounded Geo. Canning, 31 Sept., 1809. 

Mr. Clarke killed George Payne, 6 Sept., z8zo. 

Ensign de Balton killed capt. Boardman, 4 March, z8xi. 

Lieut. Stewart killed lieut. Bagnal, 7 Oct., x8i3. 

Mr. Edward Maguire killed lieut. Blundell, 9 July, x8x3. 

Captain Stackpole (of > Statira c frigate) and lieut. Cecil ; 

the captain killed (arose on account of words spoken 

four years previously) April, x8x4. 
Mr. D. O'Connell killed Mr. D'Esterre, 31 Jan., X815. 
Colonel Quentin and colonel Palmer, 7 Feb., x8x5. 
Mr. 0*Connell and Mr. Peel; an affair, no meeting^, 

31 Aug., X815. 

Major Greene and Mr. Price, in America ; the latter killed, 

greatly lamented, x8x6. 
Lieut. Conroy killed lieut Hindes, 8 March, 1817. 
Major Lockyer killed Mr. John Sutton, 10 Dec, X8X7. 
Mr. O^Callaghan, killed lieut. Bayley, X3 Jan., x8i8. 
Mr. Grattan and the earl of Clare, 7 June, xSao. 
Mr. Henshaw and Mr. Hartinger; both desparately 

wounded, 18 Sept., xSso. 
Mr. Christie killed Mr. Scott, 16 Feb., i83x. 
M. Manuel and Mr. Beaumont, 9 April, X821. 
Mr. James Stuart killed Sir Alexander Boswell, 36 March, 


The duke of Buckingham and the duke of Bedford ; no 

fatality, 3 May, 1832. 
Gen. Pepe wounded gen. Carascosa. 38 Feb., 1833. 
Mr. Westall killed capt. Gourlay, 1824. 

[Haydn.] 8i 

Mr. Beaumont and Mr. Lambton: no result, zjuly, x8a6. 
Mr. Hayes killed Mr. Brie, 36 Dec, 1826. 
■Kev. Mr. Hodson wounded Mr. Grady, Aug., 1827. 
Duke of Wellington and the earl of Winchelsea ; no in- 
jury, 21 March, 1809. 
Capt.'^Helsham killed lieut. Crowther, z April, 1829. 
Mr. W. Lambrecht killed Mr. O. Clayton, 8 Jan., 1830. 
Gapt. Snnth killed Mr.' 0*Grady, z8 March, 1830. 
Mr. Storey wounded Mr. Matthias, 22 Jan., 1833. 
Sir John W. Jeffcott and Dr. Hennis ; the latter wounded, 

and died on the z8th, zo May, Z833. 
.Load Alvai^ey and^ Mr.' Morgan OXonnell ; 2 shots oaoh, 

4 May, Z83S. 
Sir Colquhoun Grant and Lord Seymour; no fatality, 

39 May, X835. 
'Mr. Roebuck, M. P., and Mr. Black, editor of the 

» Morning Chronicle >c 2 shots «ach, Z9 Nov., 1835. 
Capt. Dickson wounded gen. Evans, 8 April, Z836. 
Mr. Ruthven and Mr. Scott; and Mr. Ruthven and. Mr. 
■ Qose |Mr. Scott^s second); the latter wounded, 

23 May, Z836. 
Emile de Ginrdin killed Armand Carrel (both journalists) 

34 July, Z836. 
The earl of Cordigan and captain Tu'ckett ; 3 shots each ; 

the latter wounded ; (the ea^l was- tried in the house 

of lords and acquitted, s6 Feb. 1841) is Sept., 1840. 
Captain Boldero and Hon. Craven Berkeley; no fats3^, 

15 July, 1842- 
Lieut. Munroe killed col. Fawcett, i (died 3) July, Z843. 
Lieut. Hawkey' ktHed lieut. Seton, so May, Z845. 
.Due de Granunont Gaderousse kills Mr., Dillon at Paris, 

for a newspaper attack, Oct., z863. 
Paul de Cassagnac and M. Lissagaray, journalists ; (latter 

run through) 4 Sept., x868. 
Don Enrique de Bourbon killed by the due de Montpen- 

sier, near Madrid, after much provocation, za Maceh, 

Paul de Cassagnac (wounded) and M. Ranc, PturiS| 7 July, 


THIMM, Blblloprftpby of th« Art of Fence, fte. 6 

8 2 \Hayes — Hesse. ] 

Prince Soutza kills N. Ghika at Fontainebleau, 37 Nov., 

MM. Gambetta and De Fortou : neither hit. at Nov., 1878. 
Duels (often nominal) still frequent in France, 1875 — 8z. 

Hayes (Samnel). — Duelling, a Poem. 4®. 1775. 

Heinze (A. C). — Katechismus der Bajonet- 
fechtkunst. S**. 185 1. Leipzig: Weber. 

Henry. — Sur I'art de rescrime en Espagne au 
moyen dge, \Revue Archeologique , tome 6, p. 583. 
8®. 1849—50. Paris,] 

Heraud Y Clavijo (D. a., di Soria). — Ma- 
nual de esgrima, en el que se trata de la esgprima 
de la espada, espada y dag^, del sable y del florete. 

12°. 1864. Paris, [A few figures in the text.] 

Hergsell (Gustav). — Die Fechtkunst. 8°. 1881. 
Wien : Hartleben. [22 plates.] 

(— ). — Unterricht im Sabelfechten. Gr. 8**. 

1885. Wien: Hartleben. 

( — ). [Hauptmannu. Landesfechtmeister]. — 

Talhofer's Fechtbuch aus d. Jahre 1467. Large 4**. 
1887. Prag: Calve. [268 photographic plates.) 

(— ). — TALHOFFER, — 1 889 (2). 

(—•). — WASSMANNSDORFF\^}). — 1887. 

Hermann (A.). — Grundziige einer Anleittmg 

zum Sabelfechten. 16^, 1859. Pest: Geibel. 

( — .). — Schlussel zur Kunst des Rapier- und 

Sabelfechtens k la contrepointe. 16®. 1861. Linz: 

Hesse (G.) [Schermmeester in de G. Vg. Lycnr- 
gus-A6hilles en Olympia, &c., &c.]. — Handboek ten 

[Hetissler — Hewes.] 83 

gebrnike bij het schermonderwijs op den degen en 
de sabel, ten dienste van liefhebbers, meesters en 
onderwijzers. Opgedragen aan den weledelen zeer- 
geleerden Heer Dr. Johan Georg Mezger. 8®. 1887. 
Apeldoom: Lanrens Hansma. [43 figures in the text.] 
HeuSSLER (Seb.) [Kriegsmann vnd Freyfechter 
von Niimberg]. — Neu kunstlich Fechtbuch zum 
andem Mai auffgelegt, vnd mit vielen schonen 
Stiickcn verbessert, als dess Sig. Salvator Fabri de 
Padua, vnd Sig. Rudol. Capo di Ferro , wie auch 
anderer italienischen vnd frantzosischen Fechter beste 
KonststUcklein im Dolchen nnd Rappier zusammen* 
getragen nnd mit schonen KupiTerstUeklein geziert. 
Oblong 4®. 16 1 6. Niimberg, 

[Theil I. Rappierfechten. Theil 11. Das Fechten im 
Rappier und Dolch. 177 Copperplates.] 

( ). — [Kriegsmann und Freyfechter 

von Niimberg]. — Neu Kunstlich Fechtbuch zum 
dritten mal aufi^elegt und mit vielen schoenen Stucken 
verbessert. Als des Sig. Salvator Fabris de Padua und 
Sig. Rud. Capo di Ferro, wie auch anderer Italie- 
nischen und Franzosischen Fechter. Obi. 4®. 1630. 
Numbergi Simon Halbmayerr. 

( — ). — Kiinstliches Abprobirtes und Ntttz- 

liches Fecht-Buch von Einfachen und doppelten 
Degen Fechten, damit ein ieder seinen Leib de- 
fendim kan. Oblong 4®. 1665. Niimberg, 

[134 copperplates.] 

( — ). — Neues Kiinstliches Fechtbuch, da- 

rinnen 54 Stuck in einfachen Rappier, &c. 2 Theile. 
1 716— 17. Niimberg, 

Hewes (Robert) [of Boston, U. S.]. — Rules and 


84 [Hey —Ifone.] 

regvilatidns for the sword exercise of the Csyaby. 
To which is added the review exercise. Tiie 2nd 
-Amerioflb &0B1 the London Ek^tioii. Revised and 
corrected by Ro%ert Hewes, teaeher of die swosd 
exercise . for eavalry. 8^. 1S02. Philadeiphia : M. 
Car^y. [38 platos.] 

Hey (Ridiard) [LL. D;]. — A dissertation on 
duelling. «°. 17^. Cambridge, 

[Published by appointment as having gained a price 
in the University of Cambridge.] (Another Edition 
appeared in z8z2.) 

HiERONYMI MerCURIALIS, de arte Gymnastioa 
libri sex. .4®. 1577' Parisiis: ^ud Jacobom du Buys. 

Hint (a) on Duelling. In a Letter to a. Friend. 
8®. 1 75 1. London, 

(a) onduellfng: in a letter to a' friend. 8®. 

1765. Stamper. 

His Majesty's severe censure against private 
Combats. 4®. 1613. 

History of Duelling in France and England, 
with many curious Historical i^ecdotes. l2mo. 1 770. 

(The) of duelling; containing the origin, 

progress, resolutions & present state -of duelling 
in • France & England inehidiug many -curious Msto- 
rical anecdotes. 12^. 1774. London: Dilly. 

HoDGHE (Romeya di). — PEf*TER. — 1674. 

Holbrook '(Anthony) [Rector of Waltham Parva, 
Essex. M. A.]. — Against duelling; on i Sam. xvii. 
48. 8^ 1727. 

HoZflE. — STRUTT (Jos.). — 1^50. 

[Hones — Hope,] 85 

Hones Popular Works. 8^. 1873. I^ond^m 

\Y ear Book, p. 17. Jeffery Hudsons. 
„ p. 247. D'Urfey and Bello. 

99 P* ^355* Lord Mohan and Coote, 

Every Day Book. Vol.1, p. 911. Duel, K.B.Sher 
ridan & Mathews. 
» ff ff p. 451. DiikelUttgohanwfcerised,] 
„ „ „ Vol. n. p. 942< Memorandw* 
of Vice-Presideat of United States. 1804^ 
Tabk B9ok. p. 20; Duel with a bag.] 

p. 720. Duels, A. D. 1763. 4. 5'. ']^i 
89* 90- 97- 1803. 
„ p. 724. Poetical Aaaswer. to a chal* 

„ p. 22$. Sir B. Sackville & Lord B. 

Bruce &c. 

HoOGE (Romeyn de). — Klare Onderrichtmge 
der Voortreffelijcke Worstel-Konst, 4®. [1764,] 
Amsterdam: W. van Lansvelt. 

HOOGUE (de).— Art de la Lutte. i674<?) Leyden. 

— — (Romeya de). — L'acad^mie de Tart ad- 
mirable de la Ititte, representee en 71 figures avec 
des instructions cllures et familieres. 4°. [1712?] 
Leide: J. Severhras [n. d.]. 

[Auranslation from the > Dutch.] 

H[ope] (WplUftm]). — Scots Fencing Master, or 
Compleat smaU-swordman , in which is fully De- 
scribed the whole Guards, Parades, and Lessons 

86 \Hope?^ 

belonging to the Small-Sword, &c. By W. H. 8**. 
1687. Edinburgh: John Reid. 

[za copperplates^ out of the text.] 

H[ope] (Wpiliam]). — The Sword-Man's Vade- 
Mecnm, or a preservative against the snrprize of a 
sadden attaqne with Sharps. Being a Reduction of 
the most essential , necessary, and practical part of 
Fencing, into a few special Rnles. With their Rea- 
sons : which all Sword-Men should have in their me- 
mories when they are to Engadge ; but more espe- 
cially if it be with Sharps. With some other Re- 
marques and Observations, not unfit to be known. 
By W. H. 12®. 1691. Edinburgh: John Reid. 

( — )• — The fencing-master's advice to his 

scholar: or, a few directions for the more regular 
assaulting in schools. Published by way of dialogue 
for the benefit of all who shall be so far advanced 
in the art, as to be fit for assaulting. Small 8^. 
1692. Edinburgh: John Reid. 

( — ). — The compleat Fencing-Master: in 

which is fully Described the whole Guards, Parades, 
and Lessons, belonging to the Small-Sword, as also 
the best Rules for Playing against either Artists or 
others, with Blunts or Sharps. Together with Di- 
rections how to behave in a single Combat on 
Horse-back: illustrated with figures Engraven on 
Copper-plates, representing the most necessary Pos- 
tures. 2nd edition. 8®. 1692. London : YtcoXj^^ iox 
Dorman Newman, at the King's Arms in the Poultrey. 

[z2 copperplates , out of the text. This work , with a 
different title, is in every other respect a reproduc- 
tion of the c Scots Fencing Master >.] 

[Hope.] 87 

H[ope] (W[illiam]). — Sword-man's Vade Mecam. 
2nd edition. 12®. 1694. Z^»flfe»; Printed by J. Tailor. 
[The title of the second edition only shows a little 
difference in the spelling.] 

( — )• — TJie Sword-man's Vade-Mecum. 

1705. 12®. Edinburgh: J. Reid. 

Hope (Sir William, of Balcomie, Bart.) [Late 
Depnty-Govemour of the Castle of Edinburgh]. — 
A New, Short, and Easy Method of Fencing: or 
the Art of the Broad and Small Sword , Rectified 
and Compendiz'd, wherein the Practice of these two 
weapons is reduced to so few and general Rules, 
that any Person of indifferent Capacity and ordinary 
Agility of Body, may , in a very short time , attain 
to, not only a sufficient knowledge of the Theory 
of this art, but also to a considerable Adroitness in 
Practice, either for the Defence of his life, upon a 
just occasion, or preservation of his Reputation and 
Honour in any Accidental Scuffle, or Trifling Quarrel. 
1707. 4**. Edinburgh: James Watson. 

[One large folded sheet, containing x6 figures engraved 
on copper.) 

(Sir William, of Balcomie, Bart.). — New 

Method of Fencing, or the True and Solid Art of 
Fighting with the Back- Sword, Sheering- Sword, 
Small-Sword, and Sword and Pistol ; freed from the 
Errors of the Schools, and Edition. 4®. 1 7 14. 
Edinburgh: Printed by James Watson. 

( ). — A Vindication of the True 

Art of Self-Defence , with a proposal, to the Ho- 
nourable Members of Parliament, for erecting a 
Court of Honour in Great Britain. Recommended 

88 \Hope—Hulfsbuch\ 

to all Gentlemen, but particnlarly to the Soldiery. 
To which is added a Short but very nsefiil momo* 
rial for Sword Men* 8®. 1724. Edinburgh: Wil- 
liam Brown and Company. 

[The same plate at that which appears in die work 
published by Sir W. Hope in 1707, and a ftondspicoe, 
representing the badge Gladimiorum SeoHcorutm^ 

Hope (Sir William, Bart.). — Observations, on the 
Gladiators' Stage^Fighting. 8®. 1725. London^ 

( ). — A Vindication of the True Art 

of Self-Defenoe, &c. 2nd edition. 8P. 1729^ L<m^ 
doni printed by W. Meadowes. 

[Same plate and frontispiece. Dedicated to the Right 
Honourable Robert Walpole.] 

HORMAYER. — Geschichte, Fechten. 

[HoRNE (R. H.)]. — Ifistory of duelling in ^ 
comitries. Translated from the French. 12®. [». d^ 

HORNSTEIN (L.). — Die Fechtknnst anf den 
Hieb. Eine Ski2ze. 8^. lfi69« Munchtnz J* A. 
Finsterlin. [38 figures.] 

H0USSAYE(Arsene).— K^ e^-T (Baron de). — 1884. 

Howell (James). — cotton (Sir Robert). — 

HOYER (G. v.). — Geschichte der Kriegskonst 
(Fechten). 2.Bde. 1799. GotHngen, 

HClfsbuCH ftir den Infanterie-Unteroffizier zmn 
Gebranch bei Ausbildmig der Mannschaft im Tnmen 
mid Bajonettfechten. Znsammengestellt nach den 
bis 9. Nov. 1882 ergangenen Bestimmgn. ite a. 
2te Anfl. 24^. 1884. Potsdam: Doring. 

zum Betriebe d. Tumens u. d. Bajonettfe^t- 

\Hulfs Huth\ 89 

tens der IlKfanterie. . Zusammengestellt nach den neue- 
sten Vorschriften zmn prakt. Gebratieh und zmn An^ 
halt V. B. 160. 1878. Torgaut Jacob. 

HOLFS- und Handbuch f; Offiziere u, Unter- 
offizier« d. prenss. Infanterie' z. Gebratieh bei Aus- 
bildg; d. Mannschaft in d. Gymnastik u. un Bajonet- 
feehten. 5te Anfl. 16®. 1874. Potsdam: Doring. 

und Handbneh fiir Offiziere und Unter- 

offiziere d. preuss. Ifrfanterie zpm Gebrauch bei 
A\isbildg. d. Mannschaft im Tumen und Bajonett- 
feehten. Nach den allerhochsten Vorschriften vom 
6. April 1876 in tabellar; Form bearb. v. e. preuss. 
Offizier; 8te Aufl. 16**. 1877—8. Potsdam : T>'6rmg, 

HULFSBUCH fiir den Infanterie-Unteroffizier zum 
Gebrauch bei Ausbildnng der Mannschaft im Tumen 
tt. Bajonettfechten. Zusammengestellt nach den Vor- 
schriften fiber das Tumen vom 27; Mai 1886 und 
das Bajonettfechten vom 9. Nbvbr. 1882. 4te Aufl. 
16°. i88r. Potsdam: Doring. 

zum Betriebe d. Tumen u. d. Bajonett- 

Fechtens, etc., vonv. S. 15. Aufl. 32^ 1889. Nord- 
hausen: Koppe. 

, ditto. 16. Aufl. 32**. 1890. Nordhausen: 


HUMfi (Eugene) et Renkin (J.). — Escrime. 
Ttiut6 et th^orie de canne royale. i8**. 1862. 
BruxtUes: Foot et Cie. 

HUNDT (Mich.). — Ein new Kunstlich Fecht- 
buch im Rappier zum Feehten und Balgen, u. s. w. 
4°. 161 1. Leipzig. 

HUTH (J. H.). — Works on Horses and Equi- 

90 [Ilution,] 

tation. A bibliographical record of Hippology. 
4**. 1887. London: Quaritch. 

[Contains many works on Sword and Lance Exercise.] 

HUTTON (Alfred) [Lieut, her Majesty's Cameron 

Highlanders]. — Swordsmanship. Written for the 

members of the Cameron Fencing Qnb. 8®. 1862. 

Simla : printed at the Simla Advertiser Press. 

( — ), — Swordsmanship, for the use of Sol- 
diers. 8®. 1866. London: W. Clowes & Sons. 

( — ) [Lieut. King's Dragoon Guards]. — 

Swordsmanship and Bayonet-fencing. 8°. 1867. 
London: W. Clowes & Sons. 

(— )• — The Cavalry Swordsman. 8^. 1867^ 

London: W. Clowes & Sons. 

( — ) [late Captain, King's Dragoon Guards]. 

— Bayonet fencing and sword practice. 8°.. 1882. 
London: W. Clowes & Sons. 

( — ). — Cold Steel: a practical Treatise 

on the sabre, based on the old English backsword 
play of the eighteenth century, combined with the 
method of the modem Italian school. Also on va- 
rious other weapons of the present day, including 
the short sword-bayonet and the constable's trun- 
cheon. Illustrated with numerous figures, and also 
with reproductions of engravings from masters of 
bygone years. 8°. 1889. Z^«^^ ; W. Clowes & Sons. 

[Portrait of the author and 55 plates out of the text.] 

( — ). — Fixed Bayonets. A complete sy- 
stem of Fence for the British Magazine Rifle, ex- 
plaining the uses of point, edges, and butt, both 
in offence and defence ; comprising also a glossary 
of English, French and Italian terms common to the 

{Hution — In died,] 91 

art of fencing, with a bibliographical list of works 
affecting the bayonet. 8®. 1890. London :^ , Clovrts 
& Sons. 

[Frontispiece and 33 illustrations out of the text.] 
HUTTON (Alfred). — Our Daggers. 
[»The Illustrated Naval and Military Ma- 
gazine «, (London) July, 1890.] 

( — ). — [in preparation: a mannal offence 

of the three arms, foil, sabre, and bayonet]. 

(— ). -— NAVAL and Mlitary Argus. 

( — ). — PALL Mall budget. 

(__). — PALL Mall gazette. 


HyNITZCHEN (Johann Joachim). — • FABRIS, — 


Ilustracion (La) Gallegna y Asturiana. — 
LABRA. (R. M.). 

Illustrated Naval & Military Magazine. 8®. 
London: W. H. Allen & Co. 

[»Some Observations on Fencing. By G. W. 

BarroU. Nov. & Dec. z888. 
»ThE Sabre*. By G. W, BarroU. Vol. i. Nos. 3 

& 4. X889. 
• Our Daggers <(. By Alfred Hutton. July. 1890.1 

Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News. 
(Periodical), folio. London. 

[April 34, z886, No. 646, pp. x666— z668. Shaktspearian 
Swordsmanship \ 

Index of Dates, (An). — 1858. Z<>«rfw.Bohn. 

\Dutls private, dates of memorable duels from 2773 to 
Z843. Combats^ Judicial from 501 to 18x9.] 

In DIECI Lezioni, I'arte di non essere mai fe- 
rito, ecc. [Voir Bibl. iulienne et fran^aise. Fougir€.\ 

92 \Infantry — Instruction^ 

Infantry (The) Sword Exercbe. 8**. 1817: 

(— ) . Revised edition. 8®. 1842; 

London: W. Qowes & Sons. (23rd April.) 

(The) Sword Exercise. — Revised edition. 

12°. 1862. London. 

Sword and. Carbine, Sword-Bayonet. Exer- 
cise. 32?. 1885. Chatham: Gale & Polden. 

Ingram (Rowland). — Reflections on dnelling. 
8°. 1804. London, 

InguaGOIATO (Claudio). — a Blasco Florio, ris- 
posta air indirizKO fatto ai maestri di scherma di 
Sicilia. 1857. PaUrmo. 

Instructions ponr on jenne seigneur on lld^e 
d*nn galant homme. 12®. 1686. Paris: Theodore 

Instruction provisoire snr I'exercise et les ma- 
ncenvres des bataillons de Chasseur ^ pied. 32°. 
1 841. Strasbourg: Levrant. 

[Page zoo. Cinquieme le^on : » EsCRUffi A IjA. Ba- 

. ditto. 32®. ia4«. StrasboHTg : 'Lei^BsA, 

provisoire snr rexercicc et lea- manoeuvres 

des bataillons de Chasseurs d'Orl€ans» 1845.. U^y ^^-l- 

[Page 6a, part I »ESGRIME A LA BAiONNETTEa.] 

iiber das Bajonetfechten fUr das K. Prenss. 

31. Inf.-Regt. 8^. 1842. Erfurt. 

pour Tenseignement de la gymnastiqne dans 

les corps de troupes et les 6tablissements militaires. 
i8<*. 1847. Paris: Dumaine. 

[Instructions.] gg 

[Avec 3 tablaaux et iin atlas de 34, pi. in fol. plUes 

.Instructions for the Sword, Carbine, Pistol 
and Lance exercise, &c., &c. 8^. 1858. London: 
7. Parker & Sons. 

for the Sword, Carbine, Pistol and Lance 

exercise, &c., &c. — For the use of Cavalry. .16®. 
London: War Office. 

snr le travail individnel dans la cavalerie, 

le tir dn fhsil et du pistolet. Traits snr la fermre. 
4°. 1862. -Ptfm.- Dmnaine. [With 93 plates.) 

. ditto. Edition in 8®. 

. xlitto. :Edition Sn t8°. 

ponr Tenseignement pr^paratoire de I'es- 

aimeJtV^e. rtS^ 1866. P^irvV.* DvBifline. 

— — . dStto. '1868. Paris: Dnmaine. 

pour Tenseignement pr^jJaratoire de Tescri- 

me k I'^^e, snivie dn r^glement provisoire ponr 
I'organisation de I'enseignement gratuit et obliga- 
toire de I'escrime dans Tarm^e, 28 avril 1872, mo- 
difi€ par la circulaire du 7 d^cembre i372. 18°. 
1875. Paris: J. Dumaine. [With plates.] 

8ur rescrime du de la lance k.Che- 

val. 1867. Paris. 

Instruktion i fKktning och gyamastik fdr 
svenska kavaleriet. [Utdrag nr Haadbok for Kava- 
lerieti] 'S"". ;iS82. Stockholm: Norstedt & Sdner. 

i gymnastik och bajonettfiUctning lorinfan^ 

teriet [af d. 26 mars 1*72]. 8®. 1872. Stockholm: 
Nontedt & Sdner. 

94 [^^^^ yahn,] 

Isle-Adam (!'). — TraitAs du duel judiciaire. 

ISNARDI (Mich.). — THALHOFER (K.)- — 1838. 

ISTRUZIONE per la scherma di sciabola-bajonetta 
e bastone. 12®. 1853. Cuneo: Fenoglio. 

per la scherma del bastone ad uso dei ber- 

saglieri. 1864. Livomo, 

per la scherma del bastone. 12®. 1867. 

Livomo: F. Vigo. 

sulla scherma di baionetta pei Bersaglieri. 

12°. 1868. Firenu: Fodratti. 

[z folding plate, containing 7 figures.] 

per gli esercizi di g^nnastica e di scherma 

col fiicile. 12®. 1876. 

IvANOWSKI. — Nouveau systeme d'escrime pour 
la cavalerie, fond6 sur I'emploi d'un nonveau sabre. 
8®. 1834. Paris, 

Jacambo (M.). — II dnello e la modema civiltSu 
8®. i860. Napoli, 

[2nd Edition, S®. 1879. Napoli\ 

Jacob (Jules). — Le jen de I'^p^e. Lemons de 
Jules Jacob r^dig^es par Emile Andr6, suivies dn 
duel au sabre et du duel au pistolet et de conseils 
aux t^moins. Prefaces de ^D^. P. de Cassagnac, 
A. Ranc et A. de la Forge. 8*'. 1867. Paris: 
Paul OUendorfr. 

JaCOBILLI (Francesco) [da Foligno]. — Compen- 
dio del giuoco modemo di ben maneggiare la spada. 
8°. 1654. Padova, 

Jahn (F. L.) und ElSELEN (E.). — Die deut- 
sche Tumkunst. Gr. 8°. 181 6. Berlin: Reimer. 

yjahn— Jolly ?^ 95 

[Contains a list of »altere Fechtbiicher c. 3 copper- 

Jahn (F. L.). — Deutsche Tumkunst. Gr. 8®. 
1847. Berlin: G. Reimer. 

[Seite 381 — sOrdnung der Fechtschulen c] 

Jaille (Hardomn de la). — TRAIT As du duel ju- 
diciaire. 1872. 

{ ). — TRAITS et advis. 1586. 

JaitnER. — Exercir-Regl., Turn-, Bajonett- und 
Fecht-Unterricht. 8°. 1862. Wien, 

[James I]. — A publication of Ifis Majestie's 
James I.) Edict and severe censure against private 
combats and Combatants, their seconds and accom- 
plices. Small 4^. 1613. London: Barker. 

Jean-Louis. — robaglia (a.). — 1877. 

. — NOTICE biographique sur. 1866. 

Jensen (Kapitan v.). — anwendung (Die). — 

Jhones (Richard). — The Booke of Honor and 
Armes. Small 4®, London [about 1500]. 

Joanne de Lignano et Alias de Villa Sante trac- 
tatns duplex de duello. Folio. 

[A clear Mss. date about the beginning of the 17 Cen- 

Johnson (Ben). — Works, with notes critical 
and explanatory, and biographical memoir by W. 
Gifford. 9 Vols. 8**. 1816. London. 
[Vol. VL p. 69. » Duelling*. 

JoLLIVET (G.). — PREVOST (C). — 1890. 
Jolly (Jules). — Du duel et dc sa legislation. 
8®. 1838. Paris. 

96 [yones — Kdppen.] 

Jones (Thomas). — A sermon on duelling. 4**. 
1792.. London. 

JUSTINOPOLITANA (II fientilliiiomo del mutio). 
— 8°. 1.575. Veneiia, 

(II Gentillmomo del mndo). — Conte ris- 

poste Cavalleresche. 12**. 1576. Vmetia: Dome- 
rnco Farri. 

K. -(C. de) [le colonel]. — Annotations m^tho- 
diques et saccinctes de rcscrime. 8°. •i'872. Paris: 

Kahn (Anthon Friedridh) [Fechtmeister adf der 
Georgius AngHstus-Universitat zn Gdttingen]. I — An- 
fangsgriinde der Fechtkraist nebst einer' Vorrede von 
dem Nntzen der Fechtkmist nnd den Vorziigendie- 
ser Anweisung. 4°. 1739. Goettingen. 

[Portrait of KsJin and 35 copperplates, out of the text, 
engraved by F. Fritsch.] 

( ). — Anfangsgriinde der Fechtkmist, 

&c., &c. Nene Atrfl. 'Mit e. Anh. aber d. Kmist» 
anf d. HBeb zu fechten. 4®, 1761. Helmstadt: 
Weygand. [ss copperplates.] 

KlugE (H. O.). — Commando-Tafeln f. d.'De- 
gen- und Bajonettfechten. 8®. 1852. Berlin: 

KOCK <H. F. de). — :Het dael. Aoad. proef- 
schrift. 8°. 1876. Lndm, 

KOLLARZ. — ABRWHTUNGS-^^^eoketAi^ 1 85 1 . 

KdPPEN (Joach.). — Newer disknrs Ton der 
rittcsmMssigen mid weitberiUmiten Kmist des.Fech- 
tens, n. s. w. Small Folio. 161 9. Magdeburg, 

\Kdppen — Labat,] 9 7 

KOPPEN (Joach.). — Cours v. d. Fechtkunst. 
Small Folio. 1619. Magdeburg. 

KOTHE (Fried.). — Das Ganze der Fechtkunst, 
Oder ausfuhriiches Lehrbuch die Fechtkunst in ihren 
verschiedenen Zweigen griiAdlich zu erlemen. (Bd. I. 
das Stossfechten, m. Fig.) 8**. 1841. Nordhausen. 

(— .). — Das Ganze der Fechtkunst. 8®. 

1849. Leipzig. 

( — .). — Das Stossfechten. 8^ 185 1. Leipzig. 

[16 figures.] 

KreuSSLER. — Fechtschule. MSS. in the Kgl. 
Bibl. Dresden. 

— EISELEN (G. W. B.). — 1826. 

— GOTTLING (Prof.). — 1829. 

— RIEMANN (H.). — 1834. 

— ROUX (F. A. W. L.). — 1849. 

— ROUXl^.). — 1786. 

KrieGSDIENST-VoRSCHRIFTEN fiir die Gross- 
herzoglich Badischen Truppen. 8®. 1841. Karls- 
ruhe: Gutsch u. Rupp. 

[XV. Abtheilung. Funftes Hauptstiick. Erster Ab- 
schnitt. »Bajonett-Fechtunterricht.c] [6 folding plates.] 

Labat. — L'art de I'esp^e. 120. 1690. Toulouse. 
[With copperplates.] 

(Maitre en fait d'armes de la ville et aca- 

d6mie de Toulouse). — L'art en fait d'armes, ou 
de r^p6e seule, avec les attitudes; dedi6 \ Mon- 
seigneur le comte d'Armaignac, Grand ecuyer de 
France, &c. 8**. 1696. Toulouse: J. Boude. 

[z2 copperplates, out of the text.] 

( — ). — Questions sur l'art en fait d'armes, 

ThIMH, Bibliography of the Art of Fence, ftc. 7 

98 [Labat — Lafayette,] 

ou de r^p^e, dedi6 k Monseigneur le due de Bour- 
gogne. 4**. 1 701. Toulouse: G.Kobtxt, 
Labat. — Abbat (l*). — 1734. 1735. 

L'AbBAT. — ABBAT (L'.). 

La BofiSSlfeRE (M.). — B0J&SSlERE['t/L,h2i]. ~ 

1766. I8I8. 

Laborde y Navarro (Don Angel). — Ejer- 
cicio del sable. 4**. 1832. Habana. 

Labra (Rafael M.). — Las armas en Madrid . . . 
observaciones sobre la esgrima. 

[See >La Ilustracion Gallega y Asturiana,* torn. ii. p. 8x.] 

LaCRETTE. — GILLET (A.) — 1875. 

LafaUG^RE (Justin). — Traits de Tart de faire 
des armes. 8®. 1820. Lyon, [2 folding plates.] 

( — )• — Traits de I'art de faire des armes. 

8**. 1825. Paris: Bouchard. 

( — ). — L^Esprit de I'escrime: poeme di- 

dactique. 8®. 1841. Paris: Gamier. 

[Portrait of Author.] 

( — ). — Nouveau manuel complet d'escrime^ 

ou Traits de Tart de faire des armes. Nouvelle 
Edition J entierement refondue et om^e de vignettes 
intercal^es dans le texte. 18®. 1865. /*am ; Roret. 

[Woodcuts in the text.] 

(_.). — LAFFARGERE (F.). — 1 841. 

(— )• — ROBAGLIA (A.). — 1877. 

(L. J.). — Nouveau manuel complet d'escrime. 

Nouvelle Edition, entierement refondue. 18**. 1884. 
Paris : Roret. fWith figures in the text.) [Manuels-Roret. I 

Lafayette. Memoir es. 

[vol. z. p. 86, contains a curious letter regarding chi- 
valry and duelling in 1778.] 

[Laffarg^e — Lapanouse,] 99 

LAFFARGfeRE (F.) [Lafaugere, (J.) (?)]. — Tratado 
completo de esgrima compuesto por el c^lebre pro- 
fesor maestro Mr. F. L. adoptado tdtimamente en 
Francia, y traducido al Espanol por el profesor D. 
Antonio Marin. 8°. 1841. Madrid: Al^jia y 

Lagrange (F.). — L'escrime et ses effets sur 
la colonne vert^brale. 

[J. Soc. de m^d. et pharm. de la Haute-Vienne. Li- 
moges. 8». 1885. ix. pp. 133-139.] 

Lamarche (Claude) [Pseudonyme du Docteur 
F^lizet]. — Trait6 de r^p^e. 8®. 1884. Parts .'U&t- 
pon et Flammarion. 

[Illustrations out of text and 15 plates by Marius Roy.] 

Lambertini (Vittorio) [Maestro d' armi]. — 
Trattato di scherma teorico-pratico illustrato della 
modema scnola Italiana di spada e sdabola. 8^ 
1870. .Bologna. 

[Frontispiece and 29 lithographed plates.] 

LancKE (Jul.) [Prem. Lieut], — Praktische An- 
leitung zur Ausbildung und Vorstellung der n. Ba- 
jonetfechtklasse. Nach den Vorschriften uber das 
Bajonetfechten der Infanterie aus dem J. 1876 und 
eigenen Erfahrungen zusammengestellt. 8**. 1878. 
Mainz : V. von Zabern. 

L'AnGE J. D.). — ANGE (J. D. L'). 

Lange (L.). — De duelle vocabuli origine et 
fatis. 4**. 1878. Lipsiae, 

Lapanouse (M. J.) [Ancien capitaine de dra- 
gons]. — Le duel jug6 au tribunal de la raison et 
de Thonneur. 8®. 1802. Paris: impr. de Munier. 


I oo [La7^a — Larwood.] 

Lara (D. Caspar Agostin de). — Conracopia 
numerosa. Alfabeto breve de principios de la ver- 
dadera destreza y filosofia de las armas colegidos 
de las obras de Luis Pacheco de Narvaez. 4**. 1675. 

LarOUSSE (Pierre). — Dictionnaire (Grand) uni- 
versel du XIX« siecle. 4^ 1864— 1868. Paris: 1.0.' 
rousse et Boyer. [Contains an article on »DUEL«.] 

Larribeau [Professeur d'escrime et de canne]. 
— Nouvelle th^orie du jeu de la canne, om^e de 
60 figures, indiquant les poses et les coups. 12**. 
1856. Paris [chez I'auteur, passage Verdeau]. 
[Portrait of the author and 4 plates.] 

( — ). — Throne du jeu de canne. 16®. 

1884. Paris. 

Larwood (Jacob) [L. R. Sadler]. — Story of the 
London Parks. 2 vols. 8**. 1871. London: Hotten. 
[pp. 52. 69. Duel, Hamilton and Mohun. 
Duelling, Hyde-Park. 
Duel, fatal, Hyde-Park. 
Duels, numerous. 
Duel, Wilks and Martin. 
Duelling, Reign George III. 
Duels about Wilkes. 
Duelling Mania. 
Duel, Sherridan and Mathews. 

- Whately and Temple. 
Garrick and Baddeley. 
Fox and Adam. 
Dudley and Stoney. 

- Shelbume (Earl) and FuUerton. 
Allan and Dulaney. 
Biggs (Lieut. R. N.) and Wilson, (Lieut. 

67 foot). 









. 127. 
























[Larwood — Leach, ] i o i 

p. 17a. Duel, Gordon (Honbie. Colonel) and Thomas 

(Lieut. Colonel). 

173. - Randall, (Wn» Earl of Antrim) and Mr. 

173. - Lowther, (Sir James) and Bolton, (Ser- 

184. - Macpherson and Major Brown. 

184. - Townshend(Honble)andFaulkner,(Wn».) 

198. - Parkhurst, (Captain) and Kelly, (Lieut. 
R. N.) 

198. - Price and Carpenter. 

199. - King, (Col.) and Fitzgerald, (Col.) 
199. - Lonsdale (Earl of) and Vane, (Sir. F. F.) 
217. - R-d-n and Steward, (Capt.) 

2x7. - Buckingham, (Duke of) and Bedford, 

(Duke of). 
217. - Montgomery (Col.) and Macnamara 


217. - H. C. (Honbie) and T. John. 

218. - Interrupted. 

277. - Howard, (Thos. Capt.) and Jermyn. 
291. - Colt, (Sir Havey) and Beau Fielding. 
291. - Pultney, Wm. (Earl of Bath) and Havey, 

(John, Lord.) 
300. - Powell, (Charles] and Capt. Henry 

304. - Ligonier, (Edward, Viscount) and Alfieri, 


Laurent (Elmile). — Colombey (E.) 

Laws of Honour, or an Account of the Suppression 
of Duels in France, published for the use of Eng- 
lish Gentlemen who have had the honour to carry 
Arms. 12^ 1685. 

Layard (Charles Peter) [Prebendary of Wor- 
cester. D. D., F.R. S.]. — A political essay on duel- 
ling. 4". 1775. Cambridge, 

[Another Edition. 4*. 1776. London^ 

Leach (Richard) [Sergeant in the Norfolk Ran- 

1 02 [Leboucher — Lentz.] 

gefs]. — The words of command and a brief ex- 
planation, embellished with engravings, representing 
the various cuts and attitudes of the new sword 
exercise. 8®. 1797. Newcastle. 

Leboucher (Professeur d'escrime, de Rouen). — 
Th^orie pour apprendre k tirer la canne en Vingt- 
cinq lemons. 8®. 1843. ^oris: Rigaud. 
[The portrait and 37 plates.] 

LebrUN l75o(?). ^aris, 

LeGOUV]£ (Ernest). — Un toumoi au XIX® siecle. 
4**. 1872. Paris: Lemerre. 

( ). — Deux 6p6es brisees (Bertrand et 

Robert). 8®. 1876. Paris: Ollendorff. [2 portraits.] 

( ). — ROBERT (G.). — 1887. 

LegUINA (Don Enrique de). — ^Laespada. Apuntes 

parasuhistoriaenEspana. 8**. 1885. 5m//fl.'E.Rasco. 
Leisure Hour. — duelling. 

. — DUELLING in England. 

Leitfaden fur den Unterricht im Stockfechten 
zum Gebrauche der K.K. Militar-Bildungs-Anstalten. 
8*>. 1854. Wien. 

LemoINE (A1.). — Traits d'^ducation physique, 
comprenant la natation, I'escrime \ la baionnette, 
la boxe frangaise, I'escrime \ I'^p^e, la gymnastique. 
Or. 8^ 1857. Gand. [With an atlas of 56 plates.] 

Lentz (G.F.). — Hiebfechtlehre f. d. deut. Tur- 
ner z. Ausbildg. im Vorfechten. 16**. 1862. Zwickau. 

( — . — .). — Zusammenstellung von Schriften 

iiber Leibesubungen. 3.Aufl. 8®. 1865. Berlin :\.eva.. 

(— . — .). — Zusammenstellung von Schriften 

liber Leibesubungen. [Tumen, Heilgynmastik, Rin- 

[Le Perche — Libro^ 103 

ffen, Spiele, Tumlieder, Schwimmen, Eislauf, Fech- 
ten und Tumiere.] Herausgegeben von G. F. Lenz , 
unter Mitwirkg. von E. Angerst6in, N. J. Cup^rus, 
G. Eckler, &c. 4te stark verm. Aufl. Gr. 8®. i88i. 
Berlin : Lenz. 

Le Perche (Jean-Baptiste). — Perche (Jean- 
Baptiste Le). 

Leroy (Charles). — Guide du duelliste ind61icat. 
8®. 1884. /'am; Tresse. [Illustrations by d'Ulzes.l 

Levi (Baron Georges Henri). — GELLI (J.). 

I-[h0MANDIe] (P. F. M.) [Amateur, ^leve de feu 
Texier de la Boessifere]. — La Xiphonomie ou Tart 
de reserime, poeme didactique en quatre chants. 8**. 
1 82 1. ^f»^^>«/^m^ : Imprimerie Broquisse. 
[Another Edition appeared in 1840.] 

(— . — . — .). — ROBAGLIA (A.). — 1877. 

LlANCOUR (Wemesson de). — Le maistre d'ar- 
mesou Texercicel de Tesp^e senile dans sa perfection. 
D^i^ \ Monseigneur le due de Bourgogne. Les 
attitudes de ce livre ont est^ poshes par le sieur de 
Liancour et gravies par A. Perelle. Oblong 4®. i686. 

[Portrait of the author and 14 copperplates, out of the 

( ). — Le maistre d'armes. . . . 2nd edi- 
tion. Oblong 4^ 1692. Amsterdam, 

LiBRO de re duello, imperatori, principi, signori, 
gentil' homini, et de tutti Armi geri, continenti dis- 
fide, concordie, pace, casi accadenti, et judicii con 
ragione, exempli et authoritate de poeti, hystorio- 

I04 [Ling — Lockwood,] 

graphi, philosophi, legisti, canonisti ecclesiastici. 8**. 
1 52 1. Venetia. 

Ling (P. H.). — rothstein (h.). — 1853. 
i860. 1872. 

(— . — .)• — STROMBORG (N.). — 1857. 

(■— . — .). — TOLLIN (F.). — 185 1. 

LiNSINGEN (A. von). — Handbuch zur Anweisung^ 

des Soldaten in der Gymnastik und im Bajonet- 
fechten. 8®. 1854. Hannover: Hahn. 

Lion (J. C). — Das Stossfechten, zur Lehre und 
Uebung in Wort und Bild dargestellt. Gr. 8*^. 1882. 
Hof: Gran & Co. [26 woodcuts in the text.) 

LiPSIUS (Justus). — Ivsti Lipsi Satumalivm ser- 
monum libri duo ; qui de Gladiatoribus. Editio ol- 
tima et castigatissima. Cum seneis Figuris. 1604. 
Antverpise, ex officina Plantiniana, apud Joannem 
Moretum. 4®. 

Literary Repository.— i?/c/M/?z>5(9iv(S.). 1765. 

Littell's Living Age. — DUELLING in America. 

Llave (D. Pedro de la). — Grabados y temas 
de armas blancas seguido de algunas consideraciones 
sobre el mismo asunto por Martinez (D. Guillermo). 
4°. 1882. Madrid'. Gregorio Hernan. 

Lockwood (Henry h.) and Seagar (E.). — 
Exercises in small arms and field artillery ; arranged 
for the naval service under an order of the Bureau 
of Ordoance and Hydrography of the Navy depart- 
ment. [104 plates.] Largest 1852. Philadelphia: 
Printed by P. K. and P. G. Collins. 

[Part, iv., pp. 151 — 168, small and broad sword exer- 

[Lombardellt — Lonnergan.] 105 

LOMBARDELLI (Orazio). — Giocello di sapienza, 
nel quale si contengono gli avisi d' arme. Con 1' in- 
clinazione dei dodici segni celesti et il memorial 
deir arte del puntar gli scritti. 8°. 1618. Flrenze : 
alle scale di Badia. [8 woodcuts.] 

LONGIANO (Fausto da). — Duello regolato a 
le leggi de 1' honore con tutti li cartelli missivi e 
risponsivi in querela volontaria del tempo de caval- 
lieri erranti, de' bravi e de V etk nostra. 8®. 1552. 

LONNERGAN (A.). — The Fencer's Guide, being 
a Series of every branch required to compose a Com- 
plete System of Defence, Whereby the Admirers of 
Fencing are gradually led from the First Rudiments 
of that Art, through the most complicated Subtilties 
yet formed by imagination, or applied to practice, 
until the Lesson, herein many ways varied, also lead 
them insensibly on to the due Methods of Loose 
Play, which are here laid down, with every Pre- 
caiution necessary for that Practice. In four parts. 
Part I and 2 contains such a general explanation 
of the Small Sword as admits of much greater Va- 
riety and Novelty than are to be found in any other 
work of this kind. Part 3 shews, in the Use of the 
Broad Sword, such an universal knowledge of that 
Weapon, as may be very applicable to the use of 
any other that a man can lawfully carry in his hand. 
Part IV is a compound of the Three former, ex- 
plaining and teaching the Cut and Thrust, or Spa- 
droon Play, and that in a more subtile and accurate 
manner than ever appeared in Print. And to these 

1 06 [Loque — Lucas, ] 

are added Particular Lessons for the Gentlemen of 
the Horse, Dragoons, and Light Horse, or Hussars, 
with some necessary Precautions and an Index, ex- 
plaining every term of that Art throughout the book. 
The whole being carefully collected from long EJx- 
perience and Speculation , is calculated as a Vade- 
mecum for gentlemen of the Army, Navy, Universi- 
ties, &c. 8°. 1 77 1-2. London. 

LoQUE. — La guerre et le duel. 

LoviNO (Giovanni Antonio) [Milanese]. — Opera 
intomo alia Practica e Theoria del ben adoperare 
tutte le sorti di arme ; overo la Scienza dell' Arme. 
4^ Vellum. 

[Mss. in the Bibliotheque Kationale, Paris.] 

( ). — Suir arte di ben maneggiare 

la spada. Dedicata a Enrico m. 

[Mentioned in M. F. W. Foster's catalogue of works 
on Fence.) 
LOWENHJELM (Grefve G,).^MENTZER (T. A. v.). 
- 1843. 

LozfeS (Bertrand). — Th^orie de I'escrime si- 
multan^e. 18**. 1862. Paris: Dumaine. 

LtJBECK (W.). — Lehr- und Handbuch der deut- 
schen Fechtkunst. 8^ 1865. Frankfurt a, d, O, : 
Hamecker. [3 lithographs and 7 tables.] 

( — .). — Lehr- und Handbuch der deutschen 

Fechtkunst. 2. Ausg. 8°. 1869. Frankfurt a, d, O . : 
Hamecker & Co. 

LUCA (Guido Antonio di). — (?) .... 1532, 
Lucas (William). — The Duellists; or Men of 
Honour. 12°. 1805. London. 

[Luis — McBane.] 107 

Luis (Thomas). — Tratado das ligoes da Espada 
preta, e destreza com que hao de usar os jugadores 
della. Folio, 29 pag. I lamina. 16S5. Lisboa. 

LUPSCHER (Ant.) und GOMMEL (Fr.). — Theorie 
der Fechtkonst. Eine anal3rtische Abhandlung sllmmtl. 
Stellungen, Stosse, Paraden, Finten u. s. w., iiber- 
hanpt aller Bewegungen im Angriffe u. d. Verthei- 
digung. Nach der Traits d'escrime par le Chevalier 
Chatelain frei bearbeitet. Nebst einer Anleit. uber 
das Hiebfechten. 8<*. 1819. Wien: Strauss. 
[With 2 tables and 20 plates.] 

McArthur (J.) [of the Royal Navy]. — - The 
Army and Navy Gentleman's Companion : or a new 
and complete treatise on the theory and practice of 
Fencing, displaying the intricacies of small sword 
play, and reducing the Art to the most easy and 
familiar principles by regular progressive Lessons. 
Illustrated by mathematical figures and adorned with 
elegant engravings after paintings from life, exe- 
cuted in the most masterly manner, representing 
every material attitude of the Art Large 4®. 1 780 — 
81. London: James Lavers. 

[Frontispiece engraved by J. Newton from a drawing 
by Jas. Sowerby, and 8 plates dravm by the Author 
and engraved by J. Kewton.] 

( — .). — The Army and Navy Gentleman's 

Companion &c. 2nd edition. Plates. 4*^. 1784. Lon- 
don: J. Murray. 

[Dedicated to John, Duke of Argyll. 19 large folding 
plates (one coloured.)] 

McBane (Donald). — The expert sword-Man's 
companion: or the True Art of self-defence, with 

io8 [McCarthy — Mackrie,] 

an account of the Author's life and his transactions 
during the wars with France. To which is annexed 
the art of gunnerie. 12®. 1728. Glasgow: printed 
by James Duncan. 

[Portrait of McBane, and 22 plates, out of the text.] 
McCarthy (T. a.). — Quarter-Staff. A prac- 
tical manual. 12^. 1883. London: Sonnenschein&Co. 

[With 25 figures.] 

MaCCARTNEY. — Letter concerning the duel 
between Duke of Hamilton and Lord Mohun. 4°. 
1 71 3. London. 

McClellan (G. B.). — Manual of Bayonet 
Exercise prepared for the use of the Army of the 
United States. 8**. 1862. Philadelphia: Lippin- 
cott & Co. 

[24 plates, containing 58 figures out of the text.] 

McCringer (Joel). — A compendious treatise 
of Modem Education, in which the following sub- 
jects are liberally discussed: The nursery, private 
schools, gallantry, duelling, &c., &c. Folio. 1804. 

[Coloured designs both characteristic and illustrative.] 

MacerONE (Francis) [late Aide-De-Camp to Jo- 
achim, King of Naples (Murat)]. — Defensive in- 
structions for the people containing the new and im- 
proved combination of arms called Foot-Lancers; 
miscellaneous instructions on the subject of small 
arms and ammunition, street and house fighting, 
and field fortification. 8°. [1832]. London: J. Smith. 
[6 folding plates of which 5 are coloured.] 

Machrie (William). — Essay upon duelling, 
8<». 171 1. Edinburgh. 

[Mackay — Manao/mo.] 1 09 

Mackay (Chas.). — Extraordinary Popular De- 
lusions. 3 vols. 8®. 1 841. London: Routledge. 
[Contains articles on »DUELS & OrDEALS.w] 
MaCMILLAN's Magazine. — CORK (M.). 

MadaN (Spencer) [Chaplain in Ordinary to His 
Majesty, Chancellor & Prebendary of Peterborough. 
D. D.] — The fatal use of the sword : a Fast Ser- 
mon. 8**. 1805. 

Maffei (F. S.). — La scienza cavalleresca. 4^ 
1 7 10. Roma. 

MaHON (Andrew). — ABBAT[D. — 1734. 1735. 

MaiR (Conrad). — Ein Fechtbuch. MSS. in the 
Kgl. Bibl. Dresden. 

MaITLAND (Professor F. W.). — Select pleas 
of the Crown. Edited for the Selden Society. 

[Contains a /ac- simile of a fight from a thirteenth- 
century legal Mss. preserved in the Record Office, 
Chancery Lane, London.] 

Malevolti (d'Angelo). — DIDEROT etd'Alem- 
bert. 1775. 

Mallet (A. Manusson). — Les Travaux de 
Mars, ou I'art de la Guerre. 1685. Amsterdam. 

[Tome III. p. 30. description and engraving of the 
bayonet then in use.] 

MaNCIOLINO (Antonio) [Bolognese]. — Opera 
nova, dove sono tutti li documenti e vantaggi che 
si ponno havere nel mestier de Tarmi d'ogni sorte, 
novemente correcta et stampata. i6^ 1531. Vi- 
negia\ Per N. d'Aristotile, detto Zappino. 

[A few woodcuts, unconnected with the text.] 

1 1 o [Maneggto — Manuel.] 

ManeGGIO della sciabola per nso della brigata 
lancieri , redatta da una gaardia di nfficiali della 
stessa anna. 1840. Napoli. 

ManGANO {Guido Antonio del) [Pavese]. — Ri- 
flessioni filosofiche sopra I'arte della scherma. 8*. 
1781. Pavia, 

Manual del baratero 6 arte de manejar la na- 
vaja, el cuchillo y la tijera de los gitanos. 8**. 
1849. Madrid, [Engravings in the text.] 

Exercises for the Rifle and Carbine and 

Bayonet Exercise. 32°. 1885. London: Horse 

of Instuction for Single Stick Drill. 8**. 

London: Harrison & Sonsu 

of new Bayonet and Firing Exercises for 

Martini -Henry Rifle. 32®. 1889. London: Sim- 

Manuel pour I'enseignement de la gymnastiqne 
et de Tescrime, public par ordre de M. le Ministre 
de la marine et des colonies. 18°. 1875. Paris: 
J. Dumaine. [With numerous figures.] 

d'escrime militaire, approuv6 par le Ministre 

de la guerre, le 18 Mai* 1877. 18**. 1877. Paris, 

de gymnastique (gymnastiqne d'assouplisse- 

ment et gymnastique appliqn^e, natation, boxe fran- 
^aise, b&ton et canne) ; approuv6 par M. le Ministre 
de la guerre, le 26 juillet 1877. 18®. 1879. Paris: 
J. Dumaine. [With numerous figures.] 

d'escrime approuve par le ministre de la 

guerre. 32®. 1878. Paris : J. Dumaine. [40 figures.] 

[Manuel — MarchinL ] 1 1 1 

Manuel d'escrime, approuv^ par M. le Ministre 
de la guerre, le i8 mai 1877. i8^ 1881. Paris: 
J. Dumaine. [With figures.] 

d'escrime approuv^ par M. le Ministre de 

la guerre, le 18 mai 1877. 18®. 1883. Paris: L.Bau- 
doni et Cie. [and Edition 1888.] 

ManzINI (G. B.). — Del tomeo ultimamento 
fatto in Bologna. 4®. 1639. 

MarCELLI (Francesco Antonio) [Maestro di 
scherma in Roma]. — Regole della scherma inseg- 
nate da Lelio e Titta Marcelli, scritte da Francesco 
Antonio Marcelli, figlio e nipote, e maestro di 
scherma in Roma. Opera non meno utile che ne- 
cessaria a chiunque desidera far profitto in questa 
professione. Dedicata alia sacra rael Maest^ di 
Christina Alessandra regina di Suetia. Parte prima: 
Regole della spada sola. Parte seconda: Regole 
della scherma. Nella quale si spiegano le regole 
della spada e del pugnale insegnate da Titta Mar- 
celli; con le regole di maneggiar la Spada col 
brochiere, targa, rotella, cappa, lantema ; col modo 
di giocar la spada contro la sciabola. ' In 2 parts. 
4**. 1686. Roma, 

[Frontispiece, Copperplates in the text.] 

Marche (Claude La). — LAMARCHE (Claude). 

Marche (Olivier de la). — TRAIT AS du duel 
judiciaire. 1872. 

( ). — TRAIT^S et advis. 1586. 

MaRCHINI (Antonio). — 

[M. Buja k. page 1x4 de son ouvrage, dit qu* Antonio 
Marchini de Rome ecrivit.j 

1 1 2 [Marcktni — Marozzo, ] 

MarCHINI (J.)- — H duello esaminato. 8**. 
1879. Savona. 

MarCHIONNI (Alberto). — Trattato di scherma 
sopra il nuovo sistema di g^noco misto di scaola ita- 
liana e francese. 8®. 1847. Firenze, [s lithogra- 
phed folding plates and woodcuts in the text.] 

Marco (Alessandro di) [professore di scherma 
Napoletano maestro de due collegj Capece e Ma- 
cedonio e d' altri cavalieri]. — Ragionamenti acca- 
demici intomo all' arte della scherma. 8**. 1758. 

( ). — Discorsi instruttivi ne' quali 

si tratta in particolare intomo all' arte della scherma. 
8**. 1759. Napoli. 

( ). — Riflessioni fisiche e geome- 

triche circa la misura del tempo ed equilibrio di 
quelle e della natural disposizione ed agiltiL dei 
competitori in materia di scherma e regolamenti 
essenziali per saggiamente munirsi da ogni inconsi- 
derate periglio sul cimento della spada nuda. 12**. 
1 761. Napoli, 

Marin (Don Antonio). — Esgrima &. la bayo- 
neta, 6 manejo de dicha arma aplicado i. los ejer- 
cicios y maniobras de la infantcria aprobado por 
S. M. y mandado observar por Real 6rden de 13 
de setiembre de 1859. Traducido del francos de 
Th. Pinette. 1859. Cadiz, [3 plates.] 

; ). — LAFFARGtRE (F.). — 1 84 1. 

Marozzo (Archille) [di Bologna]. — Opera nova. 

4®. 1 517. Venetia: M. Sessa. 

( ) — [Maestro generale de V arte de 

[Marozzo — Martellt.] 1 1 3 

rarmi]. — Opera nova. 4^ 1536. Mutin(B , in 
aedibus venerabilis D. Antonii Bergolae sacerdotis 
ac civis Mutin. XXm. idus Mail. 
[82 woodcuts.] 

Marozzo (Achille) [di Bologna]. — Opera nova 
. . . &c. 2nd edition. 4®. 1550. Venetia: Stam- 
pata per Giovane Padouano, ad instantia de Mar- 
chior Sessa. 

( ). — Opera Nova . . . &c. 3rd edi- 
tion. 4®. 1568. Venetia: Ant. Pinargenti. 

[76 figures out of text.] 

( ). — Arte deir Armi. Ricorretto, et 

omato di nuove figpire in rame. 4®. 1568. Ve- 
netia: Appresso Antonio Pinargenti. 

[24 copperplates in the text.] 

( ). — Arte deir Armi . , . &c. 5th 

edition. 4®. 1615. Verona, 

Mars His Feild or The Exercise of Annes, 
wherein in lively figures is shewn the Right use 
and perfect manner of Handling the Buckler, Sword, 
and Pike. With the wordes of Command and Brefe 
instructions correspondent to every Posture. 12®. 
161 1. London. 

[16 copperplates with explanatory legends. No text.] 

MarteLLI (C). — An improved system of fenc- 
ing, wherein the use of the small sword is ren- 
dered perfectly plain and familiar: being a clear 
description and explanation of the various thrusts 
used, with the safest and best methods of parrying, 
as practised in the present age. To which is ad- 

THIHH, BibUogrsphy of the Art of Fence, &c. 8 

114 [Martin — Mastello.] 

ded a treatise on the art of attack and defence. 
8°. 1819. London: J. Bailey. 

[One folding plate with xa figures.] 
Martin [Maistre en fait d'armes de Tacad^mie 
de Strasbourg]. — Le Maistre d'armes, ou I'abr^g^ 
de I'exercice de I'^p^e. Om^ de figures en taille- 
douce. 12°. 1737. Strasbourg, 
[x6 copperplates, out of text.] 

(Edmond). — 6tude juridique. Le duel. 8**. 

1877. Paris: Durand. 

Martinez (Don Juna Jos^). — Ejercicio del 
sable, traducido del ingles. 4®. 1832. Habana. 
[i plate.] 

(D. Guillermo). — LLAVE (D. Pedro de 

la). — 1882. 

Martins Firme (M. ). — firme (Manuel 
Martins). — 1744. 

MaRZIOLI (Francesco). — Trecetti Militari, con- 
sacrati all' immortal nome dell' altezza Serenissima, 
di Ferdinando Maria, Dvca dell' vna e dell' altra 
Baviera, e del Svperiore Palatinato Elettorale del 
Sacro Romano Impero, etc. 1670. Bologna, 

(La premiere partie de cet ouvrage traite du j>Ma- 
de la pique y est demontr^e en 17 feuillets ct par 
60 figures gravees sur cuivre.] 

( ) [Bresciano]. — Precetti militari. Fo- 
lio. 1673. Bologna, [Numerous plates.] 

Marzo. — BONDI (di Marzo). 

Masiello (Ferdinando). — La scherma italiana 
di spada e di sciabola. 8°. 1887. Firenze: G. 
Civelli. [70 lithographed plates and figures in the text.] 

\Masiello — Mayer, ] 115 

MaSIELLO. — ANGELINI (A.). — 1888. 

. _ l^mi (Conte Giuseppe). 

. — WRIGHT (F. v.). — 1889. 

Mason (Miss). — A few words on the utility of 
calisthenic exercises. 1827. London. 

Mass A (Ant.). — Contro I'uso dell duello. 12®. 
1555. Venetia, 

Massi (M. C. de). — Duelling in all Countries, 
from the French by Sir Lucius O' Trigger. 8®. 1880. 
London: Newman. 

MathewsON (T.) [Lieutenant and Riding Master 
in the late Roxbrough Fencible Cavalry]. — Fen- 
cing familiarised, or a new treatise on the art of 
the Scotch broad sword, shewing the superiority of 
that weapon when opposed to an enemy armed with 
a spear, pike, or gun and bayonet. 8**. 1805. 
Salford: Printed by W. Cowdray, junr. 
[13 plates out of the text.] 

Mattei (Francesco Antonio). — Delia scherma 
napoletana, discorso primo, dove , sotto il titolo 
deir impossibile possibile, si prova che la scherma 
sia scienza e non arte si danno le vere norme di 
spada e pugnale; discor o secondo, dove si danno 
le vere norme di spada sola. 4®. 1669. Foggia: 
Novello de Bonis. 

Maupassant (Guy de).— K^t^A* (baron de). 1882. 

Mauroy (Victor). — Memento de Tescrimeur. 
12°. 1887. Tans: Libraire des Bibliophiles. 
Mayer (J.) [Freyfechter zu Strassburg]. — 


1 1 6 [Mazo — Mendietta-, ] 

Griindtl. Beschreibung d. freyen Ritterl. u. Ade- 
lichen Kiinst d. Fechtens. 4°. 1600. Augspurg. 

Mazo (Bondi di). — BOND! (di Mazo). — 1696. 

MedLAND (W. M.) and Weobly (Charles). — 
A Collection of Remarkable and Interesting Crimi- 
nals Trials for Murder, Assanlt, Duelling, &c., with 
biographical sketches of Lord Eldon and Mr. Mn- 
gay. 2 vols 8®. 1808. 

[Portraits of Lord Eldon and Mr. Mingay.] 

MeicKLE (R.). — The Fencer's manual, a prac- 
tical treatise on the small sword, &c. 8^. 1859. 
Melbourne. [With illustrations.] 

Melina (Almerico). — La nuova scherma mista 
e la vera italiana. 8°. 1888. Napoli: De Angelis. 

Mello Pacheco de Resende (Jos6 de). — 
Instrucgao do jogo d'espada a p6 e a cavallo para 
ser posto em pratica na eschola militar, e nos cor- 
pos de cavallaria e artilheria montada do exercito 
do Brasil. 1839. Rio de Janeiro: Brasileira. 

M]£moire pour le sieur Menessiez, Maitre en 
fait d'armes et maitre des pages de M. le comte 
de Clermont. Contre la Communaut^ des Maitres 
en fait d'armes. [At the end: De rimprimerie de 
F. C. Simon, imprimeur de la Reine, et de I'Arche- 
vSch6, Rue des Mathurins.] 4®. 1763. Paris. 

Mendez (Th. A.) -— Essai sur le duel. 8°. 1854. 
Paris'. Appert et Vavasseur. 

Mendietta-MaglioCO (Salvatore) [Furiere : 
maestro di scherma alia scuola normale di fanteria]. 
— Manuale della scherma di sciabola. 12**. 1868. 
Parma. JWith plates.] 

[Mendtetta Merelo.] 1 1 7 

Mendietta-MagliOCCO (Salvatore). — Ma- 
nuale della scherma di sciabola. 8^. 1878. Parma, 

Mendoza (Don Migael Perez de). — Defensa 
de la doctrina y destreza de las armes. 4®. 1665. 

Mendoza Y Quixada (Don Miguel Perez de) 
[Maestro de la destreza]. — Principios de los cinco 
snjetos principal es de que se compone la filosofia 
y matematica de las annas, practica y especulativa. 
8®. 1672. Pamplona. 

( ). — Resnmen 

de la verdadera destreza de las armas, en treinta 
y ocho asserciones resumidas y advertidas con de- 
monstraciones practicas, deducidas de las obras 
principales que tiene. 4®. 1675. Madrid, 

MeNTZER (T. a. v.). — Svenska Kavalleriets 
fkktning, enligt Generalen m. m. Grefve G. L6- 
wenhjelm's method. 8®. 1843. Stockholm, 

Menza (G. di). — n duello leale e il duello 
sleale. 4®. 1875. Palermo, 

Mercuriaus (H.). — De arte gymnastica. 
sm. 4**. 1572. Amsterdam, 

[Another Edition was published in x6ox. Veneiia.\ 

Merelo y Casademunt (Don Jaime) [Pro- 
fesor de esgrima en el colegio de infanterfa]. — 
Tratado de la verdadera esgrima del fusil 6 cara- 
bina armados de bayoneta. 4**. 1858. Toledo: J. 
Lopez Fando. [a plates.] 

( ). — Tratado completo de 

1 18 [Merelo — Meyer.] 

la esgrima del sable espanol. 8°. 1862, Toledo: 
Lopez Fando. 

Merelo Y CaSADEMUNT (Don Jaime). — Ele- 
mentos de esgrima para instrnir al soldado de infan- 
teria en la verdadera destreza del fnsil 6 carabina. ar- 
mados de bayoneta. 8^. 1865. Toledo: Fando. [x plate.] 

( ). — Manual de esgrima, re- 

capitulacion de las tretas mas principales que con- 
stituyen la verdadera esgrima del sable espanol y 
del florete. Oblong 8**. 1878. Madrid: R. Labajos. 

MfiRIGNAC (Emile). — Histoire de I'escrime dans 
tons les temps et dans tons les pays. Tome I, Anti- 
quit^, Gr.8®. 1883. /\zw: Rouquette. [With engravings.] 

( ). — Histoire de I'escrime dans tons 

les temps et dans tons les pays. Tome n. Gr. in 8°. 
1886. Paris: Rouquette. [niustrated.] 

MeRJAY J. B. N.). — SELMNITZ. — [1840?] 

MeRTENS. — GORNE (von). — 1858. 

MessINEO (Ketro). — A Blasco Florio in risposta 
air ultimo indirizzo fatto ai professori di scherma. 
1858. Palermo: A. Russitano. 

Metz (Alex. Edler von) [Gen. Major]. — Fecht- 
buch fur die Prim-Auslage. 8®. 1864. fr*^«/Brau- 

( — . ). — Fechtbuch fur die Prim-Ans- 

lage. Hrsg. im J. 1863 , nach genauer Durchsicht 
neu aufgelegt im J. 1883. 8^ 1883. Wim: Seidel 
& Sohn. 

Meyer (Joachim) [Freyfechter zu Strasburg]. — 
Grundliche Beschreibung der Freyen, Ritterlichen 

[Meyer — Miller.] 119 

und Adelichen Kunst des Fechtens in allerley ge- 
breuchlichen Wehren, mit vil schonen und nutz- 
lichen Figuren gezieret und fnrgestellet. Oblong 4°. 
1570. Strasburg, 

[Getruckt zu Strasburg bey Thiebolt Berger am Weyn- 
markt zum Treubel. Numerous woodcuts.] 
Meyer (Joachim). — Griindliche Beschreibung 
der Freyen, &c., &c. 2nd edition. Oblong 4®. 1610. 

[Getruckt zu Augspurg bey Michael Mauger, in ver- 
legung Eliae Willers. 73 woodcuts.] 

( ). — Griindliche Beschreibung der 

Freyen, &c., &c. 3rd edition. Oblong 4®. 1660. 
Augspurg, [Numerous woodcuts.] 

(Oscar). — Das Fechten des Cavalleristen 

mit den blanken WafFen (dem Sabel und Pallasch), 
zu Fuss und zu Pferde. Mit Zeichnungen. 8^. 1859. 
Trier. [6 plates.] 

Mezger (Dr. Johan Georg). — HESSE (G.). — 

MiCHELI (Michele). — Tratatto in lode della 
nobile e cavalleresca arte della scherma. Diretto ai 
nobili e cittadini Toscani. 8®. 1798. //V^wg^; Nella 
stamperia granducale. 

MiCHELS (R.)' — I^er Chass^pot-Karabiner z. 
Unterr. f. Unteroffiziere. 8^ 1874. Paderborn. 

MiLLA (Francisco). — Uso de la espada en to- 
das las naciones. 

Miller (J.) [Captain]. — A treatise on fencing 
in the shape of an album of fifteen copperplates, 
engraved by Scotin, with one column of text. Fo- 
lio. 1738. 

1 20 \Millingen — MotUag, ] 

MiLLINGEN (J. G.). — History ofDuelling. 2 vols. 
8®. 1 841. London: H. Bohn. 
MiLLINGEN. — On duelling. 
[» Edinburgh Review« vol. 76, p. 422.I 

. On duelling. 

[» Monthly Review* (i^ondon) Part 155. p. 7a.) 

MiLLOTTE (lieutenant au 39® regiment de ligne). 
— Trait€ d'escrime, Pointe. i8^ 1864. Paris: Da- 

Milton (Robert). — Saint-albin (A. de). 

MiNGAY. MEDLAND (W. M.). — 1808. 

Modi di metter mano alia Spada. Obi. 24°. 1560. 
Venice, [43 plates of Fencing, the text also engraved.] 

MoLINIER (Joseph Victor). — Du duel. Examen 
du dernier projet de loi sur le duel, approuv^ en 
1 85 1 par une commission de I'assembl^e legislative, 
et du rapport pr^ar^ par M. Auguste Valette, pr^ 
sident de cette commission. 8^. 1861. Toulouse: 
Bonnal et Gibrac. 

Monica (Francesco della). — La scherma na- 
politana, discorso due. 4°. 1680. Parma. 

MonQO (Pietro). — Opere di scherma. 1509. 

MONTAG (J. B.). — Neue praktische Fechtschnle 
auf Hieb und Stoss, sowie auch Stoss gegen Ifieb 
und Hieb gegen Stoss. 8**. 1868. Erfurt: Bar- 
tholom&US. [30 figures.] 

( — . — .). — Neue pralctische Fechtschnle 

auf Hieb und Stoss, &c., &c. 2. verb, sehr venn. 
Aufl. 8**. 1882. Leipzig: Gracklauer. [Plates.] 

[Monteil — Morosont, ] 121 

MONTEIL (Amans Alexis). — Histoire des Fran- 
^ais des divers 6tats. 5 vols. 12®. 1827. Paris, 
[vol. VI. p. 48. » Duelling «.] 

MoNTFAUgON (Abb^ de). —The Count de Ga- 
balis. 12^ 1680. 

Monthly Review. — Milungen. 

MoNTLOSIER. — Monarc. Frang. 
[vol. II. p. 436. »DUELLING«.] 

Montmorency (Lieut.-Col.). — Exercise and 
Manoeuvres of the Lance. 4^ 1820. London, 

MONTRET (5otis officier du 12® L^ger). — [»Est 
rauteur dn premier traits que ait €t€ fait sur le sujet 
dont nous vous occupons. Ce traits contenait pliitot 
des exercices pour le maniement du b&ton que pour 
rescrime ^ la baionette«. — Pine tie.] 

[This work does not seem to have been published ; ap- 
parently it did not get beyond the MSS. Stage (1811 ?)1 

MoORE (Charles) [Rector of Cuxton, Kent. M. A.]. 
— A full Inquiry into the subject of suicide: to 
which is added (as being closely connected with the 
same subject) two treatises on duelling and gaming. 
2 vols. 4®. 1790. London. 

Mora (Domenico) [gentilhuomo grisone]. — D 
soldato , nel quale si tratta di tutto quello che ad 
un soldato convien saper. 8®. 1569. Venezia : Griffio. 

MOREAU. — Essai sur I'art de I'escrime. 8®. 18 15. 

MORENTIN (A. A.). — ARANDA y Morentin. 

MOROSONI (Giuseppe). Trattato elementare di 
scherma. Parte prima. 1808. Verona: Moroni. 

12 2 [Morostnt — Mutto.] 

MoROSINI (Giuseppe). — Parte seconda. 1810. 
Verona: Mainsu'di. 

( ). . Parte terza. 181 1. Verona: 


( ). . Parte quarta. 181 1. Verona: 


( ). — Trattato elementare di cavalle- 

rizza. Parte prima. 181 1. Verona: Giuliari. 

MuLLER (A.). — Throne sur Tescrime k cheval, 
pour se d^fendre avec avantage centre toute espece 
d'armes blanches. 4°. 181 6. Paris. [51 plates.] 

( — ). — Throne sur I'escrime 2i cheval, pour 

se d^fendre avec avantage centre toute espece d'ar- 
mes blanches. 2® Edition. 8®. 1828. Paris : Corbet. 

[With an atlas of 54 plates.] 

( — ). — II maneggio della baionetta all 

attacco ed alia difesa, &c. ... con 53 figure. Tra- 
duzione italiana dalla 2^ francese del 1835. ^^* ^^35* 

( — ). — Maniement de la baionette appliqu6 

Sl I'attaque et Si la defense de I'infanterie. 4°. 1835. 
Paris. [20 plates.] 

MuLLER (Capitaine). — Maniement de la baion- 
nette. 12**. 1845. Paris: L^autey. 

(Frz.). — Fecht-Unterricht mit dem Feuer- 

Gewehre, eigentlich Bajonetfechten. Kl. 8**. 1841. 
Prag: Haase Sohne. [6 lithographs.] 

MUSATORI (Ant.). — Introduzione alle pari pri- 
vate. S'agg^ungono un ragionamento di sperone spe- 
roni intomo all duello, &c. 8^ 1708. Modena. 

MUTIO (Hier.). — Justinopolit. II duello. Con 

[Muzio — Narvaez.] 123 

le risposte cavalleresche. Di nuouo corr. e ristamp. 
2 parti in I vol. 8®. 155 1. F*«^^ia ; Gabr. Giolito 
de' Ferrari e frat. 

MuziO (Girolamo). — Traite du duel. S®. 1553. 

NaCHERTANICH Pravil Fechtovaljnavo iskoostva 
risoonkami v pyakti tchnactyahkh. Sochinenich Po- 
moshtchnika glavnavo. Fekhtovaljnavo Ootchitelyah 
Otdyailjnavo Gvardeickavo Korpoosa. 4**. 1843. 
Sanktpeterboorg : Sokolova. 

Napoleon. — Bonaparte (Prince Pierre-Na- 
poleon). — 1869. 

Narvaez (Don Luis Pacheco de) [Maestro del 
Rey.]. — Libro de las grandezas de a Espada, en 
que se declaran muchos secretos del que compnso 
el comendador Geronimo de Carranza. En el cual 
cada uno se podra licionar y deprender a solas, sin 
tener necesidad de maestro que lo ensene. 4°. (80 
pliegos.) 1599 — 1600. Madrid: J. Iniquez de Le- 

[Portrait of Don Luis, s figures and 155 diagram wood- 
cuts in the text.] 

( ). — Compendio de la filosofia 

y destreza de las armas de Geronimo de Carranga. 
4®. 1602. Madrid: Luis Sanchez. 

[Woodcuts in the text.] 

( ). — Cien conclusiones, o for- 

mas de saber, de la verdadera destreza, fundada en 
ciencia, y diez y ocho contradicciones a las de la 
comun. Folio. 1608. Madrid: Luis Sanchez. 

— — ( ). — Carta al Duque de Cea 

124 [Narvaez — National. ] 

diciendo su parecer acerca del libro de Geronimo de 
Carranca. De Madrid en quatro de Mayo. 8^ 1618. 

Narvaez (Don Luis Pacheco de) [Maestro del 
Rey]. — Modo facil y nuevo para exanunarse los 
Maestros en la destreza de las annas y entender 
sns cien conclusiones o formas de saber. 8^. 1626. 
Madrid: Luis Sanchez. 

(— ). — Engano y desengano 

de los errores que se ban querido introducir en la 
destreza de las armas. 4®. 1635. Madrid. 

( ). — Advertencias para la 

ensenanza de la destreza de las armas, asi a pie 
como a cavallo. 4®. 1639. Madrid, 

( ). — Modo facil para exa- 

minarse . . , &c. [2nd edition , to wbich is often 
added: Adicion a la filosofia de las armaa. Las 
diez y ocho contradicciones de la comun destreza, 
por el mismo autor. Ano M. DC. LX.] 8®. 1658. 
Zaragoga : Pedro Lanaja. 

( r.). — Nueva ciencia y filo- 
sofia de la destreza de las annas, su teorica y prac- 
tica. 8®. 1672. Madrid, 


(M.). — 1702. 

( ' ). — LARA (D. G. A. de). 

— 1675. 

Nation. — (periodical,iV>wr^r>&.) GODKIN^X,,). 

National Art Library (South Kensington Mu- 
seum). A list of books and photographs in the 

[No. 45. 

X5 May, 1890. 

- 46. 

22 - 1890. 

- 47- 

- 48. 

- 49- 

- 50. 

29 - 1890. 
S June, 1890. 
12 - 1890. 
19 - 1890. 

[Naval — Ntnu] 1 2 5 

National Art Library, illustrating Armour and Wea- 
pons. 8®. 1883. London: printed by Eyre & 

[pp. 31 — 32. Fencing and Sword Exercise.] 

Naval and Military Argus (periodical). Folio. 

Article on JVant of encouragement 
by the War Office %iven to Fencing. 
Letter to Captain A. Hutton, ad- 
vocating establishment of 9^ National 
School of Fence. 
ditto. * 

Swordsmanship for Boys. 
Article on ditto. 

Letter to Lord Wolseley. Military 

Navarre (C.) [Mattre d'armes de la premiere 
compagnie de la malson du Roi]. — L'art de vaincre 
par r^p^e, d^di^ k messieurs les Gardes-du-Corps du 
Roi de la compagnie de Noailles. Avec approba- 
tion de la compagnie. i8®. 1775. Paris. 

NeilsON (George). — Trial by Combat. 8®. 
1890. Glasgow: W. Hodge & Co. 

Neumann (L.) und Fehrenbach (C.) — Das 
Duell Vering-Salomon. Stenographischer Bericht ii. 
d. Verhandl. d. Schwurgerichts Freiburg am 16. April 
1890. 8^. 1890. Freiburg ijB.: J. Elchlepp. 

New York Herald. — Boxers and Fencers. 

NiNI (Conte Guiseppe). — 

[The comte Guiseppe Nini has written some remark- 
able article in » CaPPA e SpADA« , i»DrITTO<( 
and »SpORT IlLUSTRATOc on Masiello's treatise 
on Fencing.] 

126 \Noble — Notice \ 

Noble science (La) des joueurs d'esp^e, 4**. 
1533 m- P(^ris, 

( — ) des joueurs 'd'esp^e. pci com- 
mence un tres bean livret, contenant la chevalenrense 
science des joueurs d'esp^e, pour apprendre \ jouer 
de I'esp^e k deux mains et aultres semblables es- 
pies, avec aussi les braquemars et aultres courts 
cousteaux lesquels Ion use \ une main . . .] — (At 
the end: Imprim^ en la ville Danvers par moy, 
Guillaume Wosterman, demourant \ la licome d'or.) 

4**. 1535 (1538?). Antwerp, 

[Black letter. 14 whole page and 12 half page woodcuts.] 

NordWiLLARDS. — WlLLARDS[QomiQ^€ti^OTd^. 

Notes and Queries. [Duelling.] 4®. London, 

[3 S. vols I. VI. pp. 412. 501. Duel. A submarine. 

Duels t prophecy » respecting: 
Duels, In the limits of the 
Royal Palace. 

Duelling. The Code of Honour. 
Duel at Dublin before 1759, 
do. On horseback. 
Duels on English ground^ 

Duel on horseback* 
. Duel, last^ in England, 
do. doy in Ireland. 
Duel in which the wrong man 
was shot.] 

. [Fencing]. (SeeSth S.IV. 201, 242, 

262, 303, 341, 414; V. 359. 6tli S. XI. 489). 
[Notes on the bibliography of the Fencing Art.] 
Notice biographique sur Jean-Louis et sonEcole 
8®. 1866. Montpellier: Richard. 

[Attributed to General D , a pupil of Jean-Louis. 

Lithographed portrait.] 








































193. 293 











[Novali — Olivier,] 127 

NOVALI (K. von). — Germanisches Turnbuch, 
Oder die Reit-, Jagd- und Fechtkunst, nach den 
neuesten Grundstltzen dargestellt. Ein Hand- und 
Hansbuch fiir Ritterguts-Besitzer , Offiziere, Forst- 
beamte, Akademiker, &c. Or. 8°. 1837. Augs- 
burg: Jenisch u. Stage. 

( — . — ). — Germanisches Turnbuch, oder 

die Reit-, Jagd- und Fechtkunst, &c. 2te Aufl. 
8®. 1839. Augsburg: Jenisch u. Stage. 

NovELI (D. Nicolas Rodrigo). — Crisol especu- 
lativo de la destreza de las armas. 8®. 1731. Madrid. 

NybL-EUS (Gustaf). — AUman gymnastik, fakt- 
lara. 3 figuren. 8**. 1876. Stockholm: Norstedt&Soner. 

( ). — Ofhingstabeller till ledning for 

undervisningen i gymnastik och bajonettfaktning vid 
indelta arm6ns Korprals-och volontSrskolor. Pa 
anmodan af statsr&det och chefen for Kongl. landt- 
forsvarodepartementet utarbetade. 8®. 1887. Stock- 
holm: Norstedt & Soners. 

O. (A. C). — A. C. O. 

Oberkirch (Baroness d'). Memoirs of — . 2 vols. 
8®. 1852. London. [Vol. I. p. 71. »Duelling.«] 

O'Brien (William). — The duel. A comedy. 

8^ 1773. 

Olivier [Professor of Fencing in St. Dunstan's 
Court, Fleet Street, London. Of the Royal Aca- 
demy of Paris]. — L'art des armes simplifi^. Nou- 
veau traits sur la mani^re de se servir de I'ep^e. 
8^- 1 771—2. Londres: Jean Bell. 

[Frontispiece and 8 plates, out of text.] 

. — Fencing Familiarized, or a new treatise 

128 f Olivier — O' Sullivan^ 

on the Art of Sword Play, niustrated by Elegfant 
Engravings, representing all the different Attitudes 
in which the Principles and Grace of the Art depend ; 
painted from life and executed in a most elegant 
and masterly manner. 8®. 1771 — 2. London, 

[Facing the above title is its exact translation into 
French. The text is in both languages. Frontis- 
piece and eight folded plates, engraved by Ovenden.] 
Olivier. — Fencing Familiarized, &c. 2nd edi- 
tion. 8^ 1780. London: J. Bell. 

[Dedicated to the Earl of Harrington. Same frontis- 
piece as in first edition, but the plates are different, 
being drawn by J. Roberts, and engraved by D.Jin- 
kins, Goldar, W. Blake, and C. Grignon.J 

(don Antonio). — Historia de la esgrima y 

de los desafios MS. 4°. 1837. 

[Mss. in the library of D. Joaquin Maria Bover.] 

OrdonNANCE du roi du 4 mars 1831 sur Texer- 
cise et les manoeuvres des bataillons de rinfanterie. 
3 vols, small 8®. 1831. Paris, [64 plates.) 

du 22. juillet 1845 sur Texercice et 

les manoeuvres des bataillons de chasseurs I. pied. 
2 vols. i6^ 1862. Paris, 

OSORIO Y Gomez (don Pedro). — Tractado 
de esgrima a p6 e a cavallo, em que se ensina per 
principios o manejo do florete ou o jogo da espada 
que se usa hoje. Large 8®. 1842. Lisboa: Typ. 
Commercial. [24 plates. 1 

O' Sullivan (Daniel) [Mattre en fait d'armes des 
academies du Roi]. — L'escrime pratique ou prin- 
cipes de la science des armes. 8°. 1765. Paris: 
Sebastien Jorry. 

[O' Trigger — Pcige\ 1 29 

OTriGGER (Sir Lucius). — MASSl (M. C. de). 
— 1880. 

Ott (Jos.) [Unterlieut.) — Das System der Fecht- 
kunst ^ la contrepointe f. den Stoss und Hieb. Zum 
Unterricht in Fechtschtden sowie zur Selbstbildung 
nebst den Verhaltungen im Zweikampfe, General- 
assaut, Duell od. Wettkampf, m. Rechts-Links- 
Kunst- und Naturfechten, u. e. Arb. »Geschichte d. 
Duells«. sBucher. Gr. 8**. 1851. OlmUtz : Holzel 
[i Buch des Stossfechten 193 S. mit 47 lith. Taf. in 
qu. 40.I 

( — .)• — Das System der Fechtkunst h la 

contrepointe f. den Stoss und Hieb. 2. Aufl. 8®. 
1853. Olmutz: Holzel. 

( — .). — Das System der Fechtkunst ^ la 

contrepointe f. den Stoss und Hieb. 3. Aufl. 8**. 1855. 
Olmutz: Holzel. 

P. (J. V. M. de). — Manejo del sable. Coleccion 
de cuarenta diseiios que representan las diversas po- 
siciones de este exercicio i. caballo. Once cUad. 
1 819. [40 figures by Horace Vernet.) 

PaGANO (Marc' Antonio) [gentil'huomo napoli- 
tano]. — Le tre g^ornate d'intomo alia disciplina 
deir Arme, espeziaJmente della spada: al duca di 
Sessa. 8". 1553. Napoli. 

Page (T.). — The use of the Broad Sword. In 
which is shown the true method of fighting with 
that weapon, as it is now in use among the High- 
landers ; deduc'd from the use of the scymitar, with 
every throw, cut, guard, and disarm. 8°. 48 pp. 
1746. Norwich: M. Chase. 

THIMM, Bibliography of the Art of Fence, Ac. 9 

130 [Pagltuca — Pall.] 

PaGLIUCA (Giovanni). — Cenni di critica sul si- 
stema di scherma Radaelli. 1880. Torino. 
Palestra (La.) — Cesarano (f.). — 1882. 
PalladiNI (Camillo) [Bolognese]. — Discorso 
sopra I'arte della Scherma ; come I'arte della scherma 
€ necesseria a chi si diletta d'Arme. Obi. 4*^. 
1590 (?). 

[42 drawings in red chalk, imitated from the plates of 
Agrippa's work. In M. Vigeant's collection, Paris.] 

Pallavicini (Giuseppe Morsicato) [Maestro di 
scherma Palermitano]. — La Scherma illustrata, 
per la di cui teorica e prattica si puo arrivare con 
faciltli alia difesa ed ofTesa necessaria nel occasionl 
d' assalti nemici. Opera utilissima alle persone che 
si dilettano di questa professione, con le figure della 
scienza prattica dichiarate coi loro discorsi Folio. 
1670. Palermo: Domenico d' Anselmo. 
[Frontispiece and 31 copperplates.] 

( ). — La seconda parte della 

scherma illustrata, ove si dimostra il vero maneggio 
della spada e pugnale et anco il modo come si 
adopera la cappa, il brochiero e la rotella di notte, 
le quali regole non sono state intese da nessano 
autore. Folio. 1673. Palermo: Domenico d' An- 
selmo. [Frontispiece and 36 copperplates.] 

Pall Mall Budget (periodical). — Folio. 


[»COLD StEELcc (a review of Captain Hutton^s work) 
August IS, 1889.] 
Pall Mall Gazette, (periodical) Folio, London, 
[»0n the advantages of teaching girls to 

[Paris — Pasc/ien,] 131 

FENCE)).* March i, 1890. »COLD SteELc< (a re- 
view of Captain A. Hutton's work) August 9, 1889.] 
Paris Illustr^. (periodical) Folio. Farts. 

[))Le duel ET I'ESCRIMEw No. 31. i. Juin 1885). 

Parise (Masaniello). — Trattato teorico-pratico 
della scherma di spada e sciabola. Preceduto da 
un cenno storico suUa scherma e sul duello. 8°. 
1884. Roma: Tip. Nazionale. 

[Numerous figures in the text.] [Approvato dal Mini- 
ster o della Guerra e della Marina.] 

( ). — FAMBRI i^2LO\o). — 1884. 

Parisian Duels. — 

[^Saturday review^ {London.) voi.53. N0.804.J 

Parisian Fencing. 

{All the year round. Vol. 23. p. 330.] 
PasCHa[ll] (J. G.). — Kurze Unterrichtung be- 
langend die Pique, die Fahne, den jSgerstock. Das 
Voltesiren, das Ringen, das Fechten auf den Stoss 
und Hieb, und endlich das Trincieren verferrtig^s. 
8**. 1657. Wittenberg. 

( — . — .). — Kurze doch Gnindliche Unter- 
richtung den Pique, den Trill ens in der Pique, die 
Fahne, den jSgerstock, Trincieren, Fechten auf den 
Stoss und auf den Hieb, &c. 8°. 1659. Osnabruck. 

Pasche (J. G.). — Kurtze doch Gnindliche Un- 
terrichtung der Pique, den Trillens in der Pique, 
der Fahne, des jSgerstocks, Trincierens, Fechtens 
auf den Stoss und auf den Hieb, &c. Mit Kpf. 
8**. 1659. Osnabruck. 

PaSCHEN (Johann Georg). — Kurze, jedoch 


1 3 2 [Paschen — Paz^ 

deutliche, Beschreibung handelnd vom Fechten auf 
den Stoss und Hieb. Folio. 1661. Halle in Sachsen. 

Paschen (Johann Georg). — Kurze, jedoch 
deutliche Beschreibung handelnd vom Fechten auf 
den Stoss und Hieb. 2te Aufl. Folio. 1664. I/alle 
in Sachsen, 

( ). _ VoUstandige Fecht-, Ring- 

und Voltigier-Kunst. Small folio. 1667. Leipzig. 

( ). — VoUstandige Fecht-, Ring- und 

Voltigier-Kunst. Small folio. 1673. Leipsig, 

( ). — Der adelichen gemiithen wohl- 

erfahme Exercitien-Meister, d. i. VoUstandige Fecht-, 
Ring- und Voltigier-Kunst. Small folio. 1683. Pranck- 
furt und Leipsig. 

PatIN (Guy). — Lettres. 3 vols. 8«. 1846. Paris. 

[vol. III. p. 536. )) Duelling «.] 
Patten (George W.). — Cavalry Drill and Sabre 
Exercise. 16**. 1863. New York. 

Paulsen (Hector Mair) [Burger zu Augsburg]. — 
Mss. in the Konigl. Bibl. Dresden. 

[Contains numerous well-drawn coloured illustrations 
of Fencing.] 

Paurnfeindt (Andrae) [Freyfechter zu Wien in 
Oesterreich]. — Ergrundung ritterlicher Kunst der 
Fechterey. 1516. Wien. 

Paz (Santos de la). — Ilustracion de la destreza 
Indiana ; epistola oficiosa al Maestro de campo Don 
F. Lorenz de Rada . . . &c., &c. sobre varios dis- 
cursos publicados por el en la que intitul6 defensa 

[Pellegrini — Perinat] 1 3 3 

de la verdadera destreza de las armas. Sacola a luz 
el Capitan Diego Rodriguez de Guzman ... &c. 
4°. 1 712. Lima. 

■ Pellegrini (C). — Considerazione suUa razio- 
naliti e punibilit^ del duello. 8^ 1868. Venezia. 

PANE (Henry de). — BRANTOme. — 1888. 

Pepper (W.) [of the Notts Yeomanry Cavalry]. 
— Treatise on the new broad sword exercise, with 
14 divisions of movements as performed at New- 
market. 12^. 1798. [5 plates.] [6th Edition 1803.] 

Perche (Jean Baptiste Le) [du Coudray]. — L'exer- 
cice des armes ou le maniement du fleuret Pour 
ayder la m^moire de ceux qui sont amateurs de cet 
art. Chez N. Bonnard. Oblong 4**. 1676. Paris. 
I35 copperplates.] 

( ). — L'exercice des armes. mde 

Edition. Oblong 4®. 1750. Paris. 
[With the addition of 5 plates.] 

PereGRINUS (A1.). — Tractatus de duello. 4°. 
1614. Venetia. 

Perez (Don Cayetano Poblacion). — Esgrima, 6 
sea la destreza del florete. 4°. 1832. Valladolid. 
[7 piates.J 

— — (G.). — II sistema di spada Radaelli, giu- 
dicato dair arte della scherma. 4". 1878. Verona: 
Tip. di Gaetano Franchini. 

[7 folded lithographed plates.] 

Perinat (D. Juan Nicolas) [Maestro de esgrima 
en la real academia de Cavalleros Guardias Mari- 
nas]. — Arte de esgrimir florete y sable por los 
principios mas seguros, faciles y intelligibles. Oblong 
4**. 1758. Cadix. [36 copperplates.] 

1 34 [Persuasive — Pinetle,] 

Persuasive (A) from the practice of duelling. 
By a Minister of the Church of England. 4®. 1784. 
London: Cadell. 

PERVENCHfeRE (de la). — Essais sur rescrime. 
1867. Nantes: Ev. Mangin. 

Fetter. — Worstelkunst m. prachte Radier von 
Romeya di Hodghe. 4®. 1674. Amst. 

— 1838. 

Physical Drill with Arms and Bayonet Exer- 
cise. 32^ 1889. London: Harrison & Sons. 
[21 plates out of the text.] 

PiGNA (G. B.). — n duello, in tre libri, ne quali 
deir honore, et dell' ordine della Cavalleria con 
nuovo modo si tratta. 4®. 1554. Venegia, 

( — . — .). — II duello, deir honore e delle 

ordine della Cavalleria. Con nuovo modo si tratta. 
12°. 1560. Venegia. 

PiLLA (Carlo). — Arte e Scuole di Scherma. Con- 
ferenza tenuta alia Societi Bolognese di scherma nel 
febbraio 1886. 8^ 1886. Bologna: Societal tipo- 
grafica gii Compositori. 

PinettE (Joseph). — 6cole du tirailleur, ou ma- 
niement de la baYonnette appliqu^ aux exercices et 
manoeuvres de I'infanterie. 18®. 1832. Paris: Du- 
maine. Isa figures.] 

( ), — Ecole du Tirailleur, ou manie- 

ment de la baionnette. 5th Edt. 12**. 1843. Paris: 
J. Dumaine. 

( ). — Ecole du tirailleur, &c. 8© Edi- 
tion. 18®. 1846. Paris: Dumaine. 

[32 figures. Vide ist edition, 1832.] 

[Ptnette — Plaister,] 1 3 5 

PiNETTE (Joseph). — Throne de rescrime a la 
baionnette. i8^. 1847. Paris'. Dumaine. 
[16 figfures.] 

( ). — R^fatatioQ de Tescrime a la ba- 

*i*onnette, de M. Gomard. 8^ 1847. Paris: Dumaine. 

( ). — Katechismus der Bayonnetfecht- 

kunst. 8°. 185 1. Leipzig: Weber. [16 figures.] 

( ). — Dissertation sur I'emploi de la 

baionnette, les travaux et les sacrifices que I'auteur 
du maniement de cette arme a faits pour r^pandre 
sa metbode dans I'arm^e. 8°. i860. Montrouge, 

( ). — MARIN (Don Antonio). — 1859. 

PiSAN (Christine de). — The fayt of armes and 

chyvalrye, whiche translaycyon was fynysshed the 
viij day of juyll the said yere (1489) was emprynted 
the xiiij day of juyll the next folowing. In fol. goth. 

[This work was translated and printed by Caxton from 
the French of Christine de Pisan.] 

PiSTOFILO (Bonaventura) [Ferrarese]. — Oplo- 
machia, nella quale . . . &c., si tratta per via di Teoria 
et di Practica del maneggio e dell' uso delle armi. 
4°. 1 62 1. Sienna. 

( ). — II Tomeo. 4". 1627. Bologna: 

Per il Ferrone. 

[Frontispiece and 117 copperplates, no text.] 
PiZARRO (D. Juan Fernando). — Apologfa de la 

destreza de las annas. Defensa del libro de Car- 

ranza sobre ello. 8°. 1623. Trujillo. 

Plaister (Gabriel Sticking). — Duelling. 8*». 

1840. Bath, 

136 [Pocket — Poronu] 

Pocket Volunteer Cavalry Instructor in the Sword 
Exercise; in five parts. 24°. London, 

POLANCO (Juan Claudio Aznar de). — Carta, de 
la destreza de las annas, respuesta a un papel de 
titulo : destreza vulgar . . . &c. 4**. 1724. Madrid. 

PoLLNITZ (G.L.von). — Das Hiebfechten zu Fuss 
und Pferde. Gr.8®. 1820. Halberstadt : ^rvjgg&aiKaB. 

( — . — . — ]. — . Das Hiebfechten zu Fuss 

und Pferde. Neue Aufl. Gr. 8**. 1825. Halberstadt: 

Pollock (W. a.), Grove (F. C), and Prevost 
(Camille). — Fencing. With a complete bibliogra- 
phy of the Art by Egerton Castle [and Carl A.Thimm]. 
(The Badminton Library.) 8°. 1890. London : Long- 
mans. [Illustrated with 18 Intaglio plates.] 

POLYCARPE (de St.). — Sonnets contre les es- 
crimeurs et duellistes. Petit in-4®. 1588. Paris: Jsl- 
met Mattayer. 

PONITZ (Karl Eduard). — Die Fechtkunst auf 
den Stoss; nach den Grundsiltzen des Herm von 
Selmnitz. 8°. 1822. Dresden: Arnold. 

( ). — Die Fechtkunst auf den Stoss 

nach den Grundsatzen des Herm von Selmnitz. Neue 
wohl. Ausg. 8°. 1828. Dresden : Arnold. 

Pons [or Pona] (Jayme) [Jaume or Jacobus]. — 
^A treatise on the art of the sword.) 1474. Perpinan. 

PoRATH (Diederich). — Palaestra Suecana, eller 
denadeligeFachtare-Konster, &c., &c. Folio. 1693. 
Stockholm. [24 copperplates in the text.) 

PORONI (Marchese di). — Breve, e distinto dia- 

[Porres — Pradet.] 137 

logo nel quale si rag^ona del duello, et si decidono 
cento, e piu dubi e questione. 12°. 1692. Colonia: 
V. Vr-sager. 

Porres (D. Gomez Arrias de). — Resumen de la 
verdadera destreza en el manejo de laEspa^a. 4^. 
1667. Salamanca: Melchor Estevez. 

Portfolio (The). — 8°. 1820. 

{Contains celebrated, Duels.) 
POSSELLIER (A.J.J.) [dit Gomard]. — La Th^orie 
de I'escrime, enseign^e par une m^thode simple, 
bas^e sur I'observation de la nature ; pr^c6d6e d'une 
introduction dans laquelle sont r^sumis tous les prin- 
cipaux ouvrages sur Tescrime qui ont paru jusqu'^ 
ce jour. 8®. 1845. P^i^s: Dumaine. [20 plates.) 

( — . — . — .). — L'Escrime II la baionnette, 

ou Ecole du fantassin pour le maniement du iiisil 
comme arme blanche. 8°. 1847. Paris, [36 plates.) 

POSSEVINI (A.). — Libro nel quale s'insegna a 
conoscere le cose pertinenti all' honore, et a ridurre 
ogni querela alia pace. 8**. 1564. Vinegia: 

(—.). — ditto. 4°- 1659. Vinegia: Giolito, 

(G. B.). — Dialoga dell' honore; nel quale 

si tratta \ pieno de duello. 8°. 1553. Venegia, 

( — . — .). — Dialogo deir honore, nel quale 

si tratta a pieno del duello con la tavola di quanto 
vi si contiene fatta con diverso ordine dall' altre. 
4**. 1556. Vinegia, 

[A revised and corrected Edition appeared in 1583.) 
Pradet (Jean Eleonord du) [Maitre en faiteB 
ct amies en la ville et universite du Pont-a-Musson]. 

1 38 [Praktiscke — Prevost.] 

— Abr^ge de Tart des armes on I'exercice de 
r^p^e seule avec les attitudes. 8°. obi. Mss. 

]Mss. de 245, pages avec 13 planches semblables a celles 
du Danet, gravees sur cuivre, de la Bibl. Nationale 
a Florence (Magliabechiana, XIX. 196).] 

PraktiSCHE Anleitung zum Unterricht im Stoss- 
fechten. 8®. 1872. Berlin: Schroeder. 
fWith woodcuts.) 

Anleitung zu Unterricht im Stossfechten. 

2te Aufl. Kl. 8°. 1874. Berlin: Schroeder. 

(Figures in the text.] 

Anleitung zum Unterricht im Stossfechten. 

Nach der bei der konigl. Central -Turnanstalt ein- 
gefiihrten Lehrmethode. 3te verb. Aufl. 8®. 1879. 
Berlin: Schroeder. [Figures in the text.) 

Bajonett-Fechtschule auf Grand der Bajo- 

nettir-Vorschrift fur die Infanterie vom 15. August 
8«. 1889. Berlin: Mittler u. Sohn. 

[17 plates in text.] 

PraktiSCHER Unterricht in der Bajonetfecht- 
kunst, der schweizerischen Infanterie gewidmet. 
8®. 1835. ^^^^' lS2 fignres.J 

PrEAU (Gabr. du).— COTEREAl/{C\QXidie).— 1549. 

Provost (Pierre). — Th^orie pratique de Tes- 
crime simplifi^e pour I'enseignement mutuel. 8**. 
i860. Londres: Nissen et Parker. 

(C.). — Th^orie pratique de I'escrime. Avec 

la biographic de Prevost pere, par A. Tavemier. 
Gr. in-8**. 1886. Paris : De BranhofF. [With plates.] 

(C). — POLLOCK (W. A.). — 1890. 

[The Badminton Library.] 

[Prevost — Pyrgos,] 139 

Provost (C), et Jollivet (G.). — L'Escrime. 
8°. Faris: Hachette & Co. (in the press). 

Probst (Em.) [Hauptmann]. — Anleitung zum 
Sabelfechten (Stichsabel) mit Reglement zum Preis- 
fechten. 8°. 1889. Zurich: Orell Fussli & Co. 

( — .). — Instruction sur I'escrime au sabre 

[contre-pointe] avec reglement pour les concours. 
8**. 1889. Zurich: Orell Fussli & Co. 

ProST (Bernard). — TRAlT^S du duel judi- 
ciaire. 1872. 

Pryme (George). — Autobiographic Recollec- 
tions. 8°. 1870. London: Bell & Dalby. 

(pp. 233 — 236, relate to Duels & Duelling.] 

[PuTEO (Paris de)]. — Duello: libro de re, im- 
peratori , principi , signori , gentil' homini ; et de 
tutti armigeri, cont. disfide, concordie, pace, casi 
accadenti ; et judicii con ragione, exempli, etc. 8". 
1525. Venetia. 

[Numerous engraved initial letters, title within wood- 
cut border of swords , axes , bows , armour, guns, 
cannofi.] [Other Editions appeared in 1536 and 1544.] 

PUYSEGUR (Seigneur de). — Les m^moires de 
Messire Jacques de Chastenet, Chevalier, Seigneur 
de Paysegur. 1747. Paris. 

[torn. II. p. 306. refers to the use of the bayonet.] 

(le Mar^chal de). — Art de la Guerre. 

1748. Faris. 

[Tome I. ch. VI. p. 57. refers to the introduction of 
the bayonet into the French Army.] 

PyRGOS (N.) — Hoplomachetik^ Xiphaskia kai 
Spathaskia hypo N. Pyrgu, Didask^lu en tei stratio- 

I40 [Pyrg^os — /?.] 

tikli scholei. 8**. 1872. l£in Athenaes : Typographeion 
S. K. Blastu, hodos Hermu. arith. 178. 

Pyrgos (N.). — Encheiridion praktikes spathas- 
kias. Meros proton. Askesis kata xiphon hypo N. 
Pyrg^, Didaskaln t6s hoplomachetikes en tSi scholei 
ton euelpidon kai tti ekpaideutiku I6chu. 8®. 1876. 
Athenesi: (timStai drachmes). Typois Andreu Ko- 

PujOS (Maurice). — Esssd sur la repression du 
duel. 12**. 1862. Paris-. Dupray de la Mah^rie. 

QUEHL (Fr. W.). — Anweisung auf Fechten anf 
Stoss und IBeb, mit einer Anleitung vsxm. Unterricht 
grosserer Abtheilungen im Fechten ins besondere 
in Tumvereinen. 16**. 1866. Erlangen: Besold. 
[26 plates.] 

( — . — .) — Anweisung zum Bajonetfechten. 

8°. 1866. Berlin. 

QUESITI del cavaliere instrutto nell' arte della 
scherma 8®. 1664. Padova, 

QUINCEY (Tho. De). — Works. 

[Paper on »DUELLING«, see under Quincey in Bohn*s 

QUINTINO (Antonio). — BOICCIO (G.). — 1 61 3. 

QuiXADA. — Destreza de las armas. 1675. Madrid. 

R. (Hauptmann von). — Anleitung zum Kontra- 
bajonettfechten im Anschluss an den Entwurf der 
provisorischen Vorschriften fur das Bajonettfechten 
der Infanterie. 12®. 1882. Berlin: Liebel. 

R. (A.) — De I'escrime d'apres les regies et les 
principes de nos meilleurs professeurs. 1887. 

R. (P. de). — Dialogue de salle sur I'art de 
Tescrime. 8°. 1882. Geneve. 

[Rada — Jiaz'Uon.] 


Rada (Lorenz de). — Respuesta fiIos6fica y ma- 
tematica en la cual se satisfece a los argnmentos 
y proposiciones que a los profesores de la verda- 
dera destreza y filosofia de las armas se han pro- 
puesto por un papel expedido sio nombre d'autor. 
4*^. 1695. Madrid: Diego Martinez, Abad. 

( ). — Nobleza de la espada, cuyo 

resplendor se expresa en tres libros, segun ciencia, 
arte y experiencia. Folio. 1705. Madrid: Diego 
Martinez, Abad. [16 copperplates.] 

{ ). — Experiencia del istrumento 

armigero espada. 4°. 1705. Madrid: D. Mar- 

Radaelli (Giuseppe). — Istruzione pel maneg- 
gio della sciabola, pubblicata dal capitano S. del 
Frate. 1868. Firenze. 

( ). — Istruzione per la scherma di scia- 
bola e di spada del Prof. Giuseppe Radaelli, scritta 
d' ordine del Minisetro della Guerra dal Capitano 
S. del Frate. 4^ 1876. Milano, 

[10 folded 



— ANGELINJ (\.). — 1877. 1888. 

— BESENZANICA (E.). — 1 886. 

— Doux (C). — 1875—6. 

— FORTE (L.). — 1878. 

— FRATE (S. del). — 1872. 1885. 

— GELLI (J.). — 1888. 

— PAGLIUCA (G.). — 1880. 
-— PEREZ (G.). — 1878. 

— The Army's regulator: with a 

vindication of the sword. 8®. 1738. London.